Brief results from the 'Summer Showdown' at the Mopars 2nd - 4th August

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Hi folks,


Just a brief post to let you all know the winners from the Wild Bunch ‘Summer Showdown’ at the ‘Mopar Nationals’ on 2nd – 4th August. The Wild Bunch had 14 teams participating at the weekend. It was a great event! Pretty laid back and a good atmosphere, and the queues were not big, especially on Sunday. Many thanks to the Mopar organisers for agreeing for us to run at this event! The weather was pretty good all weekend, and not too warm. There were only just a few spots of rain near the end which soon went away! So we were very lucky! We did get 4 full rounds of racing in during Sunday, by about 10 past 4, so a really good day! Well done and big thanks to all the hard working track crew and marshals and officials.


The winners were:


1st Place: Phil James in ‘Rampage’ .048 average (another great win!)

2nd Place: Pete & Rob Brown in ‘Rebel’ .057 average (great performance!)

3rd Place: Keith Crampton in ‘Soul Town Shaker’ .068 average (another great Top 4 result!) 

4th Place: Steve Field in ‘Black Pig Too’.186 average (great to see Steve back in the Top 4!)


Spot Prize winners were:

Closest to Dial-in: Pete Brown in ‘Rebel’.0081 off!! (and Rob was .0088 off in Round 4!)

Best Reaction: Keith Crampton in ‘Soul Town Shaker’ .102

Best Burnout: Steve Field in ‘Black Pig Too’

Best Altered: Alan Loten & Steve Williams with ‘Paranoia’  (fantastic to see them back!)

Best Slingshot: Steve Heaven in ‘Tight Fit’

Best Appearing Team: Rob White & the Smilers in ‘Happy Daze’

Most Improved MPH: Andy Clifford in ‘Snake Eyes’ 20mph improvement

Driver's Choice: Andy Clifford in ‘Snake Eyes’


And the many PB’s were:


Mick Hillier in ‘Texas Ranger’ 9.06 / 142

Steve Heaven in ‘Tight Fit’ 8.388 /157

Andy Clifford in ‘Snake Eyes’ 9.877 / 131

Jim Tanner in ‘Shindigger’ 9.290

Ollie H-Smith in ‘Couped Up’ 11.468 / 113


The full field was:


  • Phil James in ‘Rampage’ (more good consistent runs from Phil, another great win!)
  • Keith Crampton in ‘Soul Town Shaker’ (dialled in blind and earned another solid Top 4!)
  • Rob & Pete Brown in ‘Rebel’ (great consistency Saturday also between the 2 drivers, great result!)
  • Mick Hillier in ‘Texas Ranger’ (strong runs, another PB, but then commiserations on a blown gasket)
  • Callum Swinchatt in ‘Przym Altered’ (three 8.94’s on the Saturday! Commiserations on a blown inlet manifold gasket on Round 1)
  • Steve Heaven in ‘Tight Fit’ (uncle Dave also drove Friday and brill 9.1! Steve had fantastic PB in the low 8’s! commiserations on the punctures!)
  • Alan Loten in ‘Paranoia’ (great to see Alan and Steve back with the rebuilt engine; sadly a missing second gear sidelined them for the event!)
  • Andy Jackson in ‘Hammerman 2’ (well done to the team on getting the car fixed, a nice run and then had to fix it at the track again; well done on the successful fireup, but so sorry it was too late for round 4 after working all day!)
  • Steve Field in ‘Black Pig Too’ (repairs between events and dialled in blind, for a great Top 4!)
  • Andy Clifford in ‘Snake Eyes’ (a great performance and some unexpected but brilliant 9’s!)
  • Jim Tanner in ‘Shindigger’ (strong 9’s including a great new PB! Team having fun as always!)
  • Ollie H-Smith in ‘Couped Up’ (A fantastic Wild Bunch debut!! 3 improving runs on the Sunday! Well done to him and crew Mark & Lee Hartnell for all their hard work to get the car there!!)
  • Robert White in ‘Happy Daze’ (nice to see the team with smiley face t-shirts to match their smiley dispositions; great to see Rob back in the 12’s)
  • James Auld in ‘Little Fauss’ (testing on Friday, some good runs and improving throughout)

Congratulations to all those with PB’s and winning performances, and commiserations to all those with breakages and problems which we hope can be fixed soon!!


Highlights of the weekend include as always the amazing group of people and cars!  The weather was fine and we completed 4 rounds for the first time this year. Well done to all the Bunch on another great show! Thanks to everyone at Santa Pod & the Mopar guys for all their hard work during the weekend! It was a really good event!


All the best



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