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WB 69
Team Paranoia
Driver(s)Alan Loten
CrewSteve Williams
Car TypeAltered
DescriptionEngine :- Jaguar 3.8 litre DOHC 2V straight six running
injected on Methanol with Nitrous Oxide
Clutch :-ACE Pro-Stock twin plate slider
Gearbox :- Liberty Pro-Stock 5 speed box air shifted
Rear Axle :- 9 inch Ford
Body :- Fibreglass Plymouth 5 Window Coupe
Best ET9.12 secs
Best MPH141 mph
AchievementsMany in the cars 30 year history. First Methanol powered Jaguar to run a 9, only Jaguar straight six powered car (unless you know different ) to run an 8 in this country, Winner of RAC championship plus many others. The complete early history of this car, and the two that preceded it, can be found at Alan Currans excellent site under features/Paranoia Part 1.
Additional InfoAlan is one of the original builders of the car back in 1980, and Steve the original pit crew, until our involvement ceased when Alan retired in 1985. Alan bought the car back from Martin Holgate in 2010. The car is almost the same as when Alan last drove it except that the back half of the chassis has been changed to meet current safety spec as these have changed in the last 30 years.