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Wild Bunch Results
Nostalgia Nationals

1st July -2nd July

Points awarded for the Wild Bunch Series Round 3, Real Steel Series Round 6 and Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series Round 1

This event was Wild Bunch Series Round 3, Real Steel Series Round 6 and Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series Round 1. There was a field of 23 Wild Bunch cars participating: 11 Altereds and 12 Slingshots (and 1 overseas Guest!), and it was the third time this year that all of the Wild Bunch Top 4 were competing
Event Participants
Position WB Driver Car Points
1 2 Tony Smith The Cunning Plan 8
2 16 Mark Hartnell Awesome 4-Some 6
3 100 Roy Wilding Chariot of Fire 5
4 1 Mike Cresswell Living the Dream 3
- 3 Helen Smythe Hell�s Belle 3
- 4 Chris Hartnell Backdraft 3
- 9 Ray Ford RamRaider 3
- 20 Mark Coulsell Limited Funz 3
- 25 Terry Clifford Ratcatcher Resurrection 3
- 44 Sarah Howells Destinys Angel 3
- 54 Phil Sweeney Antisocial 3
- 57 Neil Ward Andromeda 3
- 63 Joe Stevens Back In Black 3
- 71 Andy Solley Repeat Offender 3
- 76 Steve Field The Black Pig 3
- 109 Alan Broughton B-Sting 3
- 129 Tony Wynne-Jones TFI Friday 3
18 34 Alec Coe & Kev Mortimer Shy Talker 2
- 51 Mark Fullard 66 Race Car Specialties 2
- 52 Ant Harris Frantic 2
- 132 Elliott Jones Ragin Cajun 2
22 43 Martin Holgate Paranoia 1
- 147 Sid Slattery Destiny 1

Spot Prizes
Best BurnoutSarah Howells44Destiny�s Angel 
Closest To Dial-InRoy Wilding100Chariot Of Fire.004 Off
Best AlteredSteve Field76The Black Pig 
Best SlingshotLars BjorkvistGuestThe Blacksmith 
Best RadicalNone In Attendance
Most Improved E.T.Ray Ford9Ramraider.247 Improvement
NSRA Quickest E.T.Alec Coe34Shy Talker8.527
Best Appearing TeamRoy, Angi & Aaron100Chariot Of Fire 

Saturday. This was a practice day and many drivers got in 4 rounds. The day started off warm and sunny and became very hot. So hot that many drivers avoided the hottest part of the day in the pairings lanes.

