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Results for the 2009 Season

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Final results after all events of the season

Wild Bunch Series
(Best 5 of 6 to count)
19Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider37
23Chris HartnellBackdraft36
34Scot Durrant & Gina RumbleTiki Munki31
444Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel28
552Ant HarrisFrantic19
699Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home19
7142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream17
82Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection15
916Mark HartnellAwesome 4-Some13
10109Andy MurphyB-Sting12
1111Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy12
1235Dick SharpDorset Horn8
1395Mark RichardsonPony Express8
14101Matt LeeWorth the Wait7
1572Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool7
1638Helen SmytheHell�s Belle6
1771Andy SolleyRepeat Offender5
1881Steve TaylorClaustrophobic4
1940Darren LawThe Wicked Lady3
201Team Cunning PlanThe Cunning Plan3
2157Neil WardAndromeda3
2274Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia3
2343Martin HolgateParanoia1
2478Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker1

Real Steel Series
(Best 9 of 10 to count)
19Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider65
23Chris HartnellBackdraft55
344Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel51
44Scot Durrant & Gina RumbleTiki Munki31
5142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream24
652Ant HarrisFrantic21
72Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection20
899Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home19
940Darren LawThe Wicked Lady14
1016Mark HartnellAwesome 4-Some13
1195Mark RichardsonPony Express13
12109Andy MurphyB-Sting12
1311Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy12
1435Dick SharpDorset Horn10
1549Roy WildingS&K Racing10
1657Neil WardAndromeda7
17101Matt LeeWorth the Wait7
1872Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool7
1938Helen SmytheHell�s Belle6
2071Andy SolleyRepeat Offender5
2143Martin HolgateParanoia4
2281Steve TaylorClaustrophobic4
231Team Cunning PlanThe Cunning Plan3
2474Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia3
2554Phil SweeneyBone Idle1
2678Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker1

Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series
19Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider27
244Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel14
340Darren LawThe Wicked Lady11
449Roy WildingS&K Racing10
53Chris HartnellBackdraft9
62Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection9
795Mark RichardsonPony Express8
8142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream7
94Scot Durrant & Gina RumbleTiki Munki7
1052Ant HarrisFrantic6
1111Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy5
1271Andy SolleyRepeat Offender5
1399Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home5
14109Andy MurphyB-Sting5
1557Neil WardAndromeda4
16101Matt LeeWorth the Wait4
1743Martin HolgateParanoia3
1835Dick SharpDorset Horn3
1916Mark HartnellAwesome 4-Some1
2038Helen SmytheHell�s Belle1
2154Phil SweeneyBone Idle1

APIRA Series
19Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider940
249Roy WildingS&K Racing660
344Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel630
43Chris HartnellBackdraft470
5142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream440
640Darren LawThe Wicked Lady380
72Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection250
857Neil WardAndromeda210
995Mark RichardsonPony Express130
1043Martin HolgateParanoia50
1154Phil SweeneyBone Idle50

MSA Points Series
19Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider2320
244Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel1440
33Chris HartnellBackdraft1340
440Darren LawThe Wicked Lady760
549Roy WildingS&K Racing660
6142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream340
72Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection270
895Mark RichardsonPony Express270
957Neil WardAndromeda210
1043Martin HolgateParanoia160
1135Dick SharpDorset Horn110
1252Ant HarrisFrantic110
1354Phil SweeneyBone Idle50


 Wild Bunch ladies 2009 

Gifts were given to ladies for supporting their teams and the Wild Bunch during the season.

Flowers were also presented to Gina Rumble, Janet Brown and Claire Meaddows, thanks to Mark Coulsell.

Ed Yates
received a presentation of a laptop clock on a plinth, and some beer, for sterling services to the brilliant Wild Bunch Website

Gina Rumble
received an engraved compact for services as newsletter writer.

Claire Meaddows
received a presentation of an engraved star clock and fob watch for services as Wild Bunch Co-ordinator and Treasurer.

