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Series Results for 2017

Wild Bunch Series
(Best 6 of 7 to count)
14Team B-StingB-Sting46
286Jim TannerShindigger34
33Pete & Rob BrownWrathchild28
412Mark & Philippa TurtonLegion / Bitchcraft26
51Keith CramptonSoul Town Shaker25
667Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction24
772Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool21
88Mark Coulsell&Steve CassisiBallbreaker21
913Michael KenwayGrease Monkey18
1066Team Ratchet StrapCheap Thrills18
1177Andy StonesStoned17
1245Phil JamesRampage17
1325Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection17
1491Bob HawkinsTime Traveller II 14
1517Gina DurrantTiki Munki13
-50Steve BinghamSneaky Blinder13
1768Mick GleadowJurassic Parts 211
1876Steve Field Black Pig Too10
1957Neil WardAndromeda9
2030Mick HillierTexas Ranger8
2155Alan LloydGonzo The Great8
21101Steven EastEllie's In Trouble Now8
235Lee HartnellMetal Mistress7
2459Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered7
25888Des TaylorThundergod7
2660Didier CanicaveFolie Douce6
27626Liz MalcolmJus'4 Fun6
2898Robert WhiteHappy Daze5
-129Tom DavisTD's Slingshot5
3022Bradley CooperBack From The Past4
-41Craig LarmanThe Ferret4
-54Phil Sweeney California Dreamin'4
-83Graham RawlingsRawspeed4
-112Matt FullerOblivion4
-314Steve HudsonIn-Tra-Venous4
-316James AuldLittle Fauss4
-334Hugo VerdeRabid Rat4
-402Valdo WestphalKomatsu4
3949Ian CoulsellAdventure Before Dementia3
4034Jamie FaulknerMoonshine Runner3
-61Chris ManningThe Villain3
-69Alan LotenParanoia3
-90Tom HawkinsTime Traveller I3
-601Luca GovoniThe Earthquake3
-973Christian FreiLinac #23
4664Russ HeavenTight Fit2
47115Paul BambrickAmerican Pie2
4819Wayne ColliverLeviathan1
-56Maurice TakoorSpirit1
Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge
(Best 9 of 10 to count)
14Team B-StingB-Sting51
286Jim TannerShindigger34
345Phil JamesRampage33
467Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction31
525Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection30
61Keith CramptonSoul Town Shaker28
-3Pete & Rob BrownWrathchild28
891Bob HawkinsTime Traveller II 27
912Mark & Philippa TurtonLegion / Bitchcraft26
1072Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool21
-8Mark Coulsell&Steve CassisiBallbreaker21
1290Tom HawkinsTime Traveller I19
1313Michael KenwayGrease Monkey18
-66Team Ratchet StrapCheap Thrills18
1577Andy StonesStoned17
1617Gina DurrantTiki Munki13
-50Steve BinghamSneaky Blinder13
1868Mick GleadowJurassic Parts 211
1976Steve Field Black Pig Too10
-59Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered10
2157Neil WardAndromeda9
2230Mick HillierTexas Ranger8
-626Liz MalcolmJus'4 Fun8
-55Alan LloydGonzo The Great8
-101Steven EastEllie's In Trouble Now8
265Lee HartnellMetal Mistress7
-888Des TaylorThundergod7
2869Alan LotenParanoia6
-60Didier CanicaveFolie Douce6
3098Robert WhiteHappy Daze5
-129Tom DavisTD's Slingshot5
3222Bradley CooperBack From The Past4
-41Craig LarmanThe Ferret4
-54Phil Sweeney California Dreamin'4
-83Graham RawlingsRawspeed4
-112Matt FullerOblivion4
-314Steve HudsonIn-Tra-Venous4
-316James AuldLittle Fauss4
-334Hugo VerdeRabid Rat4
-402Valdo WestphalKomatsu4
4149Ian CoulsellAdventure Before Dementia3
-34Jamie FaulknerMoonshine Runner3
-61Chris ManningThe Villain3
-601Luca GovoniThe Earthquake3
-973Christian FreiLinac #23
4664Russ HeavenTight Fit2
-115Paul BambrickAmerican Pie2
4819Wayne ColliverLeviathan1
-56Maurice TakoorSpirit1
Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series
125Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection17
21Keith CramptonSoul Town Shaker16
-45Phil JamesRampage16
44Team B-StingB-Sting14
567Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction13
68Mark Coulsell&Steve CassisiBallbreaker11
786Jim TannerShindigger9
8626Liz MalcolmJus'4 Fun8
-3Pete & Rob BrownWrathchild8
-12Mark & Philippa TurtonLegion / Bitchcraft8
-17Gina DurrantTiki Munki8
-55Alan LloydGonzo The Great8
-57Neil WardAndromeda8
-101Steven EastEllie's In Trouble Now8
1559Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered7
-77Andy StonesStoned7
-888Des TaylorThundergod7
1860Didier CanicaveFolie Douce6
19129Tom DavisTD's Slingshot5
205Lee HartnellMetal Mistress4
-22Bradley CooperBack From The Past4
-41Craig LarmanThe Ferret4
-50Steve BinghamSneaky Blinder4
-54Phil Sweeney California Dreamin'4
-66Team Ratchet StrapCheap Thrills4
-68Mick GleadowJurassic Parts 24
-83Graham RawlingsRawspeed4
-112Matt FullerOblivion4
-314Steve HudsonIn-Tra-Venous4
-316James AuldLittle Fauss4
-334Hugo VerdeRabid Rat4
-402Valdo WestphalKomatsu4
3349Ian CoulsellAdventure Before Dementia3
-13Michael KenwayGrease Monkey3
-30Mick HillierTexas Ranger3
