Winners and News from the 27th Annual Wild Bunch Prize Presentation Dinner Dance

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27th Annual Wild Bunch Prize Presentation

Hi folks!

What an amazing evening we all had at our Annual Prize Presentation Dinner Dance at Drayton Manor in Tamworth!!  Another excellent event, celebrating our 27th season!!

Paul Wright & Barry Bohannon were our fantastic MCs for the evening. Mark Hartnell & Claire Meaddows did most of the trophy presenting. Messages were read noting some highlights of the year and welcoming all our guests. Our sponsors during the season were thanked, most notably Bob Hawkins of Springbridge Direct Ltd for his ongoing great support over the last 11 years!

Flowers were sponsored and presented to Hayley and Claire by Rob & Pete Brown on behalf of the Wild Bunch, for their services, Hayley as Secretary, and Claire as Race Co-ordinator, Treasurer and General Manager. Many thanks to them!

Gifts were given to all the lovely ladies attending (thanks to Keith and the Marras for presenting these to the ladies!). These were assembled and largely sponsored by Hayley Fyfe of the Burnout Boutique and Wrathchild & Rebel Racing. Huge thanks to Hayley for this kind gesture!

The Series winners were awarded their well-earned trophies:

27th Annual Wild Bunch Series

1st Place:        Dan Wilson               “Antique Toy”                                   

2nd Place:       Pete & Rob Brown  “Rebel”

3rd Place:       James Auld               “Little Fauss”

4th Place:       Phil James                “Rampage”

5th Place:       Bob Hawkins             “Time Traveller II”
6th Place:      
Paul Tarry                   “Trigger’s Broom”

7th Place:       Andy Roy                    “Shawcrank Redemption”

8th Place:        Ian Wild                       “WildScat”

9th Place:   Rob & Pete Brown       “Wrathchild”
=10th Place: Keith Crampton          “SoulTown Shaker”
=10th Place: Jim Tanner                  “Shindigger”
=10th Place: Rich Butcher              “4orth Dimension”

8th Annual Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge Series

1st Place:        Phil James                “Rampage”

2nd Place:       Rob & Pete Brown  “Rebel”

3rd Place:       Dan Wilson               “Antique Toy”

4th Place:       Bob Hawkins             “Time Traveller II”

25th Annual Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series

1st Place:        Dan Wilson              “Antique Toy”

2nd Place:       James Auld              “Little Fauss”

3rd Place:       Pete & Rob Brown    “Rebel”

4th Place:        Phil James               “Rampage”

11th Annual Springbridge MSUK Challenge Series   

Winner:          Phil James                “Rampage”

[The following trophies will be presented in February at the SPRC Prizegiving:]

4th Annual Santa Pod Racers Club Championship for Wild Bunch

Winner:             Phil James             “Rampage”   

Runner-up:  Bob Hawkins             “Time Traveller II”


Commemorative presentations were given for:

Hayley Fyfe -  for being Wild Bunch Secretary and co-ordinating the Raffle and Ladies Gifts.


Claire Meaddows  -  for being Wild Bunch Race Co-ordinator & Treasurer & General Manager

Many thanks ladies!!



Big Bang Trophy  -              Alan Loten & Steve Williams           WB 69 “Paranoia”                                                                         

Fastest time by a British-engined dragster-  Alan Loten   WB 69   “Paranoia”  9.883 Dragstalgia

(Sponsored by Martin Holgate)                                            (+ 9.927 Dragstalgia  backup)

Fastest MPH          Bob Hawkins      WB 91    “Time Traveller II”   200.68 mph  Hot Rod Drags

 (+ 199.00 mph  backup Hot Rod Drags) 

Quickest E.T.     -      Bob Hawkins      WB 91    “Time Traveller II”     6.717 Hot Rod Drags

                                                              (+ 6.736 backup Hot Rod Drags) 

Best Newcomer  -                 Andy Roy                   WB 89 “Shawcrank Redemption”

Best Radical/Dragster  -        Phil James                WB 2               “Rampage”

Best Slingshot  -                   Steve Field                 WB 76 “Black Pig Too”

Best Altered  -                       Paul Tarry                  WB 113           “Trigger’s Broom”      

Best Turned Out  -               Team Little Fauss     WB 316           “Little Fauss”                                                                                                       

Perseverance Award -          Wayne Colliver          WB 19          “Misfit”  

