Brief news from the 'Nostalgia Nationals' on 10th - 12th May

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Hi everybody


Here are the brief results from the 26th Nostalgia Nationals at Santa Pod, 10th – 12th May. This event was Wild Bunch Series Round 1, Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge Round 2 and Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Round 1.


The Wild Bunch had a total of 23 teams participating in the event with 21 taking part in the rounds on Sunday, and it was a great weekend! Friday was a test day and at least 6 drivers took the opportunity to run their cars. The weather was ok for parts of the day but there was some rain and hail in the afternoon!! Saturday started wet though the track crew worked hard and there was only an hour delay to the start. A couple minor stoppages through the day, but not bad. Many drivers got 2 runs or more, with one making 5! The weather improved Sunday we had 3 great rounds of racing!! There were many PB’s during the weekend! The track crews worked hard so huge thanks to all the marshals and officials and everyone at Santa Pod and Thanks also the NSRA for all their hard work! Much appreciated!


Here are the results:


1st Place: Mark Coulsell in ‘Ballbreaker’ .059 average
2nd Place: Phil James in ‘Rampage’ .071 average
3rd Place: Craig Larman in ‘The Ferret’ .095

4th Place: Callum Swinchatt in ‘Kings N/W’ Topo  .110 average


Here are the Spot Prizes that were awarded:-


Closest to Dial-in: Dr Faye Hern, ‘DaddyCool’, .002 off
Most Improved E.T.: Alan Skipp in ‘Cheap Thrills’ .61 second improvement (!)
Best Slingshot: Brian Watson, ‘Interest Free’ (welcome!)
Best Altered: Leo Knight, Topo altered (welcome!)
Best Burnout: Callum Swinchatt, ‘Kings N/W’
Best Appearing Car: Graham Rawlings in ‘Little Digger’
Best Appearing Team: Team B-Sting
NSRA Prize for the ‘Quickest Wild Bunch’: Mark Coulsell, ‘Ballbreaker’, 8.143!


The full line-up was:


Phil James in ‘Rampage’ (great low 9-second runs)
Keith Crampton in ‘Soul Town Shaker’ (real shame a fuse problem made he missed the first round!)
Mark Coulsell in ‘Ballbreaker’ (3 pb’s in the 8.1s Sunday!)
Skippy in ‘Cheap Thrills’ (fantastic pb’s in the 9.0’s!!)
Philippa Turton in ‘Bitchcraft’ (back on form)
Wayne Colliver in ‘Misfit’ (hope for better luck next time)
Rob Brown in ‘Rebel’ (Congrats to Rob on gaining his MSUK licence!)
Bradley Cooper in ‘Back from the Past’ (great to see him and Dad and Denise our racing again!)
Mick Hillier in ‘Texas Ranger’ (glad to see improving runs)
Brian Watson in ‘Interest Free’ (welcome!)
Craig Larman in ‘The Ferret’ (plus son Jacob enjoying the weekend!)
Leo Knight in the Topo altered (welcome!)
Callum Swinchatt in ‘Kings N/W’ (first 8’s!! 3 in the 8.9’s Sunday!)
Chris Manning in ‘The Villain’ (sounded awesome! Real shame about the input shaft breakage!)
Steve Heaven in ‘Tight Fit’ (sorted one problem but had new ones)
Dr Faye Hern in ‘Daddy Cool’
(fab to see the whole team back & with brill new team shirts designed & made by Faye!!)

Graham Rawlings in ‘Little Digger’ (great runs, then first ever 9!!)
Jim Tanner in ‘Shindigger’ (well done to Savannah on her beautiful BUG debut!)
Rob White in ‘Happy Daze’ (great to see the smiley team back out!)
Bob Morgan in ‘B-Sting’ (great pb’s in the 10.0’s!)
Dan Boone in ‘American Pie’ ( Happy 50th Dan!! Improving throughout)
Paul Tarry in ‘Trigger’s Broom’ (welcome!)
James Auld in ‘Little Fauss’ (pleasantly surprised by low 12-second pb’s)


The large number of PB’s included:


Phil James in ‘Rampage’ 9.282 (non Nitrous)
Mark Coulsell in ‘Ballbreaker’ 8.143
Skippy in ‘Cheap Thrills’ 9.049 / 144.36
Rob Brown in ‘Rebel’ 8.525 / 159.04
Mick Hillier in ‘Texas Ranger’ 9.193
Craig Larman in ‘The Ferret’ 10.425 / 122.87
Leo Knight in the altered 8.190
Callum Swinchatt in ‘Kings N/W’ 8.902 / 147.61
Graham Rawlings in ‘Little Digger’ 9.996 (Congrats on their first 9!!)
Bob Morgan in ‘B-Sting’ 10.036
James Auld in ‘Little Fauss’ 12.282


Big Congratulations to all these teams on their achievements!! A fantastic start to your season!!


Commiserations this weekend go to Wayne Colliver who discovered a crack in his chassis, Bradley and Ken with ignition problems), Steve Heaven with various niggles in ‘Tight Fit’, Chris Manning with an input shaft breakage, Team Daddy Cool on their spring retainer breakage after Faye did so well in Round 1! Hope they can all get fixed and be back out real soon!! Very Best of luck folks!!


Also, big commiserations to our ‘Crazy Chris’, who after a 5-year break was on his way back to the track with ‘Backdraft’ only to suffer a breakdown in the Winne and had to be recovered home 😞 So gutted! But he hopes to be out for Dragstalgia! To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of ‘Malibu Express’ and 25th year of ‘Backdraft’!!! All the best my love!!!  smile


Highlights of the weekend included the large field of great quality cars, some great match racing, all the brilliant cars and people, and most of all, a fantastic show from all of the Wild Bunch!!


It was a great ‘Nostalgias Nationals’! Thanks again to everyone at Santa Pod and the NSRA for all their hard work. Many Congratulations to all those who ran great PB’s at the weekend and all our prize winners! Well done to all the Wild Bunch teams, who put on a fabulous show this weekend. An excellent group of cars and people!! smile


Wild Bunch and Roy Wilding Series points:


[aka, ‘Here are the points from the Northern Ireland jury’! Lol!]....


1st Place: Mark Coulsell in ‘Ballbreaker’, 9 points
2nd Place: Phil James in ‘Rampage’ , 7 points
3rd Place: Craig Larman in ‘The Ferret’ , 6 points

4th Place: Callum Swinchatt in ‘Kings N/W’ Topo, 5 points


Anyone who did all 3 rounds: 4 points
Anyone who did 2 rounds: 3 points
Anyone who did 1 round: 2 point

Anyone who turned up but couldn’t race Sunday: 1 point

All the best



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