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Wild Bunch Results
Fall National Finals

30th September - 1st October

Points awarded for the Wild Bunch Series Round 7, Real Steel Series Round 11 & Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series Round 3

This event was UK National Finals at Santa Pod Raceway, the Fall Nationals, and the final round of the Wild Bunch Series, the Real Steel Series and the Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series. There was a field of 6 Wild Bunch cars competing: 3 Altereds and 3 Slingshots
Event Participants
Position WB Driver Car Points
- 4 Chris Hartnell Backdraft 1
- 9 Ed Yates RamRaider 1
- 44 Sarah Howells Destinys Angel 1
- 52 Ant Harris Frantic 1
- 54 Phil Sweeney Antisocial 1
- 100 Roy Wilding Chariot Of Fire 1

Spot Prizes
#1 QualifierSarah Howells44Destiny's Angel.068
Best Reaction
Quickest E.T.
Closest To Dial-In
Best Burnout
Best Performance
Best Appearing Car & Team

This was a qualifying day and there were scheduled to be 3 qualifying rounds. The day started off cloudy and cool, but a wet track first thing meant the start got delayed til around 11:15, despite at least 5 hours of work by the track crew! (Many thanks to them for getting it ready, at all, after huge downpours!) We were 5th on the running order, and were confident of one run, before any more clouds dropped their load! In the first round of qualifying, 5 drivers took part, but unfortunately at the start of the second cycle, the rain fell again, and eventually wiped out the rest of the day�s qualifying!

WB 4 �Crazy� Chris Hartnell had installed some new spark plugs in the Backdraft slingshot, hoping to cure a slight misfire experienced at the last event. Chris Dialled in at 9.04, and although the car launched well with a small wheelie, the misfire was still evident and there was a drop in performance, to a 9.605 @ 133.06 mph. Chris went back to the pits, and made some more changes to the ignition system, hoping to cure this, but didn�t get another chance to run, and therefore qualified in 5th place.
WB 9 saw Ed Yates back in the RamRaider slingshot of Team Dog�s B�s, after the team had repaired a halfshaft, and installed a new fuel pump since the last event! On Saturday morning, the team spent some more time getting the new fuel system just right and cured all the gremlins, only to discover a problem with the gearbox changing into second gear!! So they were forced to park the slingshot for the weekend. Such a shame after all their hard work, but hope they can fix it soon and get out for some late season testing and tuning!
WB 44 Sarah Howells was back in Bernie�s Destiny�s Angel altered. She Dialled in at 9.35 for her opening run, and went straight out and ran a 9.418 @ 143.34 mph, and Qualified in #1 Spot! This run proved to be the quickest and the fastest of the Bunch for the weekend! So, fair play, Sarah!
WB 52 Ant Harris was in his first ever MSA event with his Frantic Topolino altered. He had recently run his first 9-second pass and was hoping to improve on this. He dialled in at 9.95 for his first ever qualifier, and ran a 10.113 @ 131.96 mph, qualifying in a great 2nd place overall!
WB 54 Phil Sweeney had just got the half shaft from his Antisocial slingshot repaired (by Roy!). And was hoping to be back on form. He dialled in at a conservative 12.60 on his first run, and posted a 13.205 @ 104.84 mph, and qualified in 4th place overall.
WB 100 Roy Wilding had just secured the Real Steel Series win at the previous event, and was keen to try and win top slot in the Wild Bunch Series too in his Chariot of Fire altered. He put up a Dial-in of 11.38 for his first run and recorded an off-pace 11.726 @ 111.94 mph, qualifying in the middle of the field, at 3rd place.

Sunday (Race Day)
Sunday started off cloudy and cool and there had been heavy rain in the early morning. Five of the Wild Bunch cars had qualified with the anticipation of a second qualifying round on Sunday morning. This was not too be, as the track had not dried by 9am, despite the best lengthy efforts of the track crew, so the second qualifier had to be scrapped and all racers, barring a couple pairs of a few classes, were due to go straight into eliminations.

The Quarter-finals should have seen Sarah with a Bye, and Chris facing Roy, and Ant matched with Phil. This was not due til about 3pm, due to the scheduling of the extra qualifier, and the running order of eliminations of some of the bigger classes. Racing was finally able to start about 11:30, when the track was dried out, but during the eliminations of the very first class, some rain fell. The track was redried but no sooner had a pair of cars burned out, then more rain fell. This time it was much heavier and continued. There was then a river of water on the track, and yet again the valiant track crew started clearing this and started the drying process once more. By about quarter to 2, it was evident that there was still a lot more drying to be done, and a few more rain clouds imminent, so unfortunately the Race Director was forced to make the decision to call time on the event. Such a shame for all the racers involved! And for the crew who had worked so hard to try to make it happen!

So what would have been a great event was frustratingly cut very short by the weather. Huge thanks to all the hard working marshals and officials and track crew who tried so hard and for so many hours to turn the track around so everyone could race. We really appreciate their efforts. We are now looking forward to the �Flame & Thunder� event at Santa Pod on 4th November, where the Wild Bunch will join in with the demo classes!

With the final points event of the year run, we have completed all of our Series. The Wild Bunch Series has been won for a record third time by Tony Smith & Dave Williams in �The Cunning Plan�. Many congratulations to them! The Real Steel Series has been won by Roy Wilding in his�Chariot of Fire�. Well done, Roy! And the Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series has been won by Tony Smith & Dave Williams with �The Cunning Plan�! Fair play! Congratulations to everyone who has taken part during a great season!!

We are now really looking forward to the Wild Bunch Dinner Dance and Prize Presentation on 25th November!