WB 1 was the third Wild Bunch event of the season for Mike Cresswell in the Living the Dream slingshot. He had suffered gearbox problems at the last event, and had completely stripped and rebuilt the box, so was hoping for some good runs at this event. This came straight away with a string of consistent low 11-second passes on the Saturday, with an 11.149, 11.029, 11.083 @ 119.08 mph, and an 11.109. This was promising for Sunday�s rounds where he dialled in at 11.09. He ran an off-pace 11.513 in the first round, but was then spot on his Dial for the second, recording a good 11.108, just .018 off. He finished in 9th place overall and the team were very happy to be putting in some good passes again, after the teething troubles of the first few events. Well done, Mikey!
WB 2 saw Dave Williams taking his first turn this year in the hotseat of The Cunning Plan altered. He put in some good mid 11�s on the Saturday, starting with an 11.717 then an 11.664, an 11.691 and an 11.750 @ 110.62 mph. He dialled in at 11.68 for the rounds on Sunday, where he began well with an 11.705, just .025 off the Dial, followed by his best run of the weekend, an 11.623. With this consistency, Dave won the event!! An excellent result for his first competitive outing in a year! Fair play!
WB 3 was Helen Smythe in the Team Twisted Hell�s Belle altered. She put in five runs on the Saturday, beginning with a 9.771 @ 138.56 mph, then recorded passes of 9.697, 9.659, 9.707 and 10.081. She Dialled in at 9.72 for Sunday, and started well with a 9.657 in the first round. She ran even better in the second, recording a 9.594 @ 137.90 mph, her best E.T. so far at Shakey. Helen finished in 7th place overall, and she and Dean were happy with the quick runs the car had made in the hot conditions. They have also been recording some of their runs on an in-car camera, and these can be seen on their website,, and make very interesting viewing!
WB 4 �Crazy� Chris Hartnell was running the C&C Drag Racing Backdraft slingshot, and started the weekend well with an 8-second pass of 8.965 @ 147.04 mph. He then posted a 9.120, a 9.04, and a 9.602 for his other three runs on the Saturday. He Dialled in at 9.00 even for Sunday, and recorded a 9.257 in the first round, losing traction on one wheel on the launch. In the second round he again had to back off on the launch and get back on it for a 9.552, and finished in 10th place overall for the weekend. In what would have been the third round, he later recorded a closer 9.091, so was pleased to end the weekendwith that one!
WB 9 Ray Ford was back in the RamRaider slingshot of Team Dog�s B�s, after Ed had yet again lowered the car�s PB at the Summer Nationals. Ray instantly lowered this again on his first run Saturday, recording a new Personal and Team Best E.T. and Speed of 9.298 @ 146.57 mph!! He also put in two more strong runs of 9.397 and 9.460, and the team dialled in at 9.35 for the rounds on Sunday. In the first round, Ray posted another great 9.300, just .050 under Dial, and at another Personal and Team PB Speed of 147.99 mph! He then went and recorded yet another PB of 9.256 in the second round, and finished in a solid 5th place overall. With this run, he also won the Spot Prize for Most Improved E.T. with an improvement of .247 on his previous best [and even would have won it with a �team improvement� of .136!]. Well done, Ray!! We hear it�s over to Andy Gos next event, so more excitement for the team!!
WB 16 Mark Hartnell was in his third Wild Bunch event of the season in his Awesome 4-Some slingshot, fresh from a weekend of excellent PB�s. He started off with a 12.970 on Saturday, then improved to a 12.637. He followed this with a slower 13.4, but was back on form with a 12.492 at the end of the day. He dialled in at 12.45 hoping for some good runs on Sunday, and recorded a 12.524 in the first round, and a better 12.474 in the second, just .024 off his Dial, and taking 2nd place for the weekend, his best Wild Bunch result so far! Well done, Mark! He also recorded a 12.402 at a new Personal Best Speed of 106.61 mph in what would have been the third round, and was pleased to have two good back-to-back events.
WB 20 Mark Coulsell had had his gearbox and torque converter rebuilt in his Limited Funz slingshot, so was raring to go! He made a couple of good runs on Saturday, and dialled in at 10.70 for the rounds on Sunday. He had a problem with the shifter in the first round and so posted an off-pace 12.128, but bounced back in the second recording a good 10.766 @ 120.84 mph, to finish in 15th place overall. On his first run, he had recorded the best Reaction of the day for Wild Bunch with a strong .019, so already back on form in the Reaction time department!
WB 25 Terry Clifford was in his second Wild Bunch event of the season with his Ratcatcher Resurrection slingshot. He made a couple of passes on the Saturday, including a 12.800 and a better 12.329 @ 105.82 mph. He posted a Dial-in of 12.20 for the rounds Sunday, and ran a 12.739 in the first round, followed by a 12.760 in the second and finished in 12th place overall, and enjoyed his weekend�s racing.
