2019 Wild Bunch Series Top 10 Winners

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Hi folks,

Here are the winners of the 2019 Wild Bunch Series, the 24th great year!!:

Wild Bunch Series

1st Place:       Phil James               WB 1    ‘Rampage’   – 29 points      

2nd Place:       Rob & Pete Brown   WB 21   ‘Rebel’         - 26 points 

3rd Place:       Callum Swinchatt    WB 59   ‘Kings N/W’  – 21 points

4th Place:       Mark Coulsell          WB 3     ‘Ballbreaker’  - 20 points  (one win, one 5th place)


Big congratulations to Phil James and the whole team on the win, their second Wild Bunch title in a row, retaining that number WB 1!! And big Congratulations to Rob & Pete on a fantastic Runner-up finish!! Many Congratulations to Callum and team on a great 3rd place, and Mark on a close 4th place, only his second ever time in the Wild Bunch Top 4! Very well done to all!! 


And the rest of the fantastic Top 10 are:

5th Place:      James Auld         WB 316    ‘Little Fauss’     – 20 points  (one 2nd place)
6th Place:      Jim Tanner          WB 86      ‘Shindigger’       - 18 points

7th Place:      Keith Crampton   WB 2        ‘Soul Town Shaker’ – 17 points

=8th Place:    Mick Hillier          WB 30      ‘Texas Ranger’    – 14 points
=8th Place:    Rob White           WB 98      ‘Happy Daze’      – 14 points
10th Place:    Craig Larman       WB 41      ‘The Ferret’         – 14 points (less events than 8th place teams)


Congratulations to all these teams! Another fantastic season!! Well done everyone!!





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