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Results for the 2014 Season

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Wild Bunch Series
(Best 4 of 5 to count)
11Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home31
291Bob HawkinsTimetraveller II25
3109Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting24
43Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker17
-40Sean LawThe Wicked Lady17
64Team GAS RacingTiki Munki15
770Alan SmithAvanti14
869Alan LotenParanoia12
9173Adam CharnleyHowitzer11
10101Steve EastEllies in Trouble Now9
118Mark CoulsellBallbreaker8
-111Dan SharpLittle Big Horn8
-39Jason Cull and Martin WhitePerfect Pete8
1445Phil JamesRampage7
-72Dave SouthworthDaddy Cool7
-35Dick SharpDorset Horn7
-263Barry GilesTequila Sunrise III7
1876Team Black PigThe Black Pig Too6
19621Mo BlackburnEscape from Reality5
2025Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection4
-68Mick GleadowJurassic Parts4
-73Mike CouchFlat Frenzy 24
-2Tom LarmanThe Ferret4
-6Chris HartnellBackdraft4
-64Russ HeavenTight Fit4
-112Matt FullerOblivion4
-626Liz MalcolmJus 4 Fun4
-700Phil ToppinT for One4
2962Kev PrestonValkyrie3
-94Dave GibbonsRough Diamond3
-1002Bradley CooperBack from the Past3
3274Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia2
-30Mick HillierTexas Ranger2
-75Andy JacksonUnfinished Business2
-961Dave NelsonDorris Dormouse2
36271Steph MilamShe Devil1

Real Steel Series
(Best 7 of 8 to count)
191Bob HawkinsTimetraveller II41
-1Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home41
33Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker35
4109Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting26
540Sean LawThe Wicked Lady19
64Team GAS RacingTiki Munki17
770Alan SmithAvanti14
869Alan LotenParanoia13
945Phil JamesRampage12
10101Steve EastEllies in Trouble Now11
-173Adam CharnleyHowitzer11
12111Dan SharpLittle Big Horn9
1376Team Black PigThe Black Pig Too8
-25Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection8
-8Mark CoulsellBallbreaker8
-35Dick SharpDorset Horn8
-6Chris HartnellBackdraft8
-39Jason Cull and Martin WhitePerfect Pete8
1972Dave SouthworthDaddy Cool7
-263Barry GilesTequila Sunrise III7
2168Mick GleadowJurassic Parts5
-961Dave NelsonDorris Dormouse5
-621Mo BlackburnEscape from Reality5
2473Mike CouchFlat Frenzy 24
-2Tom LarmanThe Ferret4
-64Russ HeavenTight Fit4
-112Matt FullerOblivion4
-626Liz MalcolmJus 4 Fun4
-700Phil ToppinT for One4
3062Kev PrestonValkyrie3
-94Dave GibbonsRough Diamond3
-1002Bradley CooperBack from the Past3
3374Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia2
-30Mick HillierTexas Ranger2
-75Andy JacksonUnfinished Business2
36271Steph MilamShe Devil1

Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series
11Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home16
2109Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting13
33Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker11
44Team GAS RacingTiki Munki10
535Dick SharpDorset Horn8
-91Bob HawkinsTimetraveller II8
-39Jason Cull and Martin WhitePerfect Pete8
-70Alan SmithAvanti8
-173Adam CharnleyHowitzer8
10111Dan SharpLittle Big Horn7
-263Barry GilesTequila Sunrise III7
128Mark CoulsellBallbreaker6
-72Dave SouthworthDaddy Cool6
14101Steve EastEllies in Trouble Now5
-621Mo BlackburnEscape from Reality5
1645Phil JamesRampage4
-2Tom LarmanThe Ferret4
-6Chris HartnellBackdraft4
-64Russ HeavenTight Fit4
-69Alan LotenParanoia4
-112Matt FullerOblivion4
-626Liz MalcolmJus 4 Fun4
-700Phil ToppinT for One4
2440Sean LawThe Wicked Lady3
-961Dave NelsonDorris Dormouse3
-68Mick GleadowJurassic Parts3
-73Mike CouchFlat Frenzy 23
-94Dave GibbonsRough Diamond3
-1002Bradley CooperBack from the Past3
3076Team Black PigThe Black Pig Too2
-30Mick HillierTexas Ranger2
-62Kev PrestonValkyrie2
-75Andy JacksonUnfinished Business2
3425Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection1
-74Simon WilliamsPure Nostalgia1
-271Steph MilamShe Devil1

APIRA Series
13Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker770
291Bob HawkinsTimetraveller II380
31Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home340
445Phil JamesRampage320
56Chris HartnellBackdraft220
6101Steve EastEllies in Trouble Now180
740Sean LawThe Wicked Lady120
84Team GAS RacingTiki Munki40
9111Dan SharpLittle Big Horn30
1035Dick SharpDorset Horn10
-69Alan LotenParanoia10
-961Dave NelsonDorris Dormouse10