Best Achiever -                     Dan Wilson                WB 3               “Antique Toy”

Derek & Brenda Annable trophy -  Team Econorail    WB 75     “Hammerman II”

‘Crazy Chris’ Showmanship -  Keith Crampton   WB 78    “Soul Town Shaker”        

Crew of the Year -               Matt Lisley                          WB 2        “Rampage”

Driver Dave Memorial Bell – presented by Dave Williams to Bob Hawkins

(Kept Calm and Carried on)             (on behalf of Angie Woods & Warren Rowlands)

Scottie Durrant -         Alan Loten & Steve Williams WB 69         “Paranoia”

(Above & Beyond Award)

Personal Achievement -       Ford Skipp                WB 65 “Chasin’ Time”

     (Daddy Cool Sag)

C & C Sportsperson  - Wayne Colliver                  WB 19 “Misfit”



The 2022 winner, Bob Hawkins, presented the Shield to the 2023 winner:

James Auld   WB 316  Team “Little Fauss”

Huge Congratulations to James and the team on this achievement!! Very well deserved!!



Here is the full writeup with the citations of all of the Merit Awards:

Big Bang Trophy  

Alan Loten & Steve Williams       Paranoia”  

Alan and Steve had only just got their car back out after several issues over the last couple of years. They had modified various aspects of their setup and were making steady progress in the early events, successfully getting back into the 9-second range. However the car started experiencing a drop in performance and the good old Jag engine suffered extensive top end and some piston and bore damage! Not an easy fix when you are running such a rare historic combination!! Many commiserations boys! We wish you all the very best of luck for the rebuild and next season!!

Quickest E.T.  [The driver must attend at least 4 events and back up the ET within 2%]

Bob Hawkins      “Time Traveller II”   

Once again Bob had to contend with several breakages on his awesome slingshot this season! However, he characteristically persevered and it was great to see him firmly back in the 6’s, recording a 6.717 at the Hot Rod Drags. He backed this ET up, with a 6.736 also at the Hot Rod Drags! Well done Bob!!

Fastest MPH  [The driver must attend at least 4 events and back up the speed within 2%]

Bob Hawkins      “Time Traveller II”   

Bob overcame numerous issues during the year, but kept trying as always and was rewarded with a 200.68 mph run at the Hot Rod Drags. He backed this up within 2%, with a 199.00 mph pass, also at the Hot Rod Drags. Fantastic to see Bob back over 200mph again!!

Bob Hawkins      “Time Traveller II” 

Fastest time by a British-engined dragster  (the Martin Holgate award)

[The driver must attend at least 2 events and back up the ET within 2%]

Alan Loten       Paranoia”       

It was great to see Alan back in the 9’s with a 9.883 at Dragstalgia in his Jag-powered “Paranoia” altered. He backed this up within 2% with a 9.927! Hooray!!

The Roy Wilding ‘Best Newcomer’ Award    

Andy Roy       Shawcrank Redemption”             

Andy is a keen new member and has been around drag racing for some time with his family, and helped crew for his brother Tim.  He made his debut this year with his own beautifully turned out period correct slingshot. Throughout the season he gradually got a handle on the car, improving every event, and by the end of the year, he had run a fantastic PB of 10.289 @ 127.22 mph and finished in a strong 7th place in the Wild Bunch Series in only his 1st attempt! Well done and Welcome!

BEST VEHICLES         These 3 categories of Best Vehicle trophies are chosen this year by commentator Colin Theobald, who judges the winners on high standards of presentation, appearance and performance. Thanks to Colin for presenting these awards

Best Radical or Rear-engine Dragster      

Phil James               Rampage  

Our winner this year is a beautiful and very well turned out car, photogenic from every angle!  Phil and the team competed together at 5 events. The able and ever supportive crew assisted Phil in winning 3 races and 1 runner-up place! The team won the Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge, the Springbridge MSUK Challenge and the SPRC Championship in Wild Bunch! Very well done!

Best Slingshot

Steve Field           Black Pig Too         

This Slingshot is an absolutely amazingly well turned out stunning-looking period correct nostalgic car, competing at 4 events this season! The team have smart teamwear matching the unique Mondrian painted car body and are a fantastic crew, fielding a professionally prepared slingshot! Steve had a 2nd and a 4th place finish this year, and ran an incredible PB of 8.081!

