Updated Covid-19 coronovirus information relating to racing 17th March

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Hi folks,

I am just passing on the latest information from Motorsport UK, direct from their website, as at Tuesday, 17th March. The Santa Pod Raceway website also now has a dedicated page, linked from their home page, and I would expect to see this more recent news reflected on there later or tomorrow. Currently this only applies until 30th April, so our first events of 'Springspeed Nationals' and 'Nostalgia Nationals' in early May are not yet affected, but as you will be well aware by now, things are changing almost daily. Do keep in touch with the news from the official channels of Motorsport UK and Santa Pod Raceway and Santa Pod Racers Club, for the correct news and important information. Wishing you all the very best. Stay positive and stay well. All the best, Claire https://www.motorsportuk.org/motorsport-uk-covid-19-update/

Please also see: https://santapod.co.uk/index.php and click on the Coronavirus update page.


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