News from Event 7: the 34th Annual NSRA "Hot Rod Drags" on September 16th - 18th 2022

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Hi everybody!

Here is the brief news from the fantastic 34th NSRA ‘Hot Rod Drags’ on 16th – 18th September, at Santa Pod. A fantastic event where we ended up very lucky with the weather throughout, with only a couple of very brief stoppages for a few spots of rain! Phew!

This event was Wild Bunch Series Round 4, Spirit of Nostalgia Series Round 7 and Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series Round 3 (Final). The Wild Bunch had an excellent total of 32 teams participating at the event: 9 altereds, 18 slingshots, 2 rear-engined dragsters, 2 funny cars and 1 radical, with 2 British Drag Racing Hall of Fame members amongst them tuning their cars with their sons driving! 31 teams participated in the rounds on Sunday. (Sadly Tee Roy’s car suffered some damage on the Friday).


  • Pete & Rob Brown in ‘Rebel’
  • Phil James in ‘Rampage’
  • Rob & Pete Brown in ‘Wrathchild’
  • Mark Coulsell in ‘Ballbreaker’
  • Wayne Colliver in ‘Misfit’
  • Bradley Cooper in ‘Back from the Past’ (tuned by British Drag Racing Hall of Famer Dad Ken)
  • Dan Wilson in ‘Antique Toy’
  • Gary Atkinson in ‘Time Lock 2’
  • Bobby Wright in the ‘Alturd’
  • Gavin Meanley & Pete Ayres in the ‘Charles Bang Special’ flathead slingshot  (Wild Bunch debut)
  • Alan Lloyd in ‘Gonzo the Great’ (tuned by British Drag Racing Hall of Famer Dad Ian)
  • Alan ‘Skippy’ Skipp in ‘Chasin’ Time’
  • Mick Gleadow in ‘Jurassic Parts 2’
  • Alan Loten in ‘Paranoia’
  • Andy Jackson in ‘Hammerman 2’
  • Keith Crampton in ‘Soultown Shaker’
  • Graham Rawlings in ‘Rawspeed’
  • Terry Clifford in ‘Snake Eyes’
  • Jim Tanner in ‘Shindigger’
  • Tim Roy in ‘Boston Straggler 2’
  • Rob White in ‘Happy Daze’
  • Dave Shoemark in ‘The Crewman’ (Wild Bunch debut)
  • Bob Morgan in ‘B-Sting’
  • Paul Tarry in ‘Trigger’s Broom’
  • Ian Wild in ‘WildScat’
  • Sam Freeman in ‘Never Say Never’ (subbing for owner John Sharod)
  • James Auld in ‘Little Fauss’
  • Rich Butcher in ‘4orth Dimension’
  • Allan Schofield in ‘Rough Diamond’
  • Steve Garlant in ‘Sonic Attack 2’
  • Paul Brown in ‘BBQ Roadster’ (Wild Bunch debut)
  • Ruaridh Hart in ‘Bravehart’

Brilliant to see such a big field of awesome cars and teams for our final RWYB-type event of this season!

Friday was a Run-What-You-Brung day and several teams were out testing that day.

On Saturday we had 3 rounds scheduled during the Race class sections of the day. Then on the evening there was the ‘Cracklefest’ and 6 Wild Bunch drivers really enjoyed taking part in that! They were: Rob & Pete in ‘Rebel’ & ‘Wrathchild’, Dan Wilson in ‘Antique Toy’, Skippy in ‘Chasin’ Time’, Andy Clifford (awesome flames!) and Loz Butcher in ‘4orth Dimension’.

On Sunday, we got our first round in just after 10am. Our second was then around 2:15pm and the last just after 4pm. But overall we were very lucky considering there were some dark clouds and a few spots of rain during the 3rd round!  So it was great to get the full 3 scheduled rounds in!

The amazing Top 4 trophies and 8 spot prizes were spectacular and were fabricated by Elaine Southworth of coolengineeredart of team ‘Daddy Cool’. They were amazing! Thanks very much Elaine!

