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WB 91
Team Time Traveller
Time Traveller II
Driver(s)Bob Hawkins
Crew Tom Dave Linda Ted
Car TypeSlingshot Dragster 200"/ silver alloy
DescriptionV8 Small Block Chevy 370ci, alky,blown, injected,Glide 2 speed transmition with trans brake. 9"spool rear axle.Chromoly 200"chassis.
AchievementsFastest and quickest WB car 2011/12/13 with some wins along the way! 167.92/ 7.99 ( with Time Traveller I ).
Additional Info Always loved the sights and sounds of a drag racing ever since my first vist to Blackbush as a kid to watch the likes of Dennis Priddle and many other legends race. I must say a big thankyou to Julia as none of my racing would be possible without her amazing support. Also a huge thanks to Tom,Dave,Linda and Ted for being the best crew you you could wish for.