Best Altered   

Paul Tarry                Trigger’s Broom” 

This altered has quite a lot of history behind it, although the driver Paul is still fairly new to the Wild Bunch. He has competed in 4 events this year steadily improving the car’s performance and becoming more consistent, being rewarded with a 2nd place. He finished a strong 6th in the Wild Bunch Series.

The Roy Wilding ‘Best Turned Out’ Award

James Auld & Team        “Little Fauss”

James and the team have put a lot of effort into the appearance of their car and crew wear, and it really shows, winning a ‘Best Appearing Team’ Spot Prize along the way.  They can be spotted from a distance in their bright co-ordinating crew outfits, and have also improved the appearance of their historic dragster. James has achieved his highest placings so far, finishing in 3rd in the Wild Bunch Series & 2nd in the Roy Wilding Series. This really reflects the team’s professional approach to the performance & appearance of the car.

Perseverance Award      

Wayne Colliver      “Misfit”           

Wayne fields a beautifully well-turned out period perfect car and approaches his racing in a very professional way, always trying his utmost to improve the car. He ran a strong PB in the 9’s a couple of years ago, but since then the car has experienced a drop in performance. He has constantly tried all he can to fix the issues, always with a permanent smile on his face! In the meantime, he has gone out of his way to help others with their cars, including building chassis to a high standard. Unfortunately at the end of the season, he discovered considerable damage to the cam and more, so we really hope he can bounce back once again stronger and faster. Best of luck!!                 

Best  Achiever

Dan Wilson      Antique Toy

Dan is a relative newcomer to the Wild Bunch and has followed on from his successes last season, his debut year, very capably supported by his family team.  He took part in 4 events this year and WON two and finished 4th in another.  He ran PB’s of 10.087 @ 126.51 mph during the season in his consistent slingshot. He has WON the Wild Bunch Series in only his 2nd year of racing, and has also WON the Roy Wilding Series for the 2nd time in a row! Great achievements! Many Congratulations!!

Derek & Brenda Annable Trophy

(There is also £25 for the winners)

This award was initiated by Derek & Brenda to be presented to a ‘couple’ or partnership who are committed to Drag Racing, and demonstrate the family spirit of the Wild Bunch.

Andy Jackson, Karen James & Tara Soul of Team Econorail

Last year’s winners Wayne, Anthony & Phil Colliver and Rich King of Colliver King Racing chose the 2023 winners. They write:  ………

We were chuffed to bits to have received this award last year and now the time has come for us to nominate a new sideboard for it to sit on. We have been so lucky to have had so much help and advice from so many people this past year, again, but we have come to a unanimous decision to recognise the “Spirit of Racing” in the Econorail team. The team of three regulars - Andy, Karen and Tara have had more than their fair share of hurdles and obstacles with their historic 50-year-old racecar. With unshakeable determination and positivity, they return meeting after meeting, year after year to rectify and overcome, chasing a return to form and new PBs. I have to wait in line to chat to these guys as the car is iconic, but they always have time for their fans, no matter how hard they are working. Truly a great team who we believe are worthy custodians for this award. 

‘Crazy Chris’ Showmanship Award       

A tribute to Chris’ entertainment & the great show he’s always put on!

Keith Crampton      Soul Town Shaker”

Keith has a long history in drag racing, going back to crewing for some very well-known people ‘back in the day’ including Roz Prior!  He has fielded an absolutely immaculately turned out slingshot for over a decade and is a prominent member of the Wild Bunch. He wears a nostalgia face mask and his period correct car is stunning and a real credit to him, with such attention to detail and a great team theme, including a well decorated pit area! The paintwork on the car is spectacular and period correct. Whenever on the startline, Keith always puts on a great show, and is assisted by a cast of dozens of regular crew who are always well dressed and very much add to the display! He runs a very popular car & is a well-loved entertainer! Plus he’s back in the Top 10!

Crew of the Year Shield

Celebrating crews’ hard work, achievements & dedication!

Matt Lisley      Team ‘Rampage’   

This year’s winner has been a faithful and constant support to his team, and nothing is ever too much trouble for him! He is friendly and helpful and polite, and a very nice humble young man!!  It has been noted that he is always ‘happy to get stuck in’ wherever he is needed and he can always be counted on! Phil, as driver, knows he can always rely on Matt’s assistance and professionalism and calm manner and never has to think twice. Our winner is a real credit to his team and indeed the whole Wild Bunch! Many thanks!

