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WB 78
Wiz Racing
"Soul Town Shaker"
Driver(s)Keith Crampton
CrewIan "Hairy" Harben, Christine Crampton, Ben Crampton, Katie Crampton.
Car TypeSlingshot
Description135" CDS Chassis
425ci Buick Nailhead
Chevy 3 Speed Manual
Ex Hookey Crusader (I think), Gold digger, Chicken Shift
Additional InfoGot into the sport as a teenager about 1972 so a slingshot is going back to my early days as a spectator. Crewed (well polished) on Roz Priors Fast Lady slingshot and Keith Potters Devil and also Marshalled for a while with what was the NDRC. Spent the last couple of years racing in sportsman et.
The car should be ready to go again by the start of next season at the latest.