WB 34 Alec Coe & Kev Mortimer were running their blown alky Shy Talker slingshot, and Alec posted a couple of strong passes on the Saturday, including an 8.653 @ 162.89 mph. He dialled in at 8.65 for Sunday�s rounds and posted a great 8.527 @ 162.99 mph in the first round, which earnt him the NSRA trophy for the Quickest Wild Bunch member this weekend. The team have also recorded some of their runs on in-car camera this weekend, and this can be viewed via a link on the forum of the Wild Bunch website, under the heading of Shy Talker Drag Cam, the rearward facing shots look particularly quick!
WB 43 Martin Holgate was eager to build on his recent improvements in the Paranoia Jag-powered altered. He made several passes on the Saturday, including two in the 9.5�s, his best runs for several years, so he and crew Herb were really pleased with those. Unfortunately, due to personal circumstances, Martin was unable to take part in the rounds on Sunday, but the team will be showing the car at the upcoming Americana show, and then taking an event or two off to do some more upgrades! So if current form is anything to go by, we will soon see him dipping into the 8�s! Best of luck, Martin!
WB 44 Sarah Howells was back in Bernie�s Destiny�s Angel altered and doing well in her second season of racing the car. She made several runs on Saturday, with some storming burnouts, but the team experienced a brake problem, and Bernie set about remedying the situation. He dialled Sarah in at 9.70 for Sunday, and the hard work in Saturday�s heat paid off, as she recorded a great 9.643 @ 142.77 mph in the first round, just .057 off the Dial. She then posted a 9.789 in the second round and finished in 6th place overall, collecting a Best Burnout trophy along the way!! The practice has sure paid off! Well done, Sar!
WB 51 saw Mark and Viv Fullard in their second Wild Bunch event with their 66 Race Car Specialties historic slingshot. Mark made a couple of passes on the Saturday, including a 10.355 @ 132.63 mph, and a new Personal Best E.T. of 10.166! They dialled in at 10.30 on Sunday and Mark ran a strong 10.230 in the first round. He sat out the second round in the heat of the day, which was a shame, as the run he recorded in what would have been the third round, was a great 10.301, which would have been just a thousandth off his Dial! Still, he and Viv really enjoyed their weekend, and were pleased with the car�s improving performance, especially in the hot weather!
WB 52 saw the debut of new member Ant Harris in his Dayglo red Frantic Topolino altered. This car had been the former In the Dog House again altered of WB committee member Scott Durrant and Ant had spent a year or two personalising the car, and it sure looked different, with its radical colour! Ant had not made any runs Saturday, but still dialled in at 12.00 even, not really knowing what the car would do. On his first ever pass in the car, he recorded a 10.1 !! He also spent some of the day Sunday doing his MSA observed runs, and has nearly completed his licensing procedures! A real good debut, so welcome to the Wild Bunch, Ant and crew!
WB 54 Phil Sweeney was fresh from sorting out the tuning in the new Rover V8 in his Antisocial slingshot, so he was hoping for some good runs over the weekend. He started off with a 13.255 on Saturday, then improved to a 13.251, and then a new Personal Best E.T. and speed of 12.145 @ 112.46 mph. He also posted a 12.620, then a problematic 16-second run and then a good 12.303, and dialled in at 12.25 for Sunday�s rounds. He recorded a 13.016 in the first round, followed by a 14.704 in the second so finished the weekend in 16th place overall. He is sure to get a handle on the tuneup before long, so is bound to be in the 11-second zone soon!
WB 57 Neil Ward had been running well with his Andromeda slingshot, and looked forward to running some good numbers at the weekend. He made a few passes on Saturday, including a 9.540 @ 146.67 mph, but the team were struggling with a problem in the nitrous set-up. Neil dialled in at 9.30 for Sunday, and posted a 9.828 in the first round and a 9.819 in the second, finishing in 13th place overall. They did not make any further passes that day, so hope to do some more investigations and get the car running back on song at the next event.
WB 63 Joe Stevens was running his Back in Black altered, and had a couple of tuning problems on the Saturday, and the loss of the blower belt on one run! He dialled in at an optimistic 9.05 for Sunday, hoping to have sorted the tuning, but recorded a 9.249 @ 143.98 mph in the first round and an off-pace 10.144 in the second, and finished in an uncharacteristic 14th place. Joe is sure to have this sorted soon, and be back out running in the low 9�s again.
WB 71 saw the first Wild Bunch appearance of 2006 for Andy Solley in his Repeat Offender altered. He was unable to make a pass til late afternoon Saturday, when he recorded a tentative 12.595. He dialled in at 11.50 on the Sunday, and hoped to use the nitrous at some point during the day. He posted a good 11.447 in the first round, just .053 under his Dial, and then recorded a best E.T. for the car without nitrous, of 11.167 @ 117.86 mph in the second round, and finished in 8th place overall. Unfortunately the rain prevented him from making further improvements on the day, but the team were happy with the progress so far.
