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Results for the 2011 Season

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Wild Bunch Series
(Best 5 of 6 to count)
13Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home29
225Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection25
-11Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy25
46Chris HartnellBackdraft22
591Bob HawkinsTimetraveller21
-4Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider21
717Tiki RacingTiki Munki18
82Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel16
978Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker15
108BallbreakerMark Coulsell8
1141Tom LarmanThe Ferret7
-13Claire VizeBrain Shaker7
13129Pedro RawlinsonThe Fleeting Glimpse6
14258Dave WardRampage5
-40Darren LawThe Wicked Lady5
-81Steve TaylorClaustrophobic5
1763Bex & Haz PrestonBoadicea4
-69Alan LotenParanoia4
-73Mike CouchFlat Frenzy4
-74Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia4
2135Dick SharpDorset Horn3
2295Mark RichardsonPony Express2
-194Dave GibbonsRough Diamond2
2419Wayne ColliverSpud1
-52Ant HarrisFrantic1
-65Ian TurburvilleMr Spokehead II1
-68Mick GleadowJurassic Parts1
-72Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool1

Real Steel Series
(Best 8 of 9 to count)
125Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection49
26Chris HartnellBackdraft42
-3Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home42
491Bob HawkinsTimetraveller38
54Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider36
611Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy31
72Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel22
-17Tiki RacingTiki Munki22
978Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker18
108BallbreakerMark Coulsell12
1140Darren LawThe Wicked Lady8
1213Claire VizeBrain Shaker7
-41Tom LarmanThe Ferret7
1469Alan LotenParanoia6
-129Pedro RawlinsonThe Fleeting Glimpse6
1635Dick SharpDorset Horn5
-81Steve TaylorClaustrophobic5
-258Dave WardRampage5
1963Bex & Haz PrestonBoadicea4
-73Mike CouchFlat Frenzy4
-74Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia4
2295Mark RichardsonPony Express2
-194Dave GibbonsRough Diamond2
-961Dave NelsonDoris Dormouse2
2519Wayne ColliverSpud1
-52Ant HarrisFrantic1
-65Ian TurburvilleMr Spokehead II1
-68Mick GleadowJurassic Parts1
-72Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool1

Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series
14Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider19
225Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection18
36Chris HartnellBackdraft13
491Bob HawkinsTimetraveller11
-3Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home11
68BallbreakerMark Coulsell8
-17Tiki RacingTiki Munki8
813Claire VizeBrain Shaker7
92Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel6
-11Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy6
-78Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker6
12258Dave WardRampage5
1369Alan LotenParanoia4
-73Mike CouchFlat Frenzy4
-129Pedro RawlinsonThe Fleeting Glimpse4
1635Dick SharpDorset Horn3
1740Darren LawThe Wicked Lady2
-41Tom LarmanThe Ferret2
-63Bex & Haz PrestonBoadicea2
-74Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia2
-194Dave GibbonsRough Diamond2
-961Dave NelsonDoris Dormouse2
2319Wayne ColliverSpud1
-52Ant HarrisFrantic1
-65Ian TurburvilleMr Spokehead II1
-68Mick GleadowJurassic Parts1

APIRA Series
125Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection1230
26Chris HartnellBackdraft1210
34Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider980
491Bob HawkinsTimetraveller550
517Tiki RacingTiki Munki370
62Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel270
78BallbreakerMark Coulsell220
840Darren LawThe Wicked Lady170
911Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy160
103Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home140
-961Dave NelsonDoris Dormouse140
1235Dick SharpDorset Horn130
1369Alan LotenParanoia110

MSA Points Challenge
125Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection1650
291Bob HawkinsTimetraveller1560
36Chris HartnellBackdraft1540
43Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home930
54Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider910
611Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy850
740Darren LawThe Wicked Lady440
82Dave RowlandsDestinys Angel410
978Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker380
108BallbreakerMark Coulsell350
1117Tiki RacingTiki Munki270
12961Dave NelsonDoris Dormouse140
1335Dick SharpDorset Horn130
1469Alan LotenParanoia110


 Wild Bunch ladies 2011 

Gifts were given to ladies for supporting their teams and the Wild Bunch during the season, and to Janet Brown of Shakespeare County Raceway for all her hard work during the season. A present was also given to Alison Bohannon, who was celebrating a special birthday!

Flowers were also presented to Gina Rumble, Claire Meaddows and Debbie Price, wife of our Guest of Honour, John. Many thanks to Mark Coulsell.

Ed Yates
received a presentation of a personalised business card case and some beer for sterling services to the brilliant Wild Bunch Website

Gina Rumble
received a personalised Tiki Munki bag for services as great newsletter writer.

Claire Meaddows
received a personalised Backdraft handbag for services as Wild Bunch Co-ordinator and Treasurer.

