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Results for the 2010 Season

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Final Results For The 2010 Season

Wild Bunch Series
(Best 5 of 6 to count)
1109Andy MurphyB-Sting34
24Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel34
399Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home30
41Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider30
511Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy26
640Darren LawThe Wicked Lady26
72Chris HartnellBackdraft23
825Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection22
978Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker22
1054Phil SweeneyBone Idle15
1176Steve FieldThe Black Pig Too12
1295Mark RichardsonPony Express12
1374Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia9
1472Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool7
1535Dick SharpDorset Horn6
1666Jamie FaulknerRed Devil5
1771Andy SolleyRepeat Offender5
1881Steve TaylorClaustrophobic5
1994Tom MaundersOddball5
2052Ant HarrisFrantic4
21142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream2
228BallbreakerMark Coulsell1
2319Wayne ColliverSpud1
2457Neil WardAndromeda1
2591Bob HawkinsTimetraveller1

Real Steel Series
(Best 9 of 10 to count)
1109Andy MurphyB-Sting51
24Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel50
31Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider47
440Darren LawThe Wicked Lady45
52Chris HartnellBackdraft42
699Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home39
711Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy39
825Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection35
978Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker22
1054Phil SweeneyBone Idle15
1176Steve FieldThe Black Pig Too12
1295Mark RichardsonPony Express12
1335Dick SharpDorset Horn9
1474Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia9
1572Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool7
1666Jamie FaulknerRed Devil5
1771Andy SolleyRepeat Offender5
1881Steve TaylorClaustrophobic5
1994Tom MaundersOddball5
2052Ant HarrisFrantic4
2191Bob HawkinsTimetraveller3
228BallbreakerMark Coulsell2
23142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream2
2419Wayne ColliverSpud1
2557Neil WardAndromeda1
26205Jimmy HibberdBoston Brawler1

Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series
125Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection18
21Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider17
34Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel15
42Chris HartnellBackdraft13
5109Andy MurphyB-Sting13
611Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy12
799Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home9
840Darren LawThe Wicked Lady9
976Steve FieldThe Black Pig Too8
1035Dick SharpDorset Horn7
1195Mark RichardsonPony Express7
1254Phil SweeneyBone Idle5
1371Andy SolleyRepeat Offender5
1474Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia5
1578Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker5
1652Ant HarrisFrantic3
178BallbreakerMark Coulsell2
1891Bob HawkinsTimetraveller2
19142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream1

APIRA Series
1109Andy MurphyB-Sting940
211Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy790
325Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection670
42Chris HartnellBackdraft670
54Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel490
640Darren LawThe Wicked Lady450
799Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home400
81Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider280
935Dick SharpDorset Horn130
1091Bob HawkinsTimetraveller120
118BallbreakerMark Coulsell10

MSA Points Challenge
140Darren LawThe Wicked Lady1220
21Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider1130
34Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel1120
42Chris HartnellBackdraft1090
511Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy1000
625Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection870
7109Andy MurphyB-Sting870
899Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home620
935Dick SharpDorset Horn160
1091Bob HawkinsTimetraveller160
11205Jimmy HibberdBoston Brawler30
1278Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker20
138BallbreakerMark Coulsell10
1419Wayne ColliverSpud10


 Wild Bunch ladies 2010 

Gifts were given to ladies for supporting their teams and the Wild Bunch during the season, and to Janet Brown of Shakespeare County Raceway for all her hard work during the season.

Flowers were also presented to Gina Rumble and Claire Meaddows, thanks to Mark Coulsell.

Ed Yates
received a presentation of a personalised laptop case and some beer for sterling services to the brilliant Wild Bunch Website

Gina Rumble
received an engraved star trinket memento for services as newsletter writer.

Barry Bohannon
received a special Elaine Southworth metal sculpture of a cowboy Mr Bolt for his 10 years of presenting Wild Bunch awards ceremonies.

Claire Meaddows
received a presentation of star glass award and paperweight for services as Wild Bunch Co-ordinator and Treasurer.

Chris Hartnell
received a glass star award and some Jack Daniels for services as Wild Bunch Chairman.

