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Fall Nationals at The National Finals October 6 - 7

The 'Fall Nationals' at the UK National Finals was the 8th event of the WB season. It was Wild Bunch Series Round 6 (Final), Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge Series Round 8 (Final) and the 3rd round of the Springbridge MSA Challenge (Final). There was a field of 5 Wild Bunch cars: 1 Altered, 3 Slingshots and a Funny Car.
Wild Bunch Points
159Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered9
212Mark & Philippa TurtonLegion / Bitchcraft7
345Phil JamesRampage5
478Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker3
591Bob HawkinsTime Traveller II 1
MSA Points
159Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered500
212Mark & Philippa TurtonLegion / Bitchcraft300
345Phil JamesRampage200
478Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker100
591Bob HawkinsTime Traveller II 10
Spot Prizes
WB NoTeam/DriverCarDetail
Closest To Dial-In59Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered0.404 off
Best Reaction59Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered0.182
Best Engineered59Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered
Best Appearing Team78Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker
Best Appearing Car78Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker

Sadly Saturday's weather started with a little drizzle and unfortunately remained wet throughout the day until early evening, so no qualifying could take place. The officials put emergency qualifying measures in place for all of the 'all run classes', so names were drawn out of an envelope for qualifying positions. Amazing that Phil James qualifies first, even when he doesn't even run! Sunday dawned dry and fine though cool, and the weather stayed good all day, though cooling rapidly towards evening. Due to several delays and being further down the running order, we did not get our first round until 4pm!! We got all 3 rounds of eliminations completed, including the Final in the dark at 7:00pm, so it was a great way to finish off the season with some good racing.

Huge commiserations to Bob Hawkins and team, as the amazing 'Time Traveller II' was shut down after Bob's one and only brilliant burnout, for a small fluid leak. What a huge shame after Bob's gargantuan effort building another strong motor up in between events! Just cannot express the amount of hard work and perseverance he and the team did and had just to be there! And so very sorry not to see Bob finish the season on what promised to be another fantastic 6-second pass. Well done on all he did to get there, and all the very best of luck for next season to Bob and the whole team!!

It was quite a trying weekend all round with no racing Saturday, emergency qualifying and a long wait for the rounds, but all the teams kept their spirits up and once again did themselves proud!! The one PB was: Callum Swinchatt in 'Pryzm Altered' 142.61mph. Highlights of the small but excellent field of Wild Bunch this weekend included the great spirit and camaraderie amongst all the Bunch, all eliminations being completed, a first time event winner, first time other finalist, and a first time Wild Bunch Series winner.

Huge thanks to all the Santa Pod marshals and officials, track and safety crews and organisers for all their hard work as always!! They worked extra hard all day Sunday in the face of a long trying day, and a great tribute to get some qualifiers and all of the eliminations in. It was great to finish off the season with a full day of racing! Really nice to see all the marshals and crew lined up to present one trophy each to all the event winners, a really nice touch, and hope they can have a well-deserved rest!

Big Congratulations to Phil and team who have Won the Wild Bunch Series for their first ever time! WB 1 will sure look nice on the back of the 'Rampage' funny car next season!! Huge well done to Keith Crampton on his 2nd Place finish, another great Top 4 result for him! (837!) Another huge well done to Mark Coulsell and team who have finished in 3rd place, amazingly Mark's first ever Top 4 Wild Bunch finish after all these years!! Hooray!! Brilliant job and well done to all of Team Ratchet Strap, as they have finished a great 4th place in the Wild Bunch Series, their first ever Top 4! Well done all round to all the Top 4!! The other Top 10 winners remain as before the event, so very well done and congratulations to: 5th place Team B-Sting, 6th place James Auld, 7th place Pete Huckle, 8th place Rob & Pete Brown, 9th place Jim Tanner and 10th place Terry Clifford! And Many Congratulations to Phil and team who have also won the 2018 'Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge' and 'Springbridge MSA Challenge' Series!! Their third MSA title! Well done to them!! Including the Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series win, this makes it a clean sweep on all 4 Series this year for the 'Rampage' team! Great achievement! Fair play folks! Best Wishes to you all.