Chris Hartnell
received a presentation Jack Daniels alarm clock and some Jack Daniels for services as Wild Bunch Chairman.

Dean Smythe
received a presentation of a camera on a plinth, and some beer, for his years of photo taking at the awards.

Beau Durrant�s
parents received a monkey trophy on his behalf, as Blogger of the Year!
 Big Bang Trophy 

Helen and Dean of Team Twisted WB 38 �Hell�s Belle�
This award is presented for a really �Big Bang� at the Nostalgia Nationals at Shakespeare County this year, when unfortunately this beautiful car got upside down and backwards, shortly after running PB�s in the 9.0 s. Gladly Helen was unhurt! Big Commiserations and hope to see them back soon.
 Fastest MPH 

Ant Harris WB 52 �Frantic�
Ant ran a great 150.13 mph in the �Frantic� altered at the National Finals, his first 150! He backed the speed up within 5% at 146.95mph at the Nostalgias.
 Quickest E.T. 

Ant Harris WB 52 �Frantic�
Ant ran an amazing 8.648 in �Frantic� at the National Finals at Santa Pod. He backed this time up within 5% with an 8.975 at Nostalgias, his first 8!
 Fastest time by a British-engined dragster 

(awarded by 'Team Paranoia')
Martin Holgate WB 43 �Paranoia�

Martin ran a great 9.159 Personal Best in his Jag-powered �Paranoia� altered at the Nostalgias at Shakey. He backed this time up within 5% with a 9.501 at the Springspeed earlier in the year.
 Best Newcomer 

Adam Price WB 99 �Go Hard or Go Home!!!�
This newcomer is a keen young man, who as part of a great team has made a big impact on the Wild Bunch. He finished in 3rd place at only his 4th event with the Bunch. The team have won a Best Altered and a Best Appearing Car Spot Prize along the way, after a lot of trials and tribulations, all of which they overcame. By his 5th event the driver ran a PB of 11.238 on his first ever outing at York Raceway, and finished in 6th place in the Wild Bunch Series! A very promising debut season! He is an enthusiastic addition to the Bunch!
 Best Altered 

Ant Harris WB 52 �Frantic�
This Altered is a well-presented and run car which ran 6 events this season, winning no less than 4 Best Burnout Spot Prizes and a Best Appearing Car award. The driver had a 4th place event finish, and finished in 5th Place in the Wild Bunch Series, whilst running numerous PB�s to ultimately lower the ET to an amazing 8.648 at 150.13 mph!
 Best Slingshot 

Terry Clifford WB 2 �Ratcatcher Resurrection�
This Slingshot is a very well-turned out and historic car. It won a Best Appearing Car award, and the team is always well-presented as well. The team participated in 7 events and finished 8th place in the Wild Bunch Series due to sheer determination and commitment.
 Best Rear-engine Dragster / Radical 

Team Wicked Lady WB 40 �The Wicked Lady�
This Rear-engined Dragster is always impeccable in appearance, and won a Best Appearing Car prize, plus 2 Best Reaction trophies during the few events that the team participated in this season. The driver had two 3rd places and a 4th place event finish, whilst lowering his PB to a 9.13.
 Best Turned Out 

Ratcatcher Racing WB 2 �Ratcatcher Resurrection�
This amiable team continues to improve the presentation of their car and crew, with a smart set of uniforms and a consistently well-turned out car. They won a Best Appearing Car award at the York event. They always strive to maintain a professional appearance, whilst promoting the Wild Bunch at shows such as the Beaulieu Custom Car show.
 Best Achiever 

Team Dog�s Bollocks WB 9 �RamRaider�
This team are longstanding members of the Wild Bunch who have this year returned to form in a big way. They won a Closest to Dial-in and 4 #1 Qualifier awards. They won 4 events, had 3 second places and 1 third place event finishes and each of the three drivers won an event. They WON every Series we run! .......The Wild Bunch, Real Steel, Roy Wilding and APIRA Series, as well as the MSA Challenge. The first ever �clean sweep�! Great achievements!
 Perseverance Award 

