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Results for the 2015 Season

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Wild Bunch Series
(Best 4 of 5 to count)
14Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker36
23Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting30
341Tom LarmanThe Ferret25
445Phil JamesRampage20
52Bob HawkinsTimetraveller II18
-17Team GAS RacingTiki Munki18
769Alan LotenParanoia17
886Jim TannerShindigger16
977Andy StonesYellow Slingshot15
1067Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction14
-20Rob & Pete BrownWrathchild14
-72Dave SouthworthDaddy Cool14
1376Team Black PigThe Black Pig Too13
1439Jason Cull and Martin WhitePerfect Pete12
-73Mike CouchChequered Past12
-112Matt FullerOblivion12
-35Dick SharpDorset Horn12
1864Russ HeavenTight Fit11
-8Mark CoulsellBallbreaker11
-30Mick HillierTexas Ranger11
21101Steve EastEllies in Trouble Now9
2225Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection8
-83Graham RawlingsRawspeed8
24111Dan SharpLittle Big Horn5
2522Bradley CooperBack from the Past4
2656Maurice TakoorSpirit3
-316James AuldThreeSixteen3
-496Sam FreemanDouble Density3
-626Liz MalcolmJus' 4 Fun3
30132Danny JonesRagin Cajun2
-62Harry PrestonValkyrie2
3219Wayne ColliverSpud1
-96Dave NelsonDorris Dormouse1
-154Lesley Prior & RoyS&K Racing1
-271Steph MilamShe Devil1

Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge
(Best 8 of 9 to count)
145Phil JamesRampage43
24Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker41
33Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting33
425Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection29
569Alan LotenParanoia27
62Bob HawkinsTimetraveller II26
767Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction25
-41Tom LarmanThe Ferret25
976Team Black PigThe Black Pig Too18
-17Team GAS RacingTiki Munki18
1135Dick SharpDorset Horn17
1286Jim TannerShindigger16
1377Andy StonesYellow Slingshot15
1420Rob & Pete BrownWrathchild14
-72Dave SouthworthDaddy Cool14
1639Jason Cull and Martin WhitePerfect Pete12
-73Mike CouchChequered Past12
-112Matt FullerOblivion12
1964Russ HeavenTight Fit11
-101Steve EastEllies in Trouble Now11
-8Mark CoulsellBallbreaker11
-30Mick HillierTexas Ranger11
2383Graham RawlingsRawspeed8
24111Dan SharpLittle Big Horn6
2522Bradley CooperBack from the Past4
2656Maurice TakoorSpirit3
-316James AuldThreeSixteen3
-496Sam FreemanDouble Density3
-626Liz MalcolmJus' 4 Fun3
3096Dave NelsonDorris Dormouse2
-132Danny JonesRagin Cajun2
-62Harry PrestonValkyrie2
3319Wayne ColliverSpud1
-154Lesley Prior & RoyS&K Racing1
-271Steph MilamShe Devil1

Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series
14Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker14
235Dick SharpDorset Horn13
33Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting10
441Tom LarmanThe Ferret9
567Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction8
-69Alan LotenParanoia8
72Bob HawkinsTimetraveller II7
-76Team Black PigThe Black Pig Too7
-17Team GAS RacingTiki Munki7
-39Jason Cull and Martin WhitePerfect Pete7
-73Mike CouchChequered Past7
-86Jim TannerShindigger7
-101Steve EastEllies in Trouble Now7
-112Matt FullerOblivion7
1525Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection6
-111Dan SharpLittle Big Horn6
-45Phil JamesRampage6
-8Mark CoulsellBallbreaker6
-20Rob & Pete BrownWrathchild6
-30Mick HillierTexas Ranger6
-72Dave SouthworthDaddy Cool6
2277Andy StonesYellow Slingshot5
2322Bradley CooperBack from the Past4
2464Russ HeavenTight Fit3
-56Maurice TakoorSpirit3
-83Graham RawlingsRawspeed3
-316James AuldThreeSixteen3
-496Sam FreemanDouble Density3
-626Liz MalcolmJus' 4 Fun3
30132Danny JonesRagin Cajun2
-62Harry PrestonValkyrie2
3219Wayne ColliverSpud1
-96Dave NelsonDorris Dormouse1
-154Lesley Prior & RoyS&K Racing1
-271Steph MilamShe Devil1

APIRA Series
167Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction660
245Phil JamesRampage640
335Dick SharpDorset Horn390
425Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection330
569Alan LotenParanoia280
62Bob HawkinsTimetraveller II200
7101Steve EastEllies in Trouble Now150
84Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker80
976Team Black PigThe Black Pig Too50
10111Dan SharpLittle Big Horn30