 SPECIAL PRESENTATION � Lifetime Achievement 

Nobby Hills: Quarter Star � that�s what you are!
A special shooting star crystal award for �Lifetime Achievement� was presented to Guest of Honour Nobby Hills, and his lovely wife Anne was presented with a bouquet of flowers. This Lifetime Achievement so far! award is presented to Nobby Hills in recognition of his nearly 50 years in Drag Racing. Nobby used to build fast Go-Karts as a boy, but his first real introduction to Drag Racing came when he snuck in to Silverstone on press day during a visit by American dragsters in 1963. Within months he had built his first slingshot dragster, the Jag-powered �Houndog� which ran in the first ever British Dragfest in 1964. Over the years he has built and successfully campaigned many cars including fuel slingshots, rear-engined dragsters and funny cars, including the first 5-second funny car in Europe. And with his latest creation, the Houndog 12 Camaro funny car breathing nitro from the pipes, and the recreated Houndog 1 back out this year, it just goes to show that ...... he�s still going strong!!
 Big Bang Trophy 

Dick Sharp WB 35 �Dorset Horn�
This award is presented for the �Big Bang� at the Easter Thunderball at Santa Pod, when unfortunately this iconic altered ended up rolling onto its side in the shutdown area. Gladly Dick was a-ok and more worried whether he scratched his new helmet! The car however needed extensive repairs, which the team soon set to work on!......
 Fastest MPH 

Andy Gosling WB 1 �RamRaider�
Gos ran a great 148.44 mph in the �RamRaider� slingshot at the Mini Showdown. He backed the speed up within 5% at 146.73 mph, also at the Mini Showdown.
 Quickest E.T. 

Darren Law WB 40 �The Wicked Lady�
Darren ran a great 8.935 in �The Wicked Lady� at the Summer Nationals at Santa Pod. He backed this time up within 5% with an 8.950 at the Yanks weekend at Shakespeare County.
 Fastest time by a British-engined dragster 
(awarded by �Team Paranoia�)

Dave Southworth WB 72 �Daddy Cool�

Sag ran a great 9.672 in his �Daddy Cool� rear-engined dragster at the York Showdown, in his 30th year of drag racing! He backed this time up within 5% with a 9.739 also at York.
 Best Newcomer 

Bob Hawkins WB 91 �Timetraveller�
After buying and updating his car, this newcomer made a great start on his debut with the Wild Bunch, entering straight into an MSA event, running a 10-second pass on his 2nd run, and gaining his licence on only his 3rd pass, making the qualifying field. At his 2nd event the driver ran a PB of 10.136 at Santa Pod, in the dark! A very promising debut! He is a professional and enthusiastic addition to the Bunch! Welcome ............
 Best Altered 

Dave Williams WB 11 �Green with Envy�
This Altered is a very well-presented car which ran at 8 events this season winning many Spot Prizes: 1 Best Altered, 1 Best Appearing Team, 2 #1 Qualifier and 2 Closest to Dial-in awards. The driver had a 2nd place event finish, two 3rds and two 4ths, and finished in 5th Place in the Wild Bunch Series, whilst running numerous PB�s to ultimately lower the ET to an 11.286 at 120.59 mph!
 Best Slingshot 

Keith Crampton WB 78 �Soultown Shaker�
This Slingshot is an impeccably well-turned out car, and has attended several shows during the year, promoting the Wild Bunch. The car won a Best Slingshot and a Best Appearing Car award, as well as a Closest to Dial-in award during the 5 events the driver participated in. He also lowered his PB to 11.368 and finished 9th place in the Wild Bunch Series.
 Best Rear-engine Dragster / Radical 

Team Wicked Lady WB 40 �The Wicked Lady�
This Rear-engined Dragster is always immaculate in appearance, with a very well turned out crew. They won a #1 Qualifier, a Closest to Dial-in, a Quickest E.T. and a Fastest MPH award, plus 3 Best Reaction trophies during the season where they competed at 8 events and ran their first 8�s! The driver had two WINS, two 2nd places and a 4th place event finish, finishing 6th in the Wild Bunch Series, whilst lowering his PB to an 8.935.
 Best Turned Out 

Team Gridlock WB 99 �Go Hard or Go Home!!!�
This likeable team began the season with a rebuilt car and a goal of improving its performance. The crew are always well-turned out with smart uniforms, which adds to the overall team presentation. They won a Best Engineered award, 4 Best Appearing Car / Team awards and Best Altered, Best Reaction & Closest to Dial-in prizes. They always present a professional appearance, whilst promoting the Wild Bunch at shows such as Race Retro and the NEC. They are already repainting the body for next season to maintain their high standards of presentation.
 Best Achiever 

Team B-Sting WB 109 �B-Sting�
This team have been members of the Wild Bunch for many years and have this season improved tremendously. They won a Best Reaction, a #1 Qualifier, a Best Appearing Team, Best Burnout and Driver�s Choice awards. They won 2 events, had 2 2nd places and a 4th place event finish and three drivers took part over 8 events. They WON 3 of the Series we run! ......The Wild Bunch, Real Steel and APIRA Series, moving from 10th to 1st in the Wild Bunch in one season. Great improvements and achievements!
 Perseverance Award 

This year, the award goes to 2 teams!................