Terry Clifford WB 2 �Ratcatcher Resurrection�
This driver began the year well, but then struggled with several setbacks along the way, including loss of performance. But the team kept coming back and kept trying. Even through some very frustrating runs, and disappointing events they were still philosophical, and still smiling! The driver tried many things to conquer the problems and it looked like gearbox troubles ended his season. He did win a Best Appearing Car award along the way during his 7 events this year. He also finished 8th in the Wild Bunch Series.
 Daddy Cool (Sags) Personal Achievement 

Scot Durrant & Gina Rumble GAS Racing WB 4 �Tiki Munki�
This well-liked pair have really made big efforts and progress this season, moving up from last season�s 4th place finish to a 3rd place in the Wild Bunch Series, as well as a 4th place finish in the Real Steel Series, running PB�s along the way. No mean feat, considering they participated in just 5 events this season, including York, and run the whole operation on a tight budget, whilst raising a young family. Both Scottie and Gina always promote the Wild Bunch, and have attended many shows this season with the Ruby-bodied �Tiki Munki�. They have both been doing a great job for several years with their annual charity hot rod show in Theale, which they run with enthusiasm and great humour! Scottie is a longstanding Wild Bunch committee member who takes his role very seriously, whilst Gina has been writing the excellent newsletters we have been enjoying this year! They both work really hard to promote and support the Wild Bunch, and are a great asset to the club.
 Derek & Brenda Annable trophy 

Roy & Anita Human of �Human Touch Care�
This award was initiated by Derek and Brenda to be presented to a �couple� or partnership who are committed to Drag Racing, and demonstrate the family spirit of the Wild Bunch.

Last year�s winners, John Price & Graham Beckwith, have chosen the 2009 winners because of their service to both the public and racers, and their positive impact on the sport of Drag Racing. This husband and wife team run the Medical Centre at Santa Pod Raceway, as well as providing cover for other events, and running a first aid training business. In fact part of their very own Mission Statement is �Promoting and supporting Drag Racing, and its unique spirit�. Their Values are listed as �Openness, honesty and Integrity�, Excellence, Accountability and Responsibility, Commitment, Teamwork, Respect, Fairness and Equity�. Really admirable ideals. Through their work they have done a great deal to raise the profile of the sport and provide excellent care to those in need. They are always professional, dedicated, and committed to helping people.
 C & C Sportsperson 

Bob Callander WB 40 �The Wicked Lady�
This team member has only participated in a few Wild Bunch events this year, after spending time improving the racecar. Whenever he is at the track he always helps and encourages his team and the other Wild Bunch teams. He sportingly offers spare parts to fellow racers, and always does so with good-humoured banter! He is an exceptionally enthusiastic supporter of the Wild Bunch, and we are really glad to have him as a member of the Bunch.
 Don Garlits 'Spirit of Drag Racing' Shield 2008 

This year�s amiable winner is a quietly enthusiastic member of the Wild Bunch and is very committed to his racing, and always one of the first to arrive at the track. He has attended shows, promoting the Wild Bunch, and always offers to help fellow racers. He copes with any disappointment in a typically modest, sporting manner. He works hard to ensure the car is presentable and well-maintained, and has achieved success: winning an event, and finishing in the Top 4 a further five times, including making 3 Finals. He has steadily improved his performance this season, progressing to a PB of 9.402 at 146 mph. He took part in all 10 events, running both MSA and RWYB format, and made great progress in only his second event at York Raceway, running down into the 9.6s, with quite a wild ride! He finished in 4th place in the Wild Bunch Series, 3rd place in Real Steel, and Runner-up in the Roy Wilding Series. He shows great commitment to the Wild Bunch and is a valued member of the Bunch!