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Wild Bunch Results
Hot Rod Drags

16th September - 17th September

No Points awarded. Spot Prizes Only.

This event was not a part of any Series, but there were Spot Prizes. There was a field of 19 Wild Bunch cars participating: 9 Altereds and 10 Slingshots
Event Participants
Position WB Driver Car Points
- 1 Mike Cresswell Living the Dream -
- 2 Dave Williams The Cunning Plan -
- 4 Chris Hartnell Backdraft -
- 7 Roy Wilding Hemi Hunter -
- 9 Ed Yates RamRaider -
- 16 Mark Hartnell Awesome 4-Some -
- 20 Louis Coulsell Limited Funz -
- 43 Martin Holgate Paranoia -
- 44 Sarah Howells Destinys Angel -
- 51 Mark Fullard 66 Race Car Specialties -
- 52 Ant Harris Frantic -
- 54 Abi Huggins & Tony R Antisocial -
- 57 Neil Ward Andromeda -
- 63 Joe Stevens Back In Black -
- 71 Andy Solley Repeat Offender -
- 76 Steve Field The Black Pig -
- 102 Steve Goode Wobble -
- 115 Paul Bambrick American Pie -
- 132 Dan & Elliott Jones Ragin Cajun -

Spot Prizes
Best Burnout�Smokin� Joe Stevens63Back In Black 
Best AlteredMartin Holgate43Paranoia 
Best SlingshotRoy Wilding7Hemi Hunter 
Best Dragster/RadicalNone Present
Best Appearing TeamRoy Wilding7Hemi Hunter 
Driver�s ChoiceLouis Coulsell20Limited Funz 
NSRA Quickest E.T.Roy Wilding7Hemi Hunter8.88

Saturday & Sunday
These were test and tune days and many drivers got in 2 or 3 runs each day. Both days were cloudy and mild.

