News from Event 2: the 'Summer Nationals' on 29th & 30th June 2024

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Hi everybody

Here are the results from the ‘Summer Nationals’ at Santa Pod last weekend, 29th & 30th June. This was Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge Round 2, Springbridge MSUK Challenge Round 1 and the 1st round of the SPRC Championship for Wild Bunch.

The Wild Bunch had a small but great field of 3 great teams participating in the event. The weather was dry and partly cloudy.

The Top 4 winners were:

1st Place:   Rob Brown in “Rebel”
The other places were uncontested due to the breakages

The Spot Prizes were:

#1 Qualifier: Rob Brown in ‘Rebel’  .043 off

Quickest E.T. of the weekend: Rob Brown in ‘Rebel’  8.533


All 3 teams went out for the first qualifier at 12:15pm and two drivers in the 2nd qualifier at 3:45pm but only Rob partook in the third cycle at 6:45pm. All of the teams safely qualified. 

WB 2 Saw Rob Brown taking a turn in the “Rebel” slingshot.  Rob began with a Dial-in of 8.49. His first run was a banker with an 8.606/153.72 on Dial. He kept the Dial for the second round and ran 8.736/154.15. For the last qualifier Saturday he kept the same dial an improved 8.533/154.68, 043 off. This proved to be ‘Quickest E.T.’ of the Bunch for the weekend. It consolidated his #1 Qualifier spot.

WB 4 Phil James was running his fantastic “Rampage” funny car. His first Dial-in of the day was 9.50, and he recorded a slowing 11.458/105.54, getting a time on the board for starters. In the second qualifier, he kept the Dial and ran a better 9.855/137.81, which was much closer to his usual speed. He finished in 2nd place overall.

WB 91 Bob Hawkins had made a few tweaks to his nitro-powered “Time Traveller II” slingshot. He began Saturday with a fantastic Dial-in of 6.49!  Whilst staging there were some great nitro flames, and the car seemed to be running very rich. Bob left the line, but it didn’t clear, so he coasted to a 19.452/26 mph run.  He qualified 3rd place.

Race Day Sunday   We were a fair way down the running order, and eventually had our first round, our Semi Finals, at around 3:15pm!! The weather was again thankfully dry all day.

Semi-finals   Rob had earned the Bye run and put up a Dial-in of 8.49. He left the line and recorded a Reaction time and 60ft time, but something seemed to let go and he quickly pulled the car over to the side. Such a massive shame! But as he had taken the green, he had advanced to the Final.  Sadly in the other half of the ladder, Phil was unable to take part due to a possible gearbox issue and another small problem! What a huge shame! Also, unfortunately, Bob had experienced ignition issues with the slingshot, which needed further investigation at home, so he was unable to take part either.

Final   It was hugely unfortunate that no-one was able to contest the Final due to their breakages! Massive commiserations to all 3 teams who put in a great effort to be there and compete! We wish them well and hope they all can be soon fixed and back out with the Bunch! Thanks once again to all 3 teams for their support of the event!

For the Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge Series, Rob is declared the winner of the event! He is the sole Top 4 place winner for the event as the other places were not contested. For the Springbridge Direct MSUK Challenge and the SPRC Championship, Rob will earn his first round winner’s points, and Phil and Bob will receive qualifying points. Commiserations to all on the breakages and very best of luck with the repairs!

Hoping these and several more teams will join back in for our next MSUK round at the ‘Green Light Nationals’ on August 17th & 18th!

Huge thanks to all the marshals and officials and track crew for their hard work over the weekend, as always!

We are now looking forward to the 2nd Wild Bunch round, 3rd Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge Series and 2nd Roy Wilding Series round at Dragstalgia on 5th - 7th July.  It will be another epic event where we will have over 30 entries!  We’re hoping for good weather at that one!!

See you at the drags!!


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