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Results for the 2012 Season

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Wild Bunch Series
(Best 5 of 6 to count)
11Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home34
241Tom LarmanThe Ferret26
39Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider24
4109Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting24
53Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy22
640Darren LawThe Wicked Lady22
778Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker20
-91Bob HawkinsTimetraveller20
98Mark CoulsellBallbreaker19
1067Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction16
114Chris HartnellBackdraft14
1276Steve FieldThe Black Pig Too13
-94Tom/Steve MaundersSlingshot13
1417Team GAS RacingTiki Munki11
1535Dick SharpDorset Horn10
-69Alan LotenParanoia10
17194Dave GibbonsRough Diamond5
1810Tony SmithCunning Coupe4
19258Dave WardRampage4
2070Alan SmithAvanti4
2173Mike CouchFlat Frenzy 23
2268Mick GleadowJurassic Parts3
-72Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool3
-74Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia3
2562Kev PrestonValkyrie2
-142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream2
277Roy WildingHemi Hunter1
-19Wayne ColliverSpud1
-129Pedro RawlinsonThe Fleeting Glimpse1

Real Steel Series
(Best 8 of 9 to count)
11Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home43
240Darren LawThe Wicked Lady37
39Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider29
4109Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting27
53Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy26
691Bob HawkinsTimetraveller26
741Tom LarmanThe Ferret26
867Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction25
94Chris HartnellBackdraft24
108Mark CoulsellBallbreaker23
1178Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker21
1217Team GAS RacingTiki Munki17
1335Dick SharpDorset Horn14
1469Alan LotenParanoia13
-76Steve FieldThe Black Pig Too13
1694Tom/Steve MaundersSlingshot13
1765Ian TurburvilleMr Spokehead II5
18194Dave GibbonsRough Diamond5
1910Tony SmithCunning Coupe4
20258Dave WardRampage4
2170Alan SmithAvanti4
2273Mike CouchFlat Frenzy 23
-961Dave NelsonDorris Dormouse3
2468Mick GleadowJurassic Parts3
-72Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool3
-74Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia3
2762Kev PrestonValkyrie2
-142Mike CresswellLiving the Dream2
297Roy WildingHemi Hunter1
-19Wayne ColliverSpud1
-129Pedro RawlinsonThe Fleeting Glimpse1

Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series
11Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home25
240Darren LawThe Wicked Lady17
341Tom LarmanThe Ferret13
467Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction12
591Bob HawkinsTimetraveller11
63Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy10
78Mark CoulsellBallbreaker10
817Team GAS RacingTiki Munki9
99Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider8
-35Dick SharpDorset Horn8
1178Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker8
1276Steve FieldThe Black Pig Too7
1369Alan LotenParanoia6
-94Tom/Steve MaundersSlingshot6
15109Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting5
16194Dave GibbonsRough Diamond5
17258Dave WardRampage4
1810Tony SmithCunning Coupe3
1968Mick GleadowJurassic Parts3
-73Mike CouchFlat Frenzy 23
214Chris HartnellBackdraft2
-62Kev PrestonValkyrie2
-65Ian TurburvilleMr Spokehead II2
247Roy WildingHemi Hunter1
-19Wayne ColliverSpud1

APIRA Series
140Darren LawThe Wicked Lady860
29Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider670
391Bob HawkinsTimetraveller650
44Chris HartnellBackdraft630
-67Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction630
61Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home610
717Team GAS RacingTiki Munki450
835Dick SharpDorset Horn370
965Ian TurburvilleMr Spokehead II320
10109Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting290
118Mark CoulsellBallbreaker280
123Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy270
1369Alan LotenParanoia260
14961Dave NelsonDorris Dormouse150

Springbridge MSA Points Challenge
140Darren LawThe Wicked Lady1160
29Dogs Bollocks RacingRamRaider900
31Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home890
44Chris HartnellBackdraft860
591Bob HawkinsTimetraveller770
667Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction680
717Team GAS RacingTiki Munki600
8109Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting560
98Mark CoulsellBallbreaker500
103Dave WilliamsGreen With Envy390
1169Alan LotenParanoia320
1235Dick SharpDorset Horn270
1365Ian TurburvilleMr Spokehead II230
14961Dave NelsonDorris Dormouse210
1578Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker110


 Wild Bunch ladies 2012 

Gifts were given to ladies for supporting their teams and the Wild Bunch during the season, and to Julie Willcox and Janet Brown of Shakespeare County Raceway for all their hard work during the season.

Flowers were also presented to Gina Durrant and Claire Meaddows, many thanks to Mark Coulsell.

Ed Yates
Yates received a presentation of a glass handshake trophy and some beer for excellent services to the brilliant Wild Bunch Website

Gina Durrant
received a diamond paperweight and photos for services as great newsletter writer.

Claire Meaddows
received a vase and a personalised Backdraft handbag for services as Wild Bunch Co-ordinator and Treasurer.

Chris Hartnell
received a glass etched trophy and some Jack Daniels for services as Wild Bunch Chairman.

'Guest of Honour' Tog
received a Crystal Star trophy as a memento.

 Big Bang Trophy 

Chris Hartnell "Backdraft"
This award was presented for a really �Big Bang� in June at Santa Pod. On a burnout this slingshot had huge engine damage when a rod bolt let go. This resulted in a nearly total rebuild which was completed within 3 months! ..... only for more damage to occur when the timing chain let go, resulting in an impressive trophy!
 Fastest MPH 

Bob Hawkins "Time Traveller" Bob ran a stonking 167.92 mph in the "Time Traveller" slingshot at the Nostalgia Nationals. He backed the speed up within 5% at 167.87 mph at the same event.
 Quickest E.T. 

