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Results for the 2008 Season

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Wild Bunch Series
(Best 5 of 6 to count)
11Team Cunning PlanThe Cunning Plan31
225Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection31
36Chris HartnellBackdraft29
417Scot DurrantTiki Munki25
544Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel22
695Mark RichardsonPony Express17
7142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream16
84Darren LawThe Wicked Lady16
99Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider15
1076Steve FieldThe Black Pig14
113Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction II14
1216Mark HartnellAwesome 4-Some8
1381Steve TaylorClaustrophobic6
1472Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool5
1578Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker4
1643Martin HolgateParanoia4
1757Neil WardAndromeda3

Real Steel Series
(Best 9 of 10 to count)
144Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel47
26Chris HartnellBackdraft44
325Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection42
44Darren LawThe Wicked Lady40
595Mark RichardsonPony Express32
61Team Cunning PlanThe Cunning Plan31
79Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider29
817Scot DurrantTiki Munki25
93Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction II24
10142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream20
1176Steve FieldThe Black Pig14
1254Phil SweeneyBone Idle13
1378Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker8
1416Mark HartnellAwesome 4-Some8
1581Steve TaylorClaustrophobic6
1643Martin HolgateParanoia5
1772Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool5
1857Neil WardAndromeda3

Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series
144Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel24
295Mark RichardsonPony Express14
325Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection13
43Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction II12
54Darren LawThe Wicked Lady11
69Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider10
-1Team Cunning PlanThe Cunning Plan10
-54Phil SweeneyBone Idle10
9142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream9
1076Steve FieldThe Black Pig7
1117Scot DurrantTiki Munki6
126Chris HartnellBackdraft5
1343Martin HolgateParanoia4
1478Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker2

APIRA Series
154Phil SweeneyBone Idle990
295Mark RichardsonPony Express910
39Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider750
444Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel690
56Chris HartnellBackdraft610
64Darren LawThe Wicked Lady520
725Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection500
878Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker360
93Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction II340
10142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream110

MSA Points Series
14Darren LawThe Wicked Lady1660
244Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel1600
395Mark RichardsonPony Express1370
46Chris HartnellBackdraft1260
525Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection1170
69Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider980
754Phil SweeneyBone Idle890
83Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction II700
9142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream390
1078Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker380
1143Martin HolgateParanoia80


 Wild Bunch ladies 2008 

Gifts were given to 18 ladies for supporting their teams and the Wild Bunch during the season.

Ed Yates
received a presentation of a Corvette model on a plinth, and a Corvette model kit, for sterling services to the brilliant Wild Bunch Website

Claire Meaddows
received a presentation of an engraved pen and pencil set for services as Wild Bunch Co-ordinator and Treasurer. Flowers were also presented thanks to Mark Coulsell.

Chris Hartnell
received a presentation of cut glass for hard work as Wild Bunch Chairman

Barry Bohannon
received a presentation of a microphone trophy for his years of compering the dinner dance and his commentary.
 Big Bang Trophy 

Terry Clifford WB 25 Ratcatcher Resurrection
& Darryl Howells WB 3 Chemical Reaction

These awards are jointly presented for the 'Big Bang' at the Easter Snowball at Santa Pod; and in recognition of the indomitable spirit of the racers involved. Luckily, both drivers were fine, quickly rebuilt their cars and only missed one event each, achieving success during the season!
 Fastest MPH 

Andy Gosling WB 9 RamRaider
Gos ran a great 147.00 mph in the RamRaider slingshot at the Nostalgia Nationals.He backed the speed up within 5% at 146.87 mph at the same event.
 Quickest E.T. 

Chris Hartnell WB 6 Backdraft
Chris ran a strong 9.013 in Backdraft at the Open Sports Nationals at Shakey. He backed this time up within 5% with a 9.020 at the same event.
 Fastest time by a British-engined dragster 

(awarded by 'Team Paranoia')
Martin Holgate WB 43 Paranoia

Martin ran a great 9.852 in his Jag-powered Paranoia altered at the Summer Nationals at Santa Pod. He backed this time up within 5% with a 9.946 at the same event
 Best Newcomer 

Keith Crampton WB 78 Soultown Shaker
Keith has some history in drag racing in his youth, as he crewed on, nay polished, the famous Roz Prior's car, and later became a marshal with the NDRC. He began this season with an exceptionally well-presented vehicle, which he has impressed his own identity on, winning 3 Best Appearing Car Spot Prizes along the way. He ultimately ran a PB of 11.709 at over 113 mph in his 5th Wild Bunch event & has already had a feature in Custom Car! A promising debut season! He is an enthusiastic and likeable addition to the Bunch!
 Best Altered 

Mark Richardson WB 95 Pony Express
The Pony Express is a well-presented and run, unique-looking piece of history, which ran 9 events this season, winning 2 Best Altered Spot Prizes and a Best Engineered award. Mark had 3 Top 4 event finishes and finished in 2nd place in the Roy Wilding AND APIRA Series in only his second season, whilst running numerous PB's to ultimately lower the ET to a 9.486 at 142 mph.
 Best Slingshot 

Chris Hartnell WB 6 Backdraft
Backdraft won 3 Best Slingshot Spot Prizes and 4 Best Appearing Car & Team awards and a host of other awards during a season which showed renewed performance and great wheelies. Chris had 2 Wins, 2 seconds and 1 third place event finish in his 10 events, and finished 3rd in the Wild Bunch Series and 2nd in Real Steel Series.
 Best Rear-engine Dragster / Radical 

