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WB 54
Phil Sweeney Drag Racing
"Bone Idle"
Driver(s)Phil Sweeney Owner/ Driver
CrewAbby Huggins, Tony Roberts, Ian Jones
Car Type125in 23T Altered
Description468cu pump gas naturally aspirated big block chevy built by Rob Loaring at ICE Automotive. Transbraked Dedenbear Powerglide, Ford 9in, spool, pro gears, Mark Williams Ally center section.
Best ET8.49
Best MPH152mph
Achievementslots with old slingshot "Antisocial", more to come with this car.
Additional InfoThe body originates fron Tantrum, an altered ran in the late 80"s.

The motor is a fresh built iron block 468cu in big block. It runs an eagle forged bottom end, ICE ported aluminum Edelbrock heads with stainless valves, titanium retainers, full roller valvetrain. With a CR of 10.5-1 running on pump gas it puts out 623bhp and 580 ft lbs torque.

The chassis is a chrome moly 125in built by Jon MacIntyre, ran as Macs Rat and raced in Super Comp, where it lost a wheel in the top end at Shakey, and ended up going through a field. The car later went on to race in another teams hands in Super Pro where it was painted a boring blue and not named.

The car was reborn as "Bone Idle", an ironic name for a race car and hobby which takes so much time, effort and money. The paint scheme developed into something like thot of Rat Trap but if the truth is known, it was painted this way to cover up blemishes in the candy finish.

Future plans are to upgrade to either a stack