News from Event 2: "Nostalgia Nationals" on 3rd - 5th June

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Hi everybody

Here is the very brief news from the heavily weather-affected “Nostalgia Nationals” on 3rd – 5th June. This event was Wild Bunch Series Round 1, Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge Round 2 and Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Round 1.

The Wild Bunch had a great total of 23 teams participating in the event, and it would have been fantastic except the weather had other ideas! The forecast had not been good for the Sunday, but there was some hope for the rest of the weekend. Friday was a test day and 11 drivers took the opportunity to make a few test passes. Saturday dawned cold and cloudy and there was a slight delay to the start of racing due to electrical issues. We held a brief meeting to discuss whether, due to Sunday’s very poor forecast, we would run the first Series Round on the Saturday late afternoon. This was agreed on and to hold it during the 5:30pm RWYB session, after there would have been the opportunity for most teams to get 2 or 3 practice runs in during the RWYB sessions.  Most people got ready and queued up for the second of these sessions, and around 6 or so Wild Bunch drivers got a run in, but then it started to rain! This was really unexpected!  This curtailed racing for a few hours!  The track crews worked hard but by the time the track was open again, many drivers had decided to queue up in the next RWYB session, hopeful of getting a run in before the later round, but as time was tight and the racing delayed, this meant that many people did not get their run until late on, and also were very spread out in the queue, so in the end it was not possible to get a round organised.  Nineteen of the drivers were eventually able to make a run at some point, with only 7 managing to get 2 runs in. We all then hoped that Sunday would be better than expected! But unfortunately it started wet and remained so for several hours, and although there was a dry window, this was not enough, and eventually the organisers were forced to call the rest of the event off.  Because of the lack of track time, unfortunately there were no rounds, and also no Spot Prizes awarded. Such a huge shame for everyone involved!

The full line-up was:

Rob & Pete Brown in ‘Rebel’ (the boys were only able to make one run at the weekend, an off pace 9.309 @148mph, so hope they can be firmly back in the 8’s at the next event!)

Phil James in ‘Rampage’ (Phil made a couple of passes on Sunday with a best ET of 9.433 @ 140mph, a great start!)

Pete & Rob Brown in ‘Wrathchild’ (the boys only made one pass in the car, of 11.516 @ 125mph, very near a best speed)

Lee Hartnell in ‘Metal Mistress’ (Lee had a couple of runs, and achieved his first ever 9’s!! And first 130mph+! Big congrats to Lee and Mark and the whole team, after such huge efforts to get there!!)

‘Crazy’ Chris Hartnell in ‘Backdraft’ (Chris paired up with Lee for the run, but unfortunately had the coupler break on the line! Such a shame! Chris has already fixed this and is looking forward to more wheelying 8’s at Dragstalgia!)

Wayne Colliver in ‘Misfit’ (Wayne made a couple of runs with a best ET of 10.351; it was lovely to see wife Karen at the track supporting him and sharing the weekend)

Bradley Cooper in ‘Back from the Past’ (Fantastic to see Dad Ken back at the track looking well; Bradley ran one pass of 12.000 @ 114mph and is looking forward to being back out at Dragstalgia!)
Dan Wilson in ‘Antique Toy’ (Welcome to Dan and Mark who were making their Wild Bunch debut with the ex-‘Interest Free’ slingshot. They made a few passes in testing, whilst they get a handle on this great slingshot; glad to have them with us!)

Gary Atkinson in ‘Time Lock 2’ (Gary now has this gorgeous looking Topolino and was making some test passes on the Friday, with a couple of 11’s. The team are hoping to get different slicks for their next outing soon)

Bobby Wright in ‘Alturd’ (Great to see Bobby back out enjoying the altered; he put in a great pass of 9.997 Friday and had 3 runs in the high 130mph range!)

Matt Hollins in ‘Cheap Thrills’ (Matt put in some great passes with the slingshot including his first 9’s with a best of 9.928 very near 140mph! The car is still for sale, so someone is sure to get a great car soon!)
Dr Faye Hern in ‘Daddy Cool’ (The team had installed a new Rover engine in the family R.E.D. and this was now putting out a lot more power! There are a few adjustments to be made, and we expect Faye to really fly next time! Great to see them all, with the littlest crew members growing quickly!)