TEAM Wicked Lady WB 4 The Wicked Lady
The Wicked Lady is always immaculate in appearance, and won 2 Best Dragster and 1 Best Appearing Car & Team prizes, plus Best Reaction and #1 Qualifier trophies during the 7 events that the team participated in this season. Darren Won 3 events and had 2 more Top 4 finishes, whilst lowering his PB to a 9.214 at 145 mph and winning the MSA Challenge and finishing 4th in Real Steel !
 Best Turned Out 

C & C Nostalgia Drag Racing Team WB 6 Backdraft
This team continues to show great attention to detail in the presentation of a complete package of car, driver appearance, and nostalgic crew uniforms ..... and who can forget the 1-time appearance of Jungle Claire and those boots! They won 3 Spot prizes for Best Slingshot and no less than 4 Best Appearing Car & Team awards with their great overall sparkly red ensemble.
 Best Achiever 

Dave Rowlands WB 44 Destiny's Angel
Dave, though still relatively new to drag racing, consistently put in strong performances with a well-maintained and turned out car. He gained his MSA licence at the start of the year and attended EVERY WB event, including York, which he mastered well. His confidence has grown and he has gradually improved the car's performance, resulting in a PB of 9.542 at 145 mph. He won Closest to Dial-in, Best Altered and #1 Qualifier, and had 4 second place event finishes. He WON both the Real Steel and Roy Wilding Series and finished 5th in the Wild Bunch. Great achievements for only his second season of racing!
 Perseverance Award 

Darryl Howells WB 3 Chemical Reaction
Darryl has been racing for nearly a decade, and began the year with a new combination on his car. There were many teething problems with this and a lot of frustration, and several setbacks along the way, including an accident at the first event. But the team rebuilt, and he kept plugging away throughout 8 events, constantly trying to make the injection system work. A Best Slingshot and Driver's Choice prizes were just rewards for his persistence and positive attitude, as was a PB of 9.919 at 138 mph. He also finished 4th in the Roy Wilding Series. Fair shout!
 Daddy Cool (Sags) Personal Achievement 

Mike Cresswell WB 142 FreQ Racing - Living the Dream
Mike is a well-liked and friendly member of the Wild Bunch, who has an easy-going outlook on life. He is a youth worker who always has time to support and encourage young people to make the most of their lives. He is passionate about getting youngsters involved in drag racing to give them a positive focus. He also does a great deal for charity with his team's support of the MS Society. He is a past winner of the Wild Bunch Series and has participated in 7 events this year, many times overseeing the young drivers in the team, expanding their involvement in the sport. He perseveres when there are problems with the car, and makes the most of a limited budget. Mikey is always sportsmanlike, friendly and enthusiastic. He has triumphed over personal problems and has had recent academic achievement. He shows commitment and dedication and does a lot to promote the sport of Drag Racing in general, and the Wild Bunch in particular. He always tries to help other racers where he can, and is a great role model for the young people he is so keen to encourage.
 Derek & Brenda Annable trophy 

John Price & Graham Beckwith
This award was initiated by Derek and Brenda to be presented to a 'couple' or partnership who are committed to Drag Racing, and demonstrate the family spirit of the Wild Bunch.
Last year's winners, Sophie & Bruno Sanderson-Brown, have chosen the 2008 winners because of their over 40 combined years of service to the sport of Drag Racing, and their impact on the people who both watch and race. Through their exciting and informative, and often humorous, commentary they have done a great deal to raise the profile of the sport and educate the public, sometimes working behind the scenes for the good of the sport. Their partnership has always worked well, and they made the crowds and racers feel like they were a part of their extended family. They have always been enthusiastic and entertaining as well as professional and dedicated. They have truly been the 'voices of Drag Racing'. We wish a happy semi-retirement to John and Graham
 C & C Sportsperson 

Mark Richardson WB 95 Pony Express
Mark has participated in all but one Wild Bunch event this year, and improved his performance throughout, whilst still helping and encouraging others. Even when his own car is not at the track he is always there to assist the rest of his extended team and offer support. He is sporting in both victory and defeat. He is a relatively new member of the Wild Bunch and is very enthusiastic about the club and nostalgia drag racing in general and shows this in his passion for his historic vehicle and his sportsmanlike attitude.
 Don Garlits 'Spirit of Drag Racing' Shield 2008 

The Wicked Lady team have been enthusiastic members of the Wild Bunch for several years. All the members of this strong team work hard to make sure the car is consistent and always immaculately presented. Bob and Karen have always crewed for and campaigned their current car and have recently improved its performance, along with the driver, Darren, who joined the team several years ago, learned the ropes, and is now noted for his reactions and qualifying skills as he progressed over the last few years, being supported by Sue and Sean and a host of other team members. Together the team achieved the car's best ever performance, this year, running a 9.214 at 145 mph. They took part in 7 events, running both MSA and RWYB, and were leading the Real Steel Series until damage curtailed their season. They have also triumphed over personal setbacks, and are well on the way to rebuilding for next season. They achieved success, winning 3 events, half a dozen Spot Prizes AND the MSA Points Challenge plus finished 4th in the Real Steel Series and 8th in the Wild Bunch Series. The team members always show sportsmanship and good humour, help fellow racers and are passionate supporters of the Wild Bunch!