Springbridge MSA Points Challenge
145Phil JamesRampage1870
225Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection1310
34Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker730
467Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction680
52Bob HawkinsTimetraveller II530
-69Alan LotenParanoia530
73Team 'B-Sting'B-Sting340
-76Team Black PigThe Black Pig Too340
935Dick SharpDorset Horn290
10101Steve EastEllies in Trouble Now280
11111Dan SharpLittle Big Horn30
1296Dave NelsonDorris Dormouse10


The Wild Bunch had a fabulous evening at the Annual Prize Presentation Dinner Dance at Drayton Manor on Saturday, 28th November! Another fantastic event, celebrating our 20th Anniversary season!! Barry Bohannon and Paul Wright were our fabulous comperes for the evening, and we had some special surprises to go along with all our Series and Merit award trophy winners.

Wild Bunch Ladies

Gifts were given to ladies for supporting their participating teams and the Wild Bunch so well during the season! Flowers were presented to Claire Meaddows and Denise. Many thanks to Mark Coulsell for his very kind donation!

Ed Yates
received a nice plaque and some Fireball for great services to the Wild Bunch Website.

Josh Coulsell
received a nice plaque, vodka and chocolates for services as a great newsletter editor.

Lynne Coulsell
received an ornament and candleholders for services as Wild Bunch Secretary.

Claire Meaddows
received a plaque and ornament for services as Wild Bunch Co-ordinator and Treasurer.

Special Presentations

Tony Smith
was awarded a nice crystal tower star in thanks for his many years of great service on the committee, as it was earlier this year that he retired. Many thanks to Tony! We wish him all the best! Tony has been in touch to thank the Wild Bunch and say that this means a lot to him! You're very welcome Tony!

Chris Hartnell
was awarded a crystal and red star in thanks for his many years of great service on the committee and his 13 years of service and dedication as Chairman, as it was earlier this year that he retired. His commitment and contribution to the club are immeasurable, and it is due to his hard work and efforts that we all have such a great club to race with and be a part of. Roy of course had the vision and drive to begin the club, and thereafter Chris further developed, promoted, nurtured and supported it and made it into the fantastic club it is today and will be for years to come. Please show your appreciation, support and thanks to him for all his hard work and outstanding contribution. We wish him all the best! Chris passes on his thanks for this award and the lovely gesture. You're welcome Chris, so much deserved!

Bruno Sanderson-Brown
received a nice heavy glass star in gratitude for his many years of Safety Service as chief fire marshal at Shakespeare County Raceway. A huge thank you from all the Wild Bunch, Bruno! Bruno was touched and passed on his thanks to all! You're very welcome, Bruno!

Ken Cooper's
son Bradley was presented with a tower glass star to give to his Dad who was due to have been our Guest of Honour but unfortunately could not attend. This is in tribute to Ken's achievements. Just last week he was fully inducted into the British Drag Racing Hall of Fame, and was present at the Gala do to receive his 'Bootsie' in recognition of all his achievements, which began in the late 50's and still go on now with his latest flathead-powered slingshot 'Back from the Past'. The inscription reads 'You're a Star, Ken Cooper; Presented in 2015 for Lifetime Achievement …. so far!' We have no doubt he will fulfil his goals and dreams once back at the track. Very Best Wishes Ken! Ken has been in touch to express his thanks to all the Wild Bunch for this award and to say he appreciates it very much! You're most welcome, Ken!

Big Bang Trophy

Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II'
After early season success, after a run at Springspeed, the team found that a push rod jumped off its seat and valves hit the pistons and head, causing extensive damage to the pistons, and beyond, in the big motor in Bob Hawkins' 'Time Traveller II' slingshot. He swapped to the smaller motor, later repaired the big one & ran 6's with it!! Never missing an event all year!
Fastest time by a British-engined dragster (Martin Holgate award)

Alan Loten 'Paranoia'
Alan ran a strong 9.123 in his iconic 'Paranoia' altered at the July Shootout at Shakey, and backed this ET up within 5% , running a 9.142 at the same event.
Fastest MPH (and Class Speed Record!)

Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II'
Bob debuted a new bigger engine at Easter in his 'Time Traveller II' slingshot and it only took a couple of events to run his and the Wild Bunch's first ever 200mph pass!! This was an incredible 203.42 mph at the Springspeed Nationals. He backed it up within 5%, running 197.48 mph at the Nostalgia Nationals.
Quickest E.T. (and Class ET Record!)

Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II'
Bob ran many PB's during the season in his 'Time Traveller II' slingshot. He recorded his and the Wild Bunch's first ever 6-second pass, an awesome 6.918 at the Nostalgia Nationals. He backed this ET up within 5%, running a 6.929 at the July Shootout. Many Congratulations on these achievements Bob!!
Roy Wilding Best Newcomer Award

Rob and Pete Brown 'Wrathchild'
This team made their Wild Bunch debut at the Spring Nationals, where they won the 'Best Burnout' Spot Prize. They raced at 4 events this season and, throughout, their enthusiasm shines through! They ultimately ran Personal Bests of 11.107 and 119.41 mph. They finished in 11th place in the Wild Bunch Series. This young pair of drivers and their very supportive girlfriends Hayley and Kimberley are keen, popular, friendly and ever cheerful, and a great addition to the Wild Bunch family! Welcome Marras!!
The following 3 categories of Best Vehicle trophies are chosen by scrutineer Glenn Stockton, who judges the winners on high standards of presentation, engineering, maintenance, appearance and performance.
Best Radical or Rear-engine Dragster

Phil James 'Rampage'
This is a gorgeous car from every angle! It is always very well turned out. The team competed at 8 events this season, with the driver qualifying #1 at 4 MSA events, and earning 6 Top 4 finishes! The team are very hard working and the car well-maintained and consistent. The driver won 2 Series this year!
Best Slingshot

Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II'
This Slingshot is an incredibly well-turned out racecar and is always well maintained. The team have put in huge efforts this season to overcome breakages and managed to race at all 9 events. They won 5 Spot Prizes, including a Best Slingshot award, and had 2 Top 4 finishes. The driver set records and achieved massive goals this year, running Personal Bests of 6.918 at 203.42mph!! He is also internationally famous for his flame burnouts!
Best Altered

Alan Loten and Steve Williams 'Paranoia'
This team has been around for a while! This iconic Altered is always immaculately turned out and they won 4 Spot Prizes including 2 Best Altered awards this season. Through perseverance to overcome gremlins, the team improved the car's performance, and the driver set new Personal Bests of 9.123 at 141.32mph.The team always try hard and are developing consistency.
Roy Wilding Best Turned Out Award

Team Black Pig Racing 'Black Pig Too'
This enthusiastic team are keen members of the Wild Bunch and always seek to put on a great show at every event they race or display at. They won Spot Prizes including a Best Appearing Team and a Best Appearing car award in the 7 events they raced at this year. They show incredible attention to detail in the whole nostalgic team theme, and both the car and crew are always well-presented. They have 2 different bodies, 2 uniforms, 2 drivers and even 2 gorgeous back up ladies! A brilliant overall team package!
Perseverance Award

Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II'
This driver had built a new bigger engine over the off season, and debuted it at Easter. There were teething troubles, but he soon got a handle on it and ran a huge Personal Best at Springspeed! However engine damage meant a swap to the old engine in between events. This became a regular pattern during the season, with a lot of hard work and late nights to get engines and heads rebuilt between rounds so the team never missed an event all year, even when there were tight turnarounds! The dedicated driver persevered, repaired, tuned and improved performance, achieving goals of 6-second runs at over 200mph!! Just rewards for all his efforts, very well-deserved!!
Best Achiever

Phil James 'Rampage'
This dedicated and committed driver continuously seeks to improve the performance and consistency of his very well-turned out and maintained car, and has a hardworking crew. The team took part in 8 events this season and won a total of 9 Spot Prizes, in many categories. The driver reached the Top 4 in 6 out of the 7 contested events, winning one. He was #1 Qualifier 4 out of 5 times. He had his first ever Series wins, both the Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge and the Springbridge MSA Challenge, and finished 4th in the Wild Bunch and Runner-up in the APIRA. A fantastic season! Great achievements!
Daddy Cool (Sags) Personal Achievement

Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II'
A few years ago this driver was new to Drag Racing, and soon caught the bug in a big way! The last few years have seen him constantly strive for quicker and faster times, which he often achieves, setting PB's on a regular basis. This year has been exceptional, as, on only his second event with a newly built bigger engine, he ran his and the Wild Bunch's first ever 200mph pass, with a 203.42mph!! After damage, there was another rebuild, and he repaired the big motor, got a handle on the tuning, and ran his and the Wild Bunch's first ever 6-second pass, an incredible 6.918!! He went on to run several more this season!! Fantastic achievements!! Many Congratulations!!
Chris & Claire Sportsperson Award

Dave Williams 'Time Traveller II' and Wild Bunch Committee
This enthusiastic guy is always willing to lend a hand to others. He is committed to the sport and is a dedicated supporter of the Wild Bunch. As a loyal crew member, he works exceptionally hard, and is also supportive and encouraging of all teams, lending assistance whenever he can, without question. He is a real genuine, fair and friendly guy and a valued member of the Bunch, showing great commitment to the club. Well done, Dave!
Crew of the Year Award

