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WB 132
Northern 1/4 Racing
Ragin" Cajun
Driver(s)Danny and Elliott
CrewGlyn "Big Poppa", "Brucey"
and of course, the better halves
Car TypeAltered
DescriptionPowered by an alcohol injected 302 Ford Motor backed up by a C4 auto packed with goodies and a Ford 9-inch.
Best ET12.1
Best MPH114mph
AchievementsStill being sane after the amount of problems we"ve fought, most recently being a snapped crankshaft. But soon to be back out with a complete Eagle rotating assembly in our existing R302 block.

Additional InfoWe tracked down the last of our many ignition faults down to spark plugs and rapidly ordered the correct replacements. While waiting for them to appear, took the car out in its still poorly state for a bit of fun then snapped the bloody crank. Hence, new plugs are currently sitting in their boxes eagerly awaiting the engine going back together!! oh well, such is life!!