WB 76 saw the welcome return of Steve Field in The Black Pig altered, after a lengthy wait for parts after a breakage at an earlier RWYB event had delayed his start in the 2006 Wild Bunch Series. He started the weekend with a 10.359, followed by varying runs of 11.108, 10.280 @ 132.31 mph and 11.120. The team dialled in at 10.30 for the rounds, but Steve went straight out and ran a weekend�s best E.T. of 9.978 in the first round! He then improved his E.T. further to a 9.807 @ 136.40 mph, and although further from his Dial-in was not too disappointed to finish in 11th place, given that the car ended up outperforming expectations! The team�s return obviously made an impression, as they were awarded a �Mr Bolt� trophy for the Best Altered. Welcome back, Steve and Lesley, John and Heidi!
WB 100 Roy Wilding was once again at the helm of his Chariot of Fire altered, and celebrating the first event of his �Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series� this season. He put in several runs on Saturday, including an 11.415 and an 11.434, both at 117 mph. He dialled in at precisely 11.425 for Sunday�s rounds and recorded an 11.528 in the first round. He then went on to post the Closest to Dial-in of the day, with an 11.421, at just four thousandths off, and finished in 3rd place overall for the event! The team of Roy, Angi and Aaron also won the Best Appearing Team for their smart appearance, professionally turned out car, and a consistent performance over the weekend.
WB 109 Paul Croston was again back in the hotseat of the B-Sting altered. He made four runs on the Saturday, with a 10.707 and three 10.4�s at 10.435, 10.428 and 10.446 @ 127.30 mph, very close to the car�s best speed. He dialled in at 10.42 for Sunday and started off with a 10.543, and then recorded a great 10.415 @ 127.41 mph in the second round, just five thousandths under his Dial-in, which put him up into 4th place overall for the weekend. Another good performance!
WB 129 was the second Wild Bunch event for Tony Wynne-Jones� new T.F.I. Friday slingshot. He made a couple of checkout passes on the Saturday and dialled in at 16.00 for Sunday�s rounds. He was unable to improve on this, posting a 17.185 in the first round and a problematic 26.734 in the second to finish in 17th place overall.
WB 132 saw the debut of the Jones family�s Ragin� Cajun Bantam altered. The Joneses have been Wild Bunch members for years, but had not yet run a car. They had spent several years building their Bantam-bodied altered, which looked superb in white and blue metalflake. They had a hard slog to get the car ready for the weekend, with the delayed return of Dad Glyn who had some replacement parts from America, so the team were able to rebuild the motor and get the car fired up on the Thursday night. It was younger son Elliott who was due to take the first turn in the car on the Saturday, but the team experienced several problems with leaks, and eventually a burnt out starter motor. They were able to source one from a friend in Liverpool and had replaced this by Sunday morning, so dialled in at 14.00 even. There were a few more new car teething problems so he missed the first round, but they managed to get the car out for the second round and put in a 30-second checkout pass. It was then due to be elder son Dan�s turn, but unfortunately the rains came while he was still in the fireup road, so the team had to be content with the one pass, which was worth the wait as they�d finally got the car on track after a lot of hard work! Congratulations to all the Jones on the debut of a lovely-looking car! Hope they will iron out the gremlins and soon have a full weekend of racing! Welcome to the Wild Bunch!
WB 147 Sid Slattery was in his third Wild Bunch event of the season with his beautiful Jag-powered Destiny slingshot. He was looking to run back into the high 10�s after some recent low 11-second runs, but had some problems in the pits on the Saturday. The situation eventually worsened to the point where the engine seemed to be seized up, and Sid has since diagnosed a big end journal locked solid. He is hoping to repair his older block and be back out soon, so we wish him all the best of luck with that!
WB Guest We also had a guest racer joining us this weekend, Lars Bjorkvist, who had driven all the way from Sweden with his stunning blown slingshot, The Blacksmith, on an open-bed trailer, towed behind his white �34 hot rod!! It had taken him about 2 days to get here, and we were all glad that the British weather held out for the majority of the weekend, so he got several runs in on both days and had a great time! His gorgeous car was awarded a �Mr Bolt� for Best Slingshot and the Wild Bunch also gave him some T-shirts and a poster to remember his weekend by. Fair play for travelling all that way, and glad that you could race with us, Lars! Hope to see you again sometime!

It had been a good event where we were mostly lucky with the weather! Thanks again to all the very hard working marshals and officials and firecrews for their efforts in the very hot weather. Well done to them all! We are now looking forward to the Mini Showdown at Shakey on 15th & 16th July.