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Summer Nationals June 30 - July 1

Wild Bunch ResultsSummer Nationals30th June - 1st July Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge Series Round 4. MSA Points Challenge 2.
The 'Summer Nationals' was the fourth event of the WB season. It was the Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge Series Round 4 and the second round of the 'Springbridge MSA Challenge', and there was a field of 6 Wild Bunch cars competing: 4 Slingshots, 1 Altered and a Funny Car
Wild Bunch Points
145Phil JamesRampage9
276Steve Field Black Pig Too5
367Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction7
425Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection3
512Mark & Philippa TurtonLegion / Bitchcraft2
-59Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered2
MSA Points
145Phil JamesRampage600
267Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction340
376Steve Field Black Pig Too250
425Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection130
559Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered120
612Mark & Philippa TurtonLegion / Bitchcraft110
Spot Prizes
WB NoTeam/DriverCarDetail
Closest To Dial-In45Phil JamesRampage0.16 off
Best Reaction45Phil JamesRampage0.132
#1 Qualifier45Phil JamesRampage0.033 off
Best Appearing Car59Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered
The Wild Bunch welcomed back a small group of racers for the first contested MSA round of the year (the weather had disrupted any Wild Bunch racing at the 'Festival of Power'). This included the MSA debut of Philippa Turton, and the first WB runs of the year for Callum Swinchatt. Two racers ran Personal Best E.T.s. All 3 rounds of qualifying took place as well as all 3 rounds of eliminations.

Saturday This was a qualifying day and there were scheduled to be 3 qualifiers, and the Wild Bunch were 25th and last on the running order! The weather was hot and dry most of the day with a little breeze. We got our first qualifier in at around 1:15pm, and our second around 4:55pm, and the third just in time before the extended curfew!! After that all 6 teams were qualified.
WB 12 Philippa Turton was thrilled to make her MSA debut with her and husband Mark's 'Bitchcraft' slingshot coupe. Mark had worked really hard since the Retro Show to get the car's gearbox out, fixed, collected, installed and ready in time for the event, arriving very late Friday night. Well done Mark, great effort! Then it was up to Philippa to do her licensing runs. Her first round run was the burnout and launch and she performed that well, idling down the track. Her second round run was the half pass. Again she did this competently and was off the gas at half-track. Her third round run was the full pass. She dialled in at 13.40. The car seemed to have all gears now but was lacking in oomph off the start line. Nevertheless, Philippa did exactly what was required and made a full pass, posting a 15.623 at 87.71mph run. She was now fully licensed and qualified in #6 spot with this run! Fair play, Philippa!! Very well done and Congratulations to both of you!!
WB 25 Terry Clifford was back out in the 'Ratcatcher Resurrection' slingshot for his third event of the season, and looking forward to racing. Some good friends had come up to watch and support the team. He dialled in at 8.90 for starters, and recorded a 9.153 at 145.71mph run. In the second qualifier Saturday, Terry kept the Dial and posted a 9.219 at 145.29mph. He raised the Dial for the third round to 9.12 and ran a breatout 9.095 at 145.69mph. Terry qualified in 4th place.
WB 45 Phil James was running his fantastic 'Rampage' funny car. Phil was joined by his crew, friend Matt, sister Alison and brother Mike. For his first round, he dialled in at 9.38, and posted a 9.559 at 140.79mph to open his account. He raised the Dial to 9.45 for the second run, and recorded a breakout 9.375 at 141.63mph. He lowered the dial again, to 9.37 and ran 9.403 at 141.22mph in the last round to finish as #1 Qualifier. Well done, Phil!! Great form!
WB 59 we welcomed back Callum Swinchatt and team with their fabulous 'Przym Paintworks' altered, the period perfectly painted Topolino, a stunning car. Dad Chris was his main crew. Callum dialled in at 11.00 for the first qualifier and had a hairy launch and had to back off to a 12.477 at 91.79mph. He kept this dial for the second round and ran a much improved 10.146 at 111.27mph. He lowered the dial to 9.85 for the last round and ran a 10.285 at 116.25mph, to qualify in 5th place overall.
WB 67 'Group Captain' Darryl Howells was running his 'Chemical Reaction' slingshot, after some great runs at the Retro Show. He dialled in at 8.90 for starters, and ran an 8.813 at 147.72mph in the opening round. He then lowered the dial to 8.81 and ran an 8.877 at 146.69mph. He raised the dial for the last round to 8.87 and posted a 9.195 at 147.70mph. He qualified in 3rd place overall.
WB 76 Steve Field was driving his and Lesley's 'Black Pig Too' slingshot and hoping to be firmly back in the 8's again! He dialled in at 8.90 for the first round and broke out with an 8.838 at 156.29mph. He lowered the dial to 8.81 in the second round and ran an 8.865 at 157.40mph. He kept that dial for the third round and ran a breakout, a very strong 8.648 at 157.92mph. Steve qualified in 2nd place.
Our first round was the quarter-finals, in the heat just after midday. One pairing saw newly licensed Philippa facing Darryl Howells. Philippa dialled in at 13.40 and Darryl at 8.78. Her 'Bitchcraft' slingshot again did not leave the line with much power, but she successfully completed her first competition run with a 16.735 at 83.34mph, whilst Darryl took the win with a 9.164 at 134.42mph pass. Another pair saw a regular matchup with Terry racing Phil. Terry dialled in at 9.15 and Phil opted for 9.35. Terry ran well with a 9.209 at 144.38mph, but Phil was closer with a 9.390 at 140.71mph and took the win. The other pair of the round was Callum against Steve. Callum went for a 9.95 Dial and Steve an 8.75. Well they both broke out! Callum did so bigstyle as he recorded a new Personal Best E.T. of 9.459 at 120.58mph and Steve a new Personal Best E.T. of 8.565 at 155.75mph in earning the victory. Both teams were well chuffed with this performance!

This took place around 3:45pm. The only pairing saw Darryl taking on teammate Steve. Darryl dialled in at 8.78 again and Steve lowered his to 8.68. Darryl posted an 8.949 at 144.42mph to take the win over Steve, who brokeout bigtime with a massive new Personal Best E.T. of 8.432 at 159.59mph! Well done both!! Great to see Steve running so well with the car! Meanwhile, Phil had a Bye run and recorded a solid 9.400 at 141.16mph on a 9.35 Dial-in to take his place in the Final.

There wasn't long to wait for the Final! Phil kept his 9.35 Dial and Darryl increased his to 8.93. This time, Darryl broke out with and 8.868 at 143.91mph whilst Phil had his best run of the day with a 9.366 at 141.14mph to take the event win! He also ran the Wild Bunch 'Best Reaction' of .132 on this run and 'Closest to Dial-in' for race day with this .016 off Dial. Great race!!

Well done to all the teams for a great performance and show! A great bunch of cars and teams! Huge thanks to all the marshals and officials and track crew for their hard work over the weekend, especially in the hot weather!

We are now looking forward to the third Wild Bunch round, fifth Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge Series and second Roy Wilding Series round at Dragstalgia on 14th – 16th July. A fantastic event where we have nearly 40 entries! We're hoping for more good weather at that one!! See you at the drags!!