Springbridge MSA Points Challenge
13Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker1180
291Bob HawkinsTimetraveller II1140
31Adz PriceGo Hard or Go Home1000
445Phil JamesRampage580
540Sean LawThe Wicked Lady380
66Chris HartnellBackdraft220
7101Steve EastEllies in Trouble Now200
825Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection160
9961Dave NelsonDorris Dormouse130
10109Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting110
114Team GAS RacingTiki Munki80
1276Team Black PigThe Black Pig Too30
-111Dan SharpLittle Big Horn30
1468Mick GleadowJurassic Parts20
1535Dick SharpDorset Horn10
-69Alan LotenParanoia10


 Wild Bunch Ladies 

Gifts were given to ladies for supporting their teams and the Wild Bunch so well during the season!

Flowers were presented to Claire Meaddows. Many thanks to Mark Coulsell for his very kind donation!

Ed Yates
received a personalised presentation box and some Stowfords Press for services to the Wild Bunch Website.

Josh Coulsell
received a crammed full Student Survival Hamper for services as a fantastic newsletter editor.

Claire Meaddows
received a plaque for services as Wild Bunch Co-ordinator and Treasurer.

Chris Hartnell
was given a personalised presentation box and some Jack Daniels for services as Wild Bunch Chairman.

Lynne Coulsell
received some black and orange roses for services as Wild Bunch Secretary.

  Big Bang Trophy 

Dave 'Sag' Southworth Daddy Cool
After several years of racing with the same trusty old engine, this team experienced piston, bore and block damage at the Spring Nationals Yanks weekend resulting in a well-trashed engine. Glad they could rebuild so soon!
  Fastest time by a British-engined dragster 
(awarded by Martin Holgate)

Dave 'Sag' Southworth Daddy Cool
Sag ran a strong 9.143 in his Daddy Cool dragster at the Spring Nationals Yanks weekend, though blew the motor! The team rebuilt with spares and Sag backed this ET up within 5%, running a 9.303 at Dragstalgia.
  Fastest MPH  

Bob Hawkins Time Traveller II
Throughout the year Bob set, and re-set, the Wild Bunch class Speed record, and ultimately ran a storming 192.08 mph in his Time Traveller II slingshot at the Nostalgia Nationals. He backed it up within 5% at 185.79 mph at the same event.
  Quickest E.T.  

Bob Hawkins Time Traveller II
Bob ran many PBs during the season, setting and re-setting the Wild Bunch class ET record, and ultimately recorded a 7.235 in his Time Traveller II slingshot at Dragstalgia. He backed this ET up within 5%, running 7.303 at the same event.
  Best Newcomer 

Steven East Ellies in Trouble Now
This driver debuted with the Wild Bunch at an MSA event and qualified 2nd on only his first time of asking! He spent several events getting a handle on the car and Drag Racing in general, which was all completely new to him. He improved throughout the 5 events he raced at, and ran a Personal Best of 9.818 at 139 mph. He won a Best Appearing Car trophy and finished in 10th place in the Wild Bunch Series in only his 1st year. This driver is enthusiastic, modest, friendly and a great addition to the Wild Bunch! Welcome!
  Best Rear-engine Dragster / Radical  

Phil James Rampage
This is a stunning car which is always well turned out. The team is new to the Wild Bunch and competed at 6 events this season, with the driver qualifying in the Top 2 at 3 MSA events. The driver set several PBs including a 9.278 at the National Finals and is finally living a long held family dream!
  Best Altered  

Alan Loten Paranoia
This team has a long history in the sport. This unique Altered is always immaculately turned out and the team won a Best Engineered and Best Altered Spot Prize this season. The team always strive to improve and got rid of several gremlins this year, and started to improve on performance.
  Best Slingshot 

Keith Crampton Soul Town Shaker
This Slingshot is an incredibly well-turned out machine and is always spotlessly clean and shiny! The team put in great effort to always present a great nostalgic vehicle and team. They won 4 Spot Prizes, including a Best Slingshot award during the 9 events they raced at. The driver ran a Personal Best ET of 10.909 with the car this season, and won two MSA Series!
  Best Turned Out 

Team Tiki Munki Tiki Munki
This enthusiastic team are longstanding members of the Wild Bunch and always seek to put on a great show at every event they race at. They show great attention to detail in the whole nostalgic team theme, and both their unique car and the crew are always well-presented. They won 3 Spot Prizes including 2 Best Appearing Team awards in the 6 events they raced at this year. They have a period-correct push car, gorgeous back up ladies and a keen young mechanic in training, as well as a new team member on the way! A fantastic overall team package!
  Best Achievers 

Bob Hawkins Time Traveller II
This committed driver constantly seeks to improve the performance and consistency of his well-turned out and maintained car, in his first year racing it, and is ably assisted by a great hardworking crew. The team took part in 9 events this season and won a total of 11 Spot Prizes, in almost every category. The driver won 3 events and recorded many PBs during the season, setting and re-setting the Wild Bunch Class ET and Speed Records, running 7.235 at 192.08mph! He also won the Real Steel Series, his first ever Series win, and finished 2nd in the Wild Bunch and APIRA Series. A brilliant season with so many achievements!!! Congratulations!
  Perseverance Award  