Bob Hawkins "Time Traveller"
Bob ran an amazing 8.182 in the "Time Traveller" slingshot at the Nostalgia Nationals. He backed this ET up within 5%, running an 8.278 at the Open Sports.
 Fastest time by a British-engined dragster 
(awarded by Team Paranoia)

Alan Loten "Paranoia"

Alan ran a brilliant 9.485 in his "Paranoia" altered at the Open Sports Nationals. He backed this ET up within 5%, running a 9.493 at the same event.
 Best Altered 

Dick Sharp "Dorset Horn"
This Altered is a very well-presented car with a long history. The team won 2 Best Appearing Team Spot Prizes this season, and the driver had a new lifetime Personal Best along the way, a 9.413 at 140 mph! And he will be celebrating his 40th Anniversary of racing next season!!
 Best Slingshot 

Team Tiki Munki Racing "Tiki Munki"
This Slingshot is a great nostalgic-themed car, campaigned on a budget. The team always work hard and present a well-turned out, unique vehicle. They won a couple of Spot Prizes, including a #1 Qualifier and a Best Appearing Team award, during the 5 events they participated in. One of the drivers also ran a Personal Best speed of 101mph with the car this season.
 Best Rear-engine Dragster / Radical 

Team Wicked Lady "The Wicked Lady"
This Rear-engined Dragster is always well turned out, with a very supportive crew. The team competed at 8 events this season and had one win and three second places finishes whilst running consistent low 9-second passes.
 Best Turned Out 

Team Limited Funz "Ballbreaker"
This popular team are always seeking to improve the performance of their beautifully turned out car. Every detail within the team is well co-ordinated with good presentation and they always put on a great show. They won 3 Spot Prizes including 2 Best Appearing Team awards in a full season of racing. Their matching team theme covers everything from uniforms to their push truck, tot rod and even baby buggy! And the 8-ball theme extended to a great performance when Mark ran his first ever�8�second pass in the car!
 Best Achiever 

Team Gridlock "Go Hard or Go Home!!!"
This committed team are continuously trying to improve the performance of their car and had a major upgrade near the beginning of the season. This didn�t slow them down, and due to sheer determination they took part in 8 events this season. The driver won 5 Spot Prizes, including Closest to Dial-in and Best Reaction. He also WON 3 events and had two 2nd places, and ran a new Personal Best Speed of 144.99mph. The team have WON the Wild Bunch, Real Steel & Roy Wilding Series this year! Another fantastic season!!
 Perseverance Award 

'Crazy' Chris Hartnell "Backdraft"
This driver had a major engine breakage mid-season, but was determined to repair the damage as soon as possible to get back out racing. He rebuilt the engine over the summer and came back stronger than ever, running a new PB of 8.706 at 150mph. Just after this, the rear tyre suffered a split, so new tyres were ordered, to make the next event less than 2 weeks later. At that event, the car then threw the timing chain and damaged some rockers! Once more the driver persevered to repair the damage and get back to the next event, ultimately taking part in 5 Wild Bunch events this year and winning the last one, the National Finals! Fair play!
 Daddy Cool (Sags) Personal Achievement 

Team Ferret "The Ferret"
This team are still fairly new to the Bunch, debuting their car last season after years of wanting to get into Drag Racing. During the off-season they gave the car a makeover, whilst still learning the ropes with the tuning. They improved on consistency this season and had one 2nd place finish and two 3rd places, as well as winning 2 Spot Prizes. They have finished 2nd in the Wild Bunch Series and 3rd in the Roy Wilding Series. Fantastic achievements in only their second year of racing! Congratulations former Rookies!!
 Derek & Brenda Annable trophy 

Chris Hartnell and Claire Meaddows
Last year�s winners, Ian & Paula Marshall, have chosen the 2012 winners because of their commitment to the sport of Drag Racing. They have been in the sport for close to 20 years and are completely dedicated to Nostalgia Drag Racing, being absolutely passionate about it! They live and breathe the Wild Bunch and all things Nostalgia! They are a family team and care deeply about their extended Drag Racing family!
 C & C Sportsperson 

Team Ferret "The Ferret"
This enthusiastic team have made many friends in their short time within the Wild Bunch. They always show fair play and sportsmanship, as well as good humour. They are always willing to lend a hand to other teams and are quick to thank anyone who helps them. Many times they go out of their way to shake hands with all the track crew after races. The team always support and encourage other teams, and their good-nature has made them popular. They are valued members of the Bunch!
 Don Garlits Spirit of Drag Racing Shield 2012 

This year�s winners have been very enthusiastic members of the Wild Bunch for many years. They always present a well-turned out car and team, and put on a great nostalgic show when they race! They have had to overcome obstacles with breakages and persevered throughout, in order to keep running. It is true to say that they absolutely put their hearts and souls into their racing! They support other racers and are always willing to help anyone. They took part in all 9 events this year, and showed great determination to get to each and every one, and to race to the best of their ability; all the while demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship. They accomplished one of their goals this season, when the driver achieved his first ever 8-second pass, running an 8.955 at 148mph! They finished in 9th place in the Wild Bunch Series and won the �Best Turned Out� team for the second year in a row. This close family team are dedicated members of the Wild Bunch and show the true spirit of the club!!