Chris Hartnell
received a piston keyring and some Jack Daniels for services as Wild Bunch Chairman.

Ingrid & Martin Chesworth
received some specially engraved lighters, and �a drink� as a token of our appreciation for sharing all their great photos with the Bunch!


By Nobby Hills to John Price
We had a very entertaining speech from Nobby Hills of Houndog fame (our first Honorary Lifetime Wild Bunch member). Nobby talked about some of the great people he has been involved with in during his Drag Racing career. He then made a very special presentation to John Price. He had a special trophy commissioned, made primarily by current Houndog 12 driver Simon Hayward. It featured one of the conrods from the engine of the Houndog Funny Car which ran the first 5-second run in Europe, with Alan Bates driving. (Wow!) This was highly polished and mounted on a polished aluminium plinth with a carbon fibre support. Nobby had long wanted to recognise John�s enormous contribution in promoting the great sport of Drag Racing in this country, and the trophy was a fitting tribute to John�s achievement of this during his long and successful career, both as a commentator and in the media.

The inscription on the trophy:
�A.F.C. 1, 4:01PM, 16-5-86, 5.9 ET 257 MPH, HOUNDOG Nitro Funny Car ,1st 5-Second run this side of the Atlantic at Santa Pod Raceway. Original Conrod. Presented by NOBBY HILLS For the unending effort in every way to put Drag Racing where it should be: THE GREATEST MOTOR SPORT ON EARTH. JOHN PRICE�

Needless to say, John was surprised and thrilled with this very well-deserved trophy! And he received a standing ovation from the Wild Bunch celebrating the award. Congratulations, John, and thank you for all the entertainment!
 Big Bang Trophy 

Ian Turburville "Mr Spokehead II"
This award is presented for a very big �Big Bang� at the Hot Rod Drags at Shakey. Unfortunately this beautiful slingshot had comprehensive engine damage going through the top end, resulting in holes on both sides of the sump, not to mention the parts inside! The engine is well on the way to being rebuilt and we look forward to seeing it back out next season! ..........
 Fastest MPH 

Bob Hawkins "Time Traveller"
Bob ran a great 156.15 mph in the �Time Traveller� slingshot at the Open Sports Nationals. He backed the speed up within 5% at 155.88 mph at the same event.
 Quickest E.T. 

Bob Hawkins "Time Traveller"
Bob ran an excellent 8.646 in his �Time Traveller� slingshot at the Open Sports Nationals at Shakey. He backed this ET up within 5%, an 8.733 at the same event.
 Fastest time by a British-engined dragster 
(awarded by Team Paranoia)

Alan Loten "Paranoia"

Alan ran an 11.889 in his �Paranoia� altered at the Open Sports Nationals. He had a far better run later that weekend, a 10.382 which only proved the backup.
 Best Newcomer 

Tom Larman & Team, Ferret Racing �The Ferret�
The story of this team began in the 70�s with the main driver�s Dad having raced an altered. After buying the car a couple of years ago, the team updated it, and made their debut mid-season, running back to back events, with the first driver quickly getting to grips with the car and running into the 10�s on his 4th run. Further progress resulted in a PB of 10.4 at 124 mph. The team are already popular, winning a �Driver�s Choice� Spot Prize at the Mini Showdown. The whole team are enthusiastic, fun, likeable, and a great addition to the Wild Bunch! Welcome our Rookies of the Year!
 Best Altered 

Team Gridlock �Go Hard or Go Home!!!�
This Altered is a superbly well-presented car which ran at 9 events this season winning a grand total of 8 Spot Prizes including a Best Altered and an amazing 4 Best Burnout trophies! The driver had a Win and six other Top 4 placings, whilst running many Personal Bests along the way, ultimately 9.185 at 139.50 mph! They also WON the Wild Bunch Series!
 Best Slingshot 

Team Limited Funz �Ballbreaker�
This Slingshot is always an incredibly well-turned out car, and the team are extremely well colour co-ordinated. The team won 6 Spot Prizes including a Best Slingshot and 4 Best Appearing Team awards, during the 6 events they participated in. The driver also lowered his Personal Best ET to 9.145 at 145.43 mph and finished in 10th place in the Wild Bunch Series.
 Best Rear-engine Dragster / Radical 

Team Wicked Lady "The Wicked Lady"
This Rear-engined Dragster is always impeccable in appearance, with a very well turned out crew. Their season was cut short at the start of the year when they suffered block damage, but they made a welcome return late in the summer and put in some consistent low 9-second runs, finishing the season on a high with a 3rd place finish at the National Finals.
 Best Turned Out 