Steve & Lesley Field WB 76 �Black Pig Too�
The first team had their share of trials and tribulations with gremlins preventing full passes with the car, and much time spent in the pits trying to figure out the problems. The team made changes, including several cams, and adjustments to the setup, and all their hard work was finally rewarded when the driver ran a new PB of 9.69 at 140mph and finished in 2nd place at the Nostalgias. Further tuning yielded another PB of 9.59 at 145mph at the Mini weekend. And all of this whilst spending many hours helping a fellow racer, Tony Smith, to build his new car.

Team Gridlock WB 99 �Go Hard or Go Home!!!�
The other team had setbacks just a week before the season began, having to rebuild the engine and box for the Thunderball. They even had to go home one night to get parts to fix the car. They did, and the driver qualified for his first MSA event ever. Just one event, and amazingly a volcano-ash delay later, with a freshly rebuilt engine, the team made great progress, with the driver running no less than 6 PB�s. The next event saw them in the 10�s for the first time. Hard work and determination saw steady improvement throughout the season, resulting in their first win, at York. And the team finished 3rd in the Wild Bunch Series!
 Daddy Cool (Sags) Personal Achievement 

Team �Dorset Horn�
The whole team suffered a big setback after the Thunderball incident where the altered ended up on its side. They were philosophical about the event and quickly started to think about the repairs. The team are no strangers to adversity, having rebuilt the altered from scratch after a big crash in 2003. This latest rebuild turned out to be extensive, but with the goal of displaying the car at the Xtreme Wheels show in June, they were soon busy. They thrashed to get the car ready and were still working on it hours before the show, but through their determination they made it! Each time, they build the car even better than before and this Horn is version �7.1�! Their first event back at the track was the Nostalgia Nationals where a courageous new PB of 9.63 at 141mph was set, and a richly deserved �Best Altered� trophy was won! Well done to all of them on their achievements!
 Derek & Brenda Annable trophy 

Dr Mark and Mrs Mary Tyler
This award was initiated by Derek and Brenda to be presented to a �couple� or partnership who are committed to Drag Racing, and demonstrate the family spirit of the Wild Bunch. Last year�s winners, Roy & Anita Human, have chosen the 2010 winners because of their service to the sport of Drag Racing. It is because of the efforts of their Medical Director, Dr Mark Tyler, and his long-suffering wife Mary, for her work behind the scenes, that the profile of the specialism of Drag Racing in Motor Sport Medicine is being raised. Mark sits on the panel of the FIA and speaks at many conferences and raises the profile of Drag Racing within the FIA, which has a positive impact on the care that drivers receive after any incident. Through promoting awareness of and research into the specialised needs of drag racers, they seek to improve their medical care. They have shown their constant commitment to helping racers.
 C & C Sportsperson 

Mark Hartnell WB 2 �Backdraft�
This crew member has not been racing his own car this season, but has constantly helped his family�s team by crewing at all 10 Wild Bunch events. He always supports and encourages the team and others in the Wild Bunch. He has helped other Wild Bunch teams with wiring their new cars, and helped other racers, trying to solve their problems. All of this while studying for, and achieving his Senior Tech exams. He is a well-liked, keen supporter of the Wild Bunch, and we are really proud to have him as a member of our team as well as our family.
 Don Garlits �Spirit of Drag Racing� Shield 2010 

Team Gridlock
This year�s outstanding winners are passionate members of the Wild Bunch, through and through. They love their racing and have moved heaven and earth to get their car to the track, despite any obstacles. They have attended shows, and are great ambassadors for the Wild Bunch. They are very helpful and supportive to fellow racers and always show sportsmanlike conduct to others. Their car is always well-presented and the team professional, winning many Spot Prizes during the year, including several Best Appearing Car & Team awards. They achieved success, winning an event for the first time. The driver has set many PB�s this year, with the team steadily improving the car�s performance throughout the season, progressing to a PB of 10.689 at 125.27 mph. They took part in all 10 events, running MSA format for the first time this year, and made great progress. They finished in 3rd place in the Wild Bunch Series and 6th place in Real Steel, in only their second year of racing! They are already working on improving the car for next season, and just can�t wait to be out racing again! This enthusiastic team shows huge commitment to the Wild Bunch and are well-respected and valued members of the Bunch!