Steve Cassisi 'Ballbreaker'
This is a brand new trophy to celebrate our crews and all their hard work, as well as their achievements and dedication! They are all stars!!!! Many thanks to each and every one for all you do! Our first ever winner is a real nice guy. He is hardworking and passionate about the sport, and is always looking to improve the performance of any racecar he works on. He is always happy to offer advice to anyone who needs it, and help to anyone who asks. He is largely self-taught and does extensive research, even becoming somewhat of an expert on spark plugs! Most recently he has succeeded in building an engine which ultimately ran deep into the 8's at over 150mph!! Congratulations Marra Chief!!!!!!!! Also now known as 'Sideways Steve'!!
Crazy Chris Showmanship Award

Mark Coulsell and the whole of 'Team Limited Funz'
This is a brand new trophy in tribute to Chris' always entertaining runs and the great show he's always put on over the 20 years he has raced!! Chris had no idea about this new award as it was a complete surprise for him!! It has been created in honour of him and his significant contribution to the spectacle and excitement of Drag Racing and the overall Show. A special trophy for a very special man.

Our first ever winners are a popular team who have been members of the Wild Bunch and been around Drag Racing for many years, and are a real family team. They always put on a great show whenever they race, with the driver performing smoky entertaining burnouts and wheelies. They seek to promote drag racing when they take the car to shows, and spend a lot of time enthusiastically chatting to spectators and racers alike, where there passion is clear for all to see! The whole team shows great attention to detail in every aspect of their co-ordinated teamwear, racecar and pit area and have a great nostalgic theme throughout, including fuel mask, push truck and back up girls. They always entertain and have a lot of fun and put on a great show!!!!!!!!
Derek & Brenda Annable trophy

The Molden family of Team 'White Noise': Bob, Jan, Lauren and Vicky
Last year's winners Cath & Tig Napier chose the 2015 winners because 'they are truly part of our drag racing family' 'We have known Bob and Jan since we started racing at York back in 1997, when Lauren and Vicky were little girls. They have always been one of the friendliest, most competitive and dedicated teams we know. Always sportsmanlike in victory and defeat, and always a positive attitude in every situation. Many's the time they've been celebrating after a run and when you ask 'Did you go through?' the reply is 'Nah, but did you see the time? That's a new PB!' We must also mention Bob Dack here, as we count him as part of the Molden family and the 'White Noise' pit wouldn't be the same without 'Dacky'. It's rare to see any member of the team without a smile on their face. They just love our sport, and it shines through in their cheery demeanour. The whole team is always ready to help out other racers and crew; never waiting to be asked, it's just part of racing to them. As Bob says 'It's what we all do for each other, isn't it?' They are usually our pit neighbours, and we'd be more than happy to have them as our neighbours in the 'real world'. You can always guarantee a warm welcome in the White Noise pit, they are truly part of our drag racing family and we are proud to call them our friends.'
Don Garlits 'Spirit of Drag Racing' Shield 2015

Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II'

The 2014 winner, Keith Crampton of the 'Soul Town Shaker' team, presented the Don Garlits 'Spirit of Drag Racing' Shield to the 2015 winner on the night.

This year's winner has been a keen member of the Wild Bunch for six years. He always campaigns a very well-turned out car and endeavours to put on a great show whenever he races, be it with long smoky burnouts or his now internationally-famous and sought-after flame burnout displays. The team took part in all 9 events this year and showed great commitment to the Wild Bunch. The driver finished in 5th place in the Wild Bunch Series, whilst earning 3rd & 4th place event finishes, and 5 Spot Prizes along the way. There is always great attention to detail on appearance, maintenance and development of this immaculate slingshot. The driver is always willing to help and advise other racers, doing so with sportsmanship and enthusiasm. He has persevered this season through numerous breakages and setbacks, not to mention several engine swaps, but, undaunted, kept pursuing his goals, and constantly developing the potential of the car. He improved the performance, and eventually achieved some incredible goals this year, running his first ever 6-second and 200mph passes, and ultimately running 6.918 and 203.42mph class records!! This well-liked and respected driver is truly dedicated to Drag Racing! He has not only won the Quickest and Fastest trophies and Best Slingshot award but also the Perseverance and Personal Achievement Awards! He is a committed member of the Wild Bunch and demonstrates the true spirit of this award and our club!! Big congratulations to Bob and the whole team on this very well-deserved award! .
Many congratulations to all our winners! Well done on all your achievements! Best Wishes to you all for the off season! Good luck with all your winter rebuilds/builds/freshen ups! Looking forward to next season now, our 21styear of The Wild Bunch!!!