Steve & Lesley Field Black Pig Too
This team debuted a beautiful new car this season, but then had problem after problem, suffering crash damage and engine damage, and then chasing some major gremlins over the course of 6 events, with frustrating results. Never ever ones to give up, they persevered time after time, rebuilding and perfecting the car, and running a best of 10.084 at 122mph. They experienced more problems at their last event, but with their spirit of determination are bound to cure these. Very best of luck for next season!!
  Daddy Cool (Sags) Personal Achievement  

Dan Sharp and Scott Chilcott Little Big Horn
This team have been around the Wild Bunch and Drag Racing for many years, and crewed for a family member for most of their career. They have spent around 10 years building their own car, doing the majority of work themselves, including the chassis welding. They waited until the car was completely ready and made their Wild Bunch debut at the Yanks weekend with their stunning and unique altered, which receives praise wherever it goes. They won 4 Spot Prizes, including 2 Best Altered trophies and a Best Appearing Car award. The driver ran his first ever 9, and a PB of 9.923 at 134mph, and to top it all became a father earlier in the year! Both of the guys in this team have worked exceptionally hard to build and campaign an amazingly well-turned out car.
  Derek & Brenda Annable trophy 

Cath & Tig Napier
Last years winners Carla Pittau and Rick McCann chose the 2014 winners because "they embody drag racings spirit of sportsmanship to the full". This popular couple have proved again and again that they consider their fellow racers as family members, they never wait to be asked for help but run to the rescue of any racer who needs it, including, most recently, organising an impromptu collection in favour of an Austrian competitor who nuked his engine at the Euro Finals. The money raised was only a small fraction of what the racer needed to rebuild his engine, but the collection generated an absolutely priceless feeling of friendship and warmth and welcome by the UK drag racing community, this is the real treasure that the racer took with him, and this is the kind of world we want to live in. Their dedication to the sport is unquestionable and you will not find a more honest and fair competitor on the start line in any race. Tig and Cath and their crew have helped us (and many others!) on un-countable occasions and they always show thoughtfulness and camaraderie. And it must be mentioned that they are also fully paid members of the Best Wheelie Society, which of course also gets the extra vote from us! They embody drag racings spirit of sportsmanship to the full!
  C & C Sportsperson 

Bob Hawkins Time Traveller II
This enthusiastic sportsman is easygoing and always willing to help others. He is always happy to offer advice and lend a hand, and has indeed lent his very own racecar to his crew members and others!! He is a dedicated and keen supporter, and indeed sponsor, of the Wild Bunch. He is sporting and friendly and always encourages and supports other teams. This hardworking driver has had many achievements this year, though remains modest, and is an all-round great guy!! A real gentleman. He is an extremely valued member of the Bunch, showing great commitment to the club and passionate about the sport in general. We wish him many Congratulations on his great success!
  Don Garlits 'Spirit of Drag Racing' Shield 2013 

The 2013 winners, Scot & Gina Durrant of Team Tiki Munki, presented the Don Garlits Spirit of Drag Racing Shield to the 2014 winners on the night. With great thanks to the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame and the man himself, it was arranged that none other than Big Daddy Don Garlits re-presented this award to the winner, at a small ceremony on the Monday afternoon, at Beaulieu Motor Museum, with several other Wild Bunch teams in attendance!!

This years winners have been enthusiastic members of the Wild Bunch for several years. They always field a very well-turned out car and strive to put on a nostalgic show whenever they race. There is great attention to detail on maintenance and improving the appearance of an already immaculate slingshot. Extra thought goes into the period teamwear and pit area, and a theme is maintained throughout. This humble driver is always willing to help and encourage other racers, doing so with good humour, sportsmanship and keenness. They took part in all 9 events this year and showed great commitment to the Wild Bunch. The driver has persevered this season in gaining consistency and performance, always aiming to race to the best of his ability, and achieved a Personal Best ET, of 10.909. He also improved on previous years, winning his first Series titles, both the MSA and APIRA Series, and finishing in 4th place in the Wild Bunch Series, 3rd in the Real Steel Series and 3rd in the Roy Wilding Series, whilst winning an event and 4 Spot Prizes along the way. So a great all-round package, and dedicated to Drag Racing! The well-liked driver, and his whole extended team of many, are committed members of the Wild Bunch and demonstrate the true spirit of nostalgia and our club!!

Big congratulations to Keith and the whole team on this very well-deserved award! . Many thanks to Don and the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame for making the arrangements for this!

Many congratulations to all our winners! Well done on all your achievements! Best Wishes to you all for the off season! Good luck with all your winter rebuilds/builds/freshen ups! Looking forward to next season now, our 20th year of The Wild Bunch!!!