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WB 79
Spiderman Racing
Driver(s)John Hughes
CrewRob,spencer,lucy and help from Roger Goring (firestorm jet funny car),Julian Webb (split second jet dragster) chris and rick
Car Type23T Altered or Vauxhall Astra funny car
Description302 ci Small block chevy running on Methanol through hilborn injection, 2 speed power glide transmission,Oldsmobile 9.3" Rear Axle,Super mag 3 Magneto,Slot mag rear and centreline front wheels
Best ET8.98
Best MPH152
AchievementsHave only ran in RWYB events in various cars before
Additional InfoThe car was built by Norm Wheeldon and after a short 1st owner and being sponsored by RIFLE jeans was bought by Roy Webb,it ran in the uk and in Europe and has a Mk2 vauxhall Astra funny car body too,later ( around 1996/7 it ran in the wild bunch with Julian Webb as driver, lots of history and is on it`s way to being back on the track again soon