Wild Bunch Website Information

Welcome to the new Wild Bunch Website

Welcome to the long overdue overhaul of the Wild Bunch Website. Please read this and enjoy the new website.

Registration and Login

Unfortunately, existing members will need to register again for the new site. It was not possible to carry the existing registrations across. You can register and log in using the links at the top of each page.

On the plus side, the new registration brings you more interactive features. You can manage your own password, details and even themes in the 'My Account' section and upload your own images to the gallery now and add titles to existing images.

There will be more new features as I get around to writing them so please suggest anything you think might be good, or give me feedback on what is here already and how it can be improved.


The Gallery is now interactive and registered members can upload images with titles and add titles to the existing images.

Initial images are used by kind permission of the photographers and we want to respect their hard work. Every image you upload must include the name of the photographer and optionally a link to their website, which will be used as a credit when the image is viewed. Please DO NOT grab images from other websites and upload them here without the photogarphers permission.

Photographers - If you see an image you own in the gallery without permission or not properly credited, you can report it to us using the link beneath every image.

Message Boards

With the rise of social media, we didnt feel that there was much call for the message boards on the new site. Other than for Claire sharing news you can count the number of new posts over the last couple of years on one hand.

The message board itself is still available, from a link on the home page so existing news and posts can be viewed, but it is closed to new posts.

Social Media

Many of the event result, points and news pages now have buttons available to registered members to share them on your facebook and twitter.

Future developments

Coming soon(ish) to the site, in no particular order