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2014 Winners of Wild Bunch, Real Steel and Springbridge MSA Series
Here are 3 postings for the final results for the Top 10 in Wild Bunch, Top 4 in Real Steel and Winner of the Springbridge Challenge. Congratulations to all!
Series News.....
Brief results from the 'Fall Nationals'
Here is the news in short from the National Finals at Santa Pod on 20th & 21st September.
Brief results...
Full results from the Open Sports Nationals
Here is the news in full from the event at Shakey onb the 23rd-25th August
Full news.....
Roy Wilding and APIRA Series Winners
Here are the Top 4 winners in Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series and the Top 2 in the APIRA Series for 2014, both concluded at the Open Sports Nationals.
Series results...
Wild Bunch History
Check out a bit of history about the Wild Bunch by clicking `History` link on the menus
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