Team Limited Funz �Ballbreaker�
This well-liked team are constantly striving to improve their beautifully turned out car. Everything in the team is well-presented to high standards and they always put on a good show. They won 6 Spot Prizes including an excellent 4 Best Appearing Team awards in the 6 events they participated in. Their overall theme is matched in everything they do, from their uniforms to their pit area, their camper and their nostalgic push truck. They show great attention to detail and must have everything possible in orange and black!
 Best Achiever 

Terry Clifford �Ratcatcher Resurrection�
This driver has been a member of the Wild Bunch for several years and improved his consistency this season, winning a couple of Spot Prizes along the way. He WON 2 events and had 4 other Top 4 placings, taking part in all 9 events, and running a Personal Best Speed of 132.24mph. He WON the Real Steel and APIRA Series as well as the MSA Challenge! He also finished Runner-up in the Wild Bunch & Roy Wilding Series. A tremendous season!!
 Perseverance Award 

Team Limited Funz �Ballbreaker�
This team had many minor breakages this season, but kept coming back more determined each time.They continuously worked hard and persevered to fix the car and improve performance, running a great PB of 9.185 at 145mph. Their determination was never more evident than at the National Finals when they had to strip down and clean parts overnight after suffering a damaged dizzy drive. Against the odds they did it and made it to Round 1 of eliminations on Race Day, earning Wild Bunch 10th Place as just reward!!
 Daddy Cool (Sags) Personal Achievement 

Bob Hawkins �Time Traveller�
This driver is still a relative newcomer to Drag Racing, debuting his slingshot near the end of last season, and getting into the low 10-second zone. Over the off-season he got to grips with the nitrous system and the tuning of the car, and ran his first 9-second pass in testing. This feat was quickly eclipsed by his first ever 8-second pass at the Easter Thunderball, where he Won his first event. Over the season he has made steady progress throughout, continuously developing the car, and winning 6 Spot Prizes during the year. He ultimately set new PBs of 8.646 at 156.15 mph, the Quickest and Fastest of the Bunch this year. He finished the season on a high, as Runner-up at the National Finals, and has finished in the Top 4 of both the Real Steel and Roy Wilding Series. Well done Bob on all your achievements!
 Derek & Brenda Annable trophy 

Ian and Paula Marshall
Last year�s winners, Dr Mark &Mrs Mary Tyler, along with the Wild Bunch, have chosen the 2011 winners because of their service to the sport of Drag Racing. They are both long-standing hardworkers for the sport, and always display professionalism and dedication. As Chief Starter at Santa Pod, Ian has shown his excellent ability and control in any situation. When he is on the startline, the racers know they can always rely on his judgement and vigilance. As much-loved SPRC secretary, Paula works long hours to help ensure race meetings run well, and always has the racers� interest at heart, with a friendly smile along the way. She is going through a very tough time with an illness at the moment, so our thoughts are with her and Ian, who has maintained his professionalism and dedication to the racers whilst supporting her. They both show constant commitment to the racers and the sport. Together they are a great team. A big thank you!
 C & C Sportsperson 

Steve & Lesley Field �Black Pig Too�
These racers have been crew members all of this season, and constantly helped their friends� team at 7 events this year. They always support and encourage the team and all the other teams in the Wild Bunch. They are good-natured, easy-going and loyal, and always ready to help others. They have helped countless other Wild Bunch teams with repairing their cars, giving advice, and even helped build some cars! (Which they show great skill at doing!). They are enthusiastic supporters of the Wild Bunch, and we look forward to seeing them race their car again in the very near future!
 Don Garlits Spirit of Drag Racing Shield 2011 

This year�s winners have been enthusiastic members of the Wild Bunch for several years. They have organised and attended shows, and are always promoting the Wild Bunch. They support other racers and are always willing to lend a hand, all the while showing true sportsmanship and friendly camaraderie, and are well-respected by everyone in the Wild Bunch. This professional team always present a well-turned out car and crew, with attention to nostalgic detail, and took part in several demos and a push start for the first time this year. The driver has won 2 events this season and finished in the Top 4 a further 4 times, winning a couple of Spot Prizes along the way. The driver improved on his previous Personal Best Speed this year, running 132.24 mph. They took part in all 9 events, and showed great consistency throughout, as well as perseverance to make it to eliminations day at the Finals. They achieved great success this season, finishing in 2nd place in the Wild Bunch and Roy Wilding Series, WINNING the Real Steel and APIRA Series, as well as the MSA Challenge. With such great performance, they earned the �Best Achiever� trophy in the process. They are already on the case for next season, rebuilding the gearbox, and making other modifications, and could just break into the 9�s for the first time! This great family team are really committed to the Wild Bunch and the spirit of the club and are valuable members of the Bunch!!