News from Event 3: "Summer Nationals" on 2nd & 3rd July 2022

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Hi everybody

Here are the brief results from the ‘Summer Nationals’ at Santa Pod last weekend, 2nd & 3rd July. This was Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge Round 3, Springbridge MSUK Challenge Round 2 and the 2nd round of the SPRC Championship for Wild Bunch.

The Wild Bunch had a total of 4 great teams participating in the event. The weather was mixed on Saturday, starting cloudy and then some very brief spots of rain, followed by a more sustained drizzle. We lost a few hours with rain and some downtime so only had 2 out of 3 scheduled cycles of qualifying on Saturday.  We were the last class on track just before 7pm. We were scheduled for another qualifier on Sunday which took place at 1:45pm. All eliminations were completed on Sunday by around 7:15pm.

The Top 4 winners were:

1st Place:   Keith Crampton in ‘Soultown Shaker’

2nd Place:  Phil James in ‘Rampage’

3rd Place:  Rob Brown in ‘Rebel’  (closest to Dial without breakout / red of the Semi-final Runners up)

4th Place:  Bob Hawkins in ‘Time Traveller II'

The Spot Prizes were:

#1 Qualifier: Phil James in ‘Rampage’  .014 off

Best Reaction in eliminations: Phil James in ‘Rampage’  .087

The full line-up was:

·         Rob Brown in ‘Rebel’ – it was Rob’s turn in the slingshot this weekend and his first qualifier was a slightly squirrely 8.949 at 149mph. The team figured that the recent problems were down to the new tyres, so they made some adjustments and Rob then ran a much straighter 8.816 at 150 mph in the 2nd qualifier. He left before the tree on the 3rd qualifier Sunday, and finished in 3rd qualifying spot.   In the Semi Final, he was matched with Phil. Rob dialled in at 8.59 and posted an 8.796 at 152 mph, his best run of the weekend in his runner up effort. Rob finished 3rd overall for the weekend.


·       Phil James in ‘Rampage’ - On Saturday, Phil was very ably crewed by friend Matt and sister Alison. He started with a 9.713 at 135mph on a 9.55 Dial-in. He improved each of the two subsequent qualifiers, going 9.551 at 136 mph on a 9.53 and 9.544 at 136 mph on a 9.53 Dial-in to finish #1 Qualifier. In the first round he was paired with Rob, and ran a good 9.575 at 133 mph on a 9.51 Dial to advance to the Final. He then faced Keith, and broke out with a great run of 9.485 at 137 mph on a 9.52 Dial-in which handed the win to Keith. Phil finished in 2nd place overall this weekend.


·       Keith Crampton in ‘Soultown Shaker’ – Keith’s first qualifying round saw him set a new PB of 9.658 at 139.40 mph on a 9.71 Dial. Well done Keith! He skipped the second round due to attending a family event but was back the next morning. Keith had a breakage on the third qualifying round. He finished in 4th qualifying spot due to his breakout.  Keith had the issue fixed in time for the Semi-final where he paired up with Bob.  He ran another PB of 9.644 at 135 mph on a 9.63 Dial! Just .014 off! He moved on to the final with this great pass!  He then faced Phil. Keith stuck with his 9.63 Dial and ran a 9.909 at 138 mph to take the win over Phil’s breakout.  Congratulations Keith!


·     Bob Hawkins in ‘Time Traveller II’ - Bob had again done a lot of work in between rounds and was reasonably confident with the setup. He dialled in at 6.70 for the first qualifier and was pleased to be back in the 6’s, recording a great 6.959 at 192 mph! He followed this in the second round with an even better 6.901 at 193.86 mph. He sat out the third qualifier, making some adjustments.  In the Semi-final, he was paired with Keith. Unfortunately, on launch, he redlit and slowed to a 10.127 at 103mph. What a huge shame! Commiserations Bob!  He finished in 4th place overall for the weekend. Great to see you back in those 6’s again Bob!!!

The PB’s were:

·           Keith Crampton in ‘Soultown Shaker’ 9.644 / 139.40 mph

Highlights of the weekend were getting 3 qualifiers and completing both rounds of eliminations and a small but excellent group of cars and teams! There were strong performances in the eliminations! A fantastic show by the whole Bunch!! Well done to all!

Massive thanks to everyone at Santa Pod for all their hard work! Especially in the mixed conditions this weekend!! It is so much appreciated as always!! We are now really looking forward to Dragstalgia next weekend, where we have a massive field of 39 entries! Wow! Should be a fantastic weekend!! smilesmile



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