Current top points in Wild Bunch, Spirit of Nostalgia, Springbridge and SPRC Series after Hot Rod Drags

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Hi folks


Just a quick update to let you know the current Top 10 in the Wild Bunch Series, after the results from the Hot Rod Drags, and with just one round left, the National Finals this coming weekend. So all the Top 4 places will come down to the wire! And there could still be some changes in the rest of the Top 10, after the National Finals! With 8 teams entered, there are a maximum of 9 points available.


Wild Bunch Series Current Top 10


1st Place:  Phil James, WB 1, Rampage, 29 points (needs to drop round)

2nd Place: Rob & Pete Brown, WB 21, Rebel, 26 points (needs to drop round)

3rd Place: Callum Swinchatt, WB 59, Kings NW, 21 points (needs to drop round)

4th Place: James Auld, WB 316, Little Fauss, 20 points 


5th Place:  Mark Coulsell, WB 3, Ballbreaker, 19 points

6th Place: Jim Tanner, WB 86, Shindigger, 18 points

7th Place: Keith Crampton, WB 2, Soul Town Shaker, 17 points (needs to drop round)

=8th Place: Mick Hillier, WB 30, Texas Ranger, 14 points

=8th Place: Robert White, WB 98, Happy Daze, 14 points

10th Place: Craig Larman, WB 41, The Ferret, 14 points




Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge Series Current Top 6 


1st Place: Callum Swinchatt, 46 points (needs to drop a round)

2nd Place: Phil James, 43 points (needs to drop a round)

3rd Place: Rob & Pete Brown, 37 points (needs to drop a round)

4th Place: Mark Coulsell, 28 points

5th Place: Keith Crampton, 27 points

6th Place: Philippa Turton, 26 points

(all are entered in the Finals). As you can see it is soooo close in the race for 4th place.  With 8 teams entered, there are a maximum of 9 points available.


The Springbridge MSUK Challenge is led by Callum on 1530 points, 2nd Phil -1000, 3rd Mark - 900, 4th Philippa -840


The Santa Pod Racers Club Championship is the same Top 4 with each also having 100 extra bonus points.


With 8 teams entered, there are a maximum of 620 points available (plus for SPRC a 100 point bonus for attending all rounds (all 4 above are entered)).


Looking forward to the Grand Finale this weekend!!!! Wow!!


:-) :-)


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