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WB 33
Team Ferret
Driver(s)Mark Mills
Tom Larman (if he is a good boy)
CrewMark Mills
Tom Larman (when and if he stops talking)
Craig Larman
Bradley Chapman
And most importantly Alison and Wendy without them none of this would be possible
Car TypeTopolino Altered
DescriptionBlown injected methonal small block chevy
Best ET9.126
Best MPH154.14
AchievementsPutting up with Tom for so long !!!!
Actually getting the car down the strip after all the hours in the work shop
Proundly accociated with "The Ferret" Altered and turning it into a consistant and easy to run car
Watching Tom go backward at the 660 foot marker lol
Additional InfoVery new to drag racing started watching with Tom about 5 years ago Toms dream was to drive a car so we put plans in place emptied our piggy banks and bought a car between us (The Ferret) I made changes, part rebuilt it and setup the car up to get it to where it is today (see WB2 The Ferret)
So Xenomorph was the new mechanical challange for me as i like tinkering building and learning but it has progressed quite a bit from the original build plan
Second meeting out we found the problem we had with the cars running issue and started to build up the speed over the day so came away very very happy it"s now a case of trying to get the first 330 foot sorted but that"s down to drivers bottle/ability or lack of it at the moment lol