Driver Dave Memorial Bell – Kept Calm and Carried On!   

Dave Williams decided the winner of this special award in memory of Dave Rowlands, and on behalf of Angie Woods & Warren Rowlands

Bob Hawkins

Dave gave a speech about Bob and the reasons he chose him for this award, including his never-give-up attitude to racing his amazing car, and that he always keeps calm in the face of any issues, of which this year there have been many! Dave then presented the bell to Bob.

The Scottie Durrant ‘Above and Beyond’ Award 

Alan Loten & Steve Williams       Paranoia”       

The winners this year truly sum up the spirit of this award. They have been through many trials and tribulations in the pursuit of excellence with their unique vehicle! Alan and Steve spent some time over the last couple of years, waiting for parts, and then a considerable amount of time modifying the car and its systems to simplify and improve its running. Both of the members of this team have had to deal with health problems in recent years, and have carried on in their usual philosophical way. It has been fantastic to see them back out running again! They competed in 4 events this season and it was great to see the initial performance improving, with the driver firmly back in the 9’s! Unfortunately the car suffered damage at the last event this year, which is another setback this team took in their stride, and are carrying on with their usual perseverance! We wish them well bouncing back and really look forward to seeing the cat well and truly roar again!

Daddy Cool (Sags) Personal Achievement  Shield 

Ford Skipp   Chasin’ Time

This award goes to a young man who has really excelled this year! He has grown up around the Wild Bunch, helping and watching his Dad race, and this year he took the butterfly of his Dad’s beautiful slingshot, after only recently passing his driving test! Ford went from strength to strength during the season, improving all the time. He always did exactly what he was told by the crew, and gave excellent feedback on the car’s performance. It was remarkable how well he took to driving and how competent and confident he has been.  He participated in 3 events and ran a string of PB’s culminating in an absolutely fantastic 9.207 @147.19mph.  All this at only the tender age of 18! A brilliant achievement! Many Congratulations to him!! Very well done!! We can’t wait to see what he does next season!!

C & C  Sportsperson Award

Wayne Colliver and Team    “Misfit”     

Our winner this year is a really popular, likeable friendly guy! He helps out others constantly and nothing is ever too much trouble. He has had a string of issues with getting his car to run right, but keeps trying, time after time, and always smiling. He is a real humble guy, who is supportive of those around him, and part of a wonderful family who also go out of their way to help others. Wayne perseveres throughout all the car issues, and keeps on trying to improve. He is very sportsmanlike and enjoys seeing others succeed, and if there is anything he can do to help them, the he does. A huge thanks to this guy and very best of luck with the rebuild!! And the new build!!


Don Garlits ‘Spirit of Drag Racing’ Shield 2023

Story of the Shield 

This award was instigated in 1996, when Roy Wilding wrote to ‘BIG’ himself seeking permission to name a trophy in his honour. Don Garlits duly replied, writing on Roy’s letter simply … “Sounds OK to me!”   To be eligible, a team must have participated in at least 4 events during the season. A winner may not repeat within 5 years. The ‘Spirit of Drag Racing’ Shield is presented for many reasons which are all demonstrated by our winner!!

2023 Winner:  James Auld of Team “Little Fauss”

This year’s winner has been a keen member of the Wild Bunch for several years now.  He took part in 4 events this season. As well as participating in another form of motorsport in his spare time! Over the years he has done as much as he can to improve the appearance and performance of his much cherished car. He has built a great team around him who are supportive and as keen as he is to do as well as they possibly can. The driver likes to put on a show and took part in this year’s Cracklefest, helping represent the Wild Bunch. The team have some fantastic looking crew wear, and are regularly seen together walking around the pits. They are a very professional appearing team and this is also reflected in the improvement with the car and its performance. The driver had a PB speed during the year of 110.05 mph after an engine refresh. He accomplished 2nd and 3rd place event finishes and has achieved his highest placing so far, finishing in 3rd in the Wild Bunch Series and 2nd in the Roy Wilding Series. James has shown great commitment to the Wild Bunch and is a great ambassador for the club! Well done!!



Many Congratulations to all of our winners! Well done on all your achievements!  Looking forward to next season already, for an amazing 28th Anniversary year of The Wild Bunch!! Best wishes to you all!!     


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