Graham Rawlings in ‘Little Digger’ (Graham and Wendy and team were excited to be back out racing and made 5 10-second passes throughout the weekend with a best of 10.020 @ 132mph)
Jim Tanner in ‘Shindigger’ (Jim made 1 pass each day this weekend, with a best of 10.170 @ 132mph and enjoyed his racing!)

Tim Roy in ‘Boston Straggler II’ (Tee had recently done some testing with the new engine in the slingshot, and ran his first ever 8-second passes! He made a couple of passes this weekend including a fantastic 8.561 @161mph!)

Bob Hawkins in ‘Time Traveller II’ (Bob had made quite a few changes since last year and was testing the car; great to see an awesome burnout and a Wild Bunch best run of the weekend with an 8.011 @ 166pmh! Very promising! We are sure more expert tinkering will ensue and look forward to seeing what the next run will bring!)
Rob White in ‘Happy Daze’ (Great to see the smiley team back out enjoying their racing as always! Rob made two passes on Saturday with a best of 12.346 @ 100mph)

Bob Morgan in ‘B-Sting’ (Bob was the pilot this weekend and made 3 runs this weekend with a best of 10.211 @131mph)

Paul Tarry in ‘Trigger’s Broom’ (Paul put in some excellent runs this weekend, improving from last season with a best of 10.830 @ 124mph; well done Paul!)

John Sharod in ‘Never Say Never’ (John was making his Wild Bunch debut with the ex-Sam Freeman altered, and Sam and team were on hand to assist; John put in a couple of checkout passes in the 13-second range, getting to grips with his great new car!  Welcome John!)

James Auld in ‘Little Fauss’ (James made 3 few passes on Friday and one Saturday, with a best of 12.576 @ 107mph, near his best speed, so very encouraging)

Rich Butcher in ‘4orth Dimension’ (Rich made a great total of 4 runs on Friday and 1 on Saturday; during these he took a whole second off last year’s PB, recording his first 12 second passes, to a 12. 079 @ 119mph and loving his racing!)

Steve Garlant in ‘Sonic Attack II’ (The team now has a new car this year, the ex-Couped Up car; they were just in testing mode and Steve was not yet able to make any passes; adjustments are planned and they all look forward to racing at Dragstalgia!)

The PB’s included:

Lee Hartnell in ‘Metal Mistress’  9.724 / 135.36 (his first ever 9’s!)

Dan Wilson in ‘Antique Toy’ in testing mode on his Wild Bunch debut  18.872 / 45.11 [Dan has now updated me that he ran a 10.953 / 111.68 at a previous test RWYB - well done Dan!]

Gary Atkinson in ‘Time Lock 2’ 11.100 / 101.18 on his debut with his new Topolino

Matt Hollins in ‘Cheap Thrills’ 9.928 / 139.50 (his first ever 9’s!)

Tim Roy in ‘Boston Straggler II’ 8.561 / 161.36 !! [Tee updated me that he ran an amazing 8.477 / 161.90 at a test event in April!!]

Paul Tarry in ‘Trigger’s Broom’ 10.830 / 124.56 (Paul's first ever 10's!)

John Sharod in ‘Never Say Never’ 13.363 / 103.13 in testing mode on his Wild Bunch debut

Rich Butcher in ‘4orth Dimension’ 12.079 / 119.63 (over a second off his previous PB!)

(Please let me know if I have missed any!)

Big Congratulations to all these teams on their PBs!! A brilliant start to your season!!

Congrats to Bob Hawkins won the NSRA trophy for the ‘Quickest Wild Bunch driver of the event’ with an 8.011!

Commiserations to:

Chris Hartnell who broke the coupler in “Backdraft” on launch on his first pass! (It’s now fixed!)

Gary Atkinson who had some tyre issues in ‘Time Lock 2’

Dr Faye Hern and team who had a few teething issues with the new powerfully set up Rover in ‘Daddy Cool’

Steve Garlant who had some teething issues with ‘Sonic Attack 2’

Hope everyone can successfully make all the adjustments and be back out for the next event!

All those 23 attending will have earned the 1 point for attendance, so will all be equal in the Wild Bunch Series and the Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series. In the Spirit of Nostalgia Race Cars Series, the top 3 are:

Bob Hawkins on 9 points, Rob & Pete Brown on 7 points, Keith Crampton on 4 points, and 21 others on 1 point.

Thanks again to the NSRA and all the marshals and officials at Santa Pod for all their hard work as always. Well done to all those who ran PB’s at the weekend! We really hope the next events are a lot drier and warmer!

All the best


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