WB 1 saw top crewman Hula P taking his first ever turn in Mikey Cresswell�s Living the Dream slingshot. Mikey made a checkout pass, and then handed the car over to P, who did amazingly well on his debut drive, and put in great runs of 11.154 @ 118.47 mph and 11.197 @ 118.87 mph, both around two tenths off the car�s best ever performance! Very well done, P! And congratulations on taking to the quarter-mile so well! Welcome!
WB 2 saw Dave Williams taking another turn in the hotseat of The Cunning Plan altered. He put in a couple of runs on the Saturday, including an 11.707 @ 111.63 mph. On the Sunday he ran an off-pace 12.529 @ 109.27 mph but got back in the groove with an 11.764 @ 110.37 mph later in the day.
WB 4 �Crazy� Chris Hartnell started the weekend off with a tyre-lighting 10.261 @ 135.24 mph in the Backdraft slingshot on the Saturday. Chris sat out the rest of the day, and on the evening after racing had finished, took part as the driver in a practice extraction from the chassis that Darryl Howells had donated to the safety team, and which Chris had modified for training purposes for the fire and ambulance crews. It was great to see the safety teams at work, in their professional, dedicated manner. On Sunday, Chris posted a run of 9.458 @ 139.90 mph in the morning and later recorded a better 9.315 @ 140.62 mph.
WB 7 Roy Wilding was back at the helm of his blown Hemi Hunter slingshot for the first time in two years. He had problems on his first run Saturday, but came back out Sunday to record an 8.88 @ 159 mph and another pass of 9.25. Roy won the Best Slingshot Mr Bolt Spot Prize for his beautiful car, and the team of Roy, Angi and Aaron won the Best Appearing Team for their smart appearance, and immaculately turned out car.
WB 9 Ray Ford was back in the RamRaider slingshot of Team Dog�s B�s. Ray recorded a 9.965 @ 142.96 mph on his first pass Saturday, but then had problems on the next run, with the car launching well but losing power at half track and coasting through to a 19-second pass. The team investigated back in the pits and came back out Sunday, but the same thing happened again, with Ray slowing to a 16-second run, after an initial flying start. The team cleaned out part of the fuel system, but again had problems and had to park the car for the rest of the weekend. Further investigation showed problems with the fuel pump, so hopefully the team can acquire a new one for the Finals!
WB 16 Mark Hartnell was back out hoping for some more good runs in his Awesome 4-Some slingshot. He began the weekend with a 14.809 @ 100.19 mph, with a missed shift. He later put in a 12.581 and had queued up for a third run when the oil down occurred. His first run of the day on Sunday was a 12.356 @ 105.89 mph, his best run at Shakespeare County. His second run was a pass of 12.787 @ 106.82 mph, a new Personal Best Speed. He then went out for his third pass of the day, but unfortunately a sticking clutch caused the engine to over-rev, and Mark pulled over off the racing line and had to be recovered to the return road. On this pass, Mark had posted the Best Reaction of the Bunch for the weekend, an .006!! Hopefully there will not be much damage to the engine or box!
WB 20 This weekend Mark Coulsell handed over the reins of his Limited Funz slingshot to younger brother Louis for his first ever drive in a dragster! And Louis was raring to go! His first checkout pass was a 14.254 @ 102.30 mph, and his second run was an improved 12.569 @ 117.51 mph. And on only his third ever run, Sunday morning, he recorded a best of 11.335 @ 122.29 mph, within a second of Mark�s best E.T. and less than 5 mph off Mark�s best ever speed! Well done, Louis, congratulations on a great driving debut!!! There was another bonus yet to come, as Louis was voted the winner of the Driver�s Choice by Wild Bunch drivers attending the weekend. Fair play!
WB 43 Martin Holgate was keen to further improve on recent performance in his Paranoia Jag-powered altered. He made two passes on Saturday, a troubled 25-second run, and later a much better 10.880 @ 123.93 mph. On the Sunday, he started with a great 9.631 @ 129.33 mph, then posted an 11.096, a 10.162 @ 128.56 mph and a 10.124 throughout the day. Martin was awarded the Best Altered Mr Bolt Spot Prize by the commentators for his well-turned out car and good runs, and hopes to further improve his performance.
WB 44 Sarah Howells was back in Bernie�s Destiny�s Angel altered and made 3 runs each day. On Saturday, she recorded passes of 9.507 @ 142.20 mph, 9.479 @ 143.80 mph, and 9.388 @ 144.23 mph. She picked up where she left off overnight, recording a 9.398 @ 146.02 mph to start the day, then a 9.513 @ 144.98 mph, and a 9.411 @ 145.98 mph, and thoroughly enjoyed driving the altered, which ran consistently as usual!
WB 51 saw Mark and Viv Fullard back in their 66 Race Car Specialties historic slingshot. Unfortunately on Mark�s first passes on the Saturday, he had problems with the sump bottoming out, and was forced to park the car for the weekend. The team hope to resolve the problem quickly and be back out for some more fun on the quarter-mile.
WB 52 saw another event for Ant Harris in his Dayglo Frantic Topolino altered. Ant was the first Buncher on the track Saturday morning and put in a run of 10.236 @ 130.95 mph, not far off his best to date. He later put in an identical E.T. of 10.236, this time at 118 mph. Ant was also the first Buncher on the strip Sunday morning, recording a great new Personal Best E.T. of 9.913 @ 135.16 mph! His first time in the 9�s! Congratulations to Ant and the crew on that one! He later put in another 9-second pass, a 9.988 at a new Personal Best Speed of 135.41 mph, and really enjoyed his weekend�s racing.
WB 54 Phil Sweeney was another driver who had become crew this weekend, handing over the hotseat of his Antisocial slingshot to girlfriend Abi on the Saturday. Abi had never driven a dragster before, but she soon learned the ropes and put in two great checkout passes of 18.582 @ 74 mph and 17.563 @ 80 mph, and was queued up for a third run when a massive oildown curtailed racing. She really enjoyed her runs and did really well. Fair play, Abi!! On Sunday it was crewman Tony�s turn, and he�d also never driven a dragster! He made a couple of passes and took to it instantly, recording a 13.262 @ 106.72 mph and a 12.817 at 108.95 mph! Less than 7 tenths and 4 mph off the car�s best! Well done, Tony!
WB 57 Neil Ward was looking for some more 8-second passes in his Andromeda slingshot. He made one run on the Saturday, a 9.330 @ 140.60 mph, and spent some time in the pits with the crew tuning the combination. He also made one run on Sunday, which was an excellent 8.952 @ 143.40 mph.
WB 63 Joe Stevens was running his Back in Black altered, and still looking to break into the 8�s after some recent low 9-second form. On Saturday, he did just that, recording a brilliant 8.99 @ 148 mph! His first run Sunday was a strong 9.003 @ 148 mph again, and that left only one milestone to reach this weekend! Which he did on his very next run, a great pass of 8.906 @ 150.05 mph, his first time over 150 mph!! Congratulations Joe! Very well done! He also won the Best Burnout Spot Prize for his smoky burnouts!
WB 71 was Andy Solley in his Repeat Offender altered. He made one pass Saturday, of 11.690 @ 114 mph. For Sunday�s runs, the team turned on the nitrous, and Andy recorded a 10.073 @ 130.45 mph to start the day. He then improved to a 9.843 @ 132.12 mph and a 9.855 @ 132.95 mph, only a couple of tenths off his previous best and very near his top speed, and the team were pleased with these runs.
WB 76 Steve Field was back running in The Black Pig altered. He started the weekend with a 10.518 @ 131.41 mph, followed by a better run of 9.986 @ 134.06 mph late Saturday. Unfortunately, on the burnout of his first run Sunday, the steering broke, and Steve was forced to sideline the car for the weekend. Hope he can get that fixed soon!
WB 102 Steve Goode made one run Saturday of 11-seconds in his Jag-powered Wobble altered. On Sunday, he made runs of 9.740 @ 135.99 mph, 9.770 @ 137.22 mph, a new Personal Best Speed, and another run of 9.6, a new Personal Best E.T.
WB 115 Paul Bambrick was back out with his superb American Pie slingshot, and making checkout passes. He put in a run of 17-seconds on the Saturday, but came back out Sunday with a 14-second pass @ 94 mph, and then a slower run again. Paul suspects a problem with the fuel pump and will investigate further, so hopefully he will come back out soon and make further progress with his setup.
WB 132 saw another outing for the Ragin� Cajun Bantam altered of the Jones family. They were still chasing new car gremlins all weekend, with Elliott recording a 22-second pass, and Dan posting a 20-second pass, which is the car�s best run to date. Hopefully they can continue to make progress and all their hard work will be rewarded!

It had been a good event where we were lucky with the weather, and unlucky with queues and oil downs! Thanks again to all the very hard working marshals and officials and firecrews for their constant efforts to get the track back to a ready condition every time. Well done to them all! We are now looking forward to the UK National Finals on September 30th & October 1st at Santa Pod. This will be the Finals of all of our Series!