Here are the Top 4 winners:

1st Place: Phil James in ‘Rampage’  .0171 average (very consistent and led throughout!)

2nd Place: Mark Coulsell in ‘Ballbreaker’ .0193 average (a brilliant first Wild Bunch event of the season!)

3rd Place: Bob Morgan in ‘B-Sting’ .0395 average (a really good Top 4 place for Bob!)

4th Place: Rob & Pete Brown in ‘Rebel’ .0505 (another great result for the Marras!)

Here are the Spot Prizes that were awarded:-

Closest to Dial-in (Race-day): Phil James in ‘Rampage’ .008 off

Best Reaction (Race-day): Paul Brown in ‘BBQ Roadster’ .006

Best Burnout: Sam Freeman in ‘Never Say Never’

Best Altered: Paul Tarry in ‘Trigger’s Broom’

Best Slingshot: Alan ‘Skippy’ Skipp in ‘Chasin’ Time’

Best Appearing Team:  Team Limited Funz Racing in ‘Ballbreaker’

Best Appearing Car:  Andy Jackson in ‘Hammerman 2’

Outstanding Performance: Keith Crampton in ‘Soultown Shaker’ for that fantastic 9.282 PB!


NSRA Quickest E.T. in WILD BUNCH:  Alan Lloyd in ‘Gonzo the Great’ 7.606

NSRA Award for the Quickest Flathead car at the event: Bradley Cooper in ‘Back from the Past’  10.886

PBs (and there were a lot of them):


  • Bradley Cooper in ‘Back from the Past’  121.56mph 
  • Gary Atkinson in ‘Timelock 2’ 9.614
  • Gavin Meanley & Pete Ayres in the ‘Charles Bang Special’  11.822 / 116.70 (Wild Bunch debut!)
  • Alan Lloyd in ‘Gonzo the Great’ 7.606 / 171.76 (several times in the 7’6’s and over 170mph!)
  • Alan ‘Skippy’ Skipp in ‘Chasin’ Time’ 9.642 / 139.02
  • Andy Jackson in ‘Hammerman 2’ 10.603 (fantastic to see the car’s performance improving!)
  • Keith Crampton in ‘Soultown Shaker’ 9.282
  • Dave Shoemark in ‘The Crewman’ 10.758 /124.89 (Wild Bunch debut!)
  • Bob Morgan in ‘B-Sting’ 133.63 mph
  • Paul Tarry in ‘Trigger’s Broom’ 10.727 / 123.88
  • Ian Wild in ‘WildScat’ 11.814 / 116.13  (first 11’s!)
  • Steve Garlant in ‘Sonic Attack’ 10.662 / 119.97
  • Paul Brown in ‘BBQ Roadster’  8.390 (Wild Bunch debut!)
  • Ruaridh Hart in Bravehart’  12.316 / 98.56 

Many Congratulations to all those who ran PB’s at the weekend, especially those who set and reset them and ran their first 10’s and 11’s!! Excellent!!  And what a great way to finish their season!!

(I haven’t seen the full data from the weekend yet – and none from Friday - so please do let me know if I have missed any! I will update when I have further info).

Big commiserations to all those who had issues and best of luck with the repairs, and for next season!!

Highlights of the weekend include the large and fantastic field of Wild Bunch, the Cracklefest, completing 3 rounds of great competition, and of course the amazing group of cars and people, who all put on an awesome show as always and did themselves proud!!

Huge thanks to all the Santa Pod marshals and officials, track and safety and medical crews and organisers and Alan Martin and all at the NSRA for all their hard work!! It is much appreciated!! An excellent event overall!! Thanks to all on the eurodragster team this weekend, especially Simon for some brilliant reporting!! Thanks to Colin Theobold for great commentary and his wonderful support of the Wild Bunch, including his attendance at our prize presentation. It was also great to hear John Price commentating with him on the Saturday!

Once again, a huge well done to all of the Wild Bunch for an incredible show as always!!

All the best




[I will add some more details to this report when I can. I just wanted to get the results posted asap]

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