-34Jamie FaulknerMoonshine Runner3
-61Chris ManningThe Villain3
-72Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool3
-601Luca GovoniThe Earthquake3
-973Christian FreiLinac #23
4176Steve Field Black Pig Too2
-91Bob HawkinsTime Traveller II 2
-98Robert WhiteHappy Daze2
4419Wayne ColliverLeviathan1
-56Maurice TakoorSpirit1
-64Russ HeavenTight Fit1
APIRA Series
145Phil JamesRampage870
225Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection470
391Bob HawkinsTime Traveller II 460
490Tom HawkinsTime Traveller I290
567Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction220
61Keith CramptonSoul Town Shaker200
7626Liz MalcolmJus'4 Fun110
869Alan LotenParanoia20
Springbridge MSA Points Challenge
191Bob HawkinsTime Traveller II 1200
245Phil JamesRampage1140
325Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection810
490Tom HawkinsTime Traveller I800
51Keith CramptonSoul Town Shaker360
-67Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction360
768Mick GleadowJurassic Parts 2310
84Team B-StingB-Sting310
959Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered130
10626Liz MalcolmJus'4 Fun110
1169Alan LotenParanoia20
The Wild Bunch had another great evening at the Annual Prize Presentation Dinner Dance at Drayton Manor on Saturday, 25th November! Another fantastic event, celebrating our 22nd Anniversary season!! Barry Bohannon and Paul Wright were our fabulous comperes for the evening, and we had some special surprises to go along with all our Series and Merit award trophy winners.
Wild Bunch Ladies
Gifts were given to all ladies attending! Flowers were presented to Claire Meaddows, Lynne Coulsell, Hayley Fyfe and Anna Cassisi. Many thanks to Mark Coulsell for his very kind donation!
Ed Yates
received a case of beer for services to the Wild Bunch Website.

Steve Field
received an engraved pocket watch, for Services to the committee in 2015 & 2016, now retired.
Lynne Coulsell
received an ornament for services as Wild Bunch Secretary and extra co-ordination.
Mark Coulsell
received a plaque for services to Wild Bunch committee, extra co-ordinating & pit running.
Claire Meaddows
received a plaque and ornament for services as Wild Bunch Co-ordinator and Treasurer.
Special Presentations
Craig Larman
of 'The Ferret' Team was presented with a red and silver plaque titled 'Proud of your Achievement'. This one-off award is in recognition of the achievement of a young man in paying tribute to his beloved father, and racing his altered in honour of him. He also motivated the rest of the Bunch and led the way in the Cacklefest at Dragstalgia! The citation reads: 'Proud to have The Ferret in the Wild Bunch. Well Done on your Personal Achievement'.
Alan Grimes
of Team 'Daddy Cool' was presented with a special glass star. This was in recognition of achievement during more than 25 years as a loyal Crew Chief. This guy is an 'all-round Top bloke' and has helped many other teams with tuning and knowledgeable advice, and has most notably been steadfast in his dedication and support of his team and driver, and always seeking to improve the car's performance. This year, they together achieved a career-long dream of running 150mph!! He and the whole team are justly proud of this magnificent achievement! The citation reads: 'Congratulations to Alan Grimes, Career Crew Chief Achievement'.
Big Bang Trophy
Lee Hartnell 'Metal Mistress'
This team have suffered more than their fair share of breakages this season, including torching heads and damaging more than one block! The expiry of one block saw a huge flash of flame out of the side of the engine, resulting in a big gap. The boys rebuilt time and time again, and ended the season on a high, improving at the last event and putting in runs. Better luck next season, Lee!!
Fastest time by a British-engined dragster (Martin Holgate award)
Dave 'Sag' Southworth 'Daddy Cool'
Sag ran a strong 9.135 in the team's 'Daddy Cool' Rear-engined dragster at the July Shootout at Shakey. He had backed this ET up within 2% running 9.145 at the Spring Nationals. Huge Congratulations to the whole team on that magic 150mph!
Fastest MPH
Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II' (For the 7th time in a row)
Bob had many trials & tribulations in his 'Time Traveller II' slingshot but kept going and rebuilding and running faster. He recorded a 203.35mph at the National Finals. This was backed up within 2%, with a 200.25mph at the Spring Shootout.
Quickest E.T. (and Class ET Record!)
Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II' (For the 7th time in a row)
Bob ran several PB's during the season in his 'Time Traveller II' slingshot. He recorded his strongest ever 6-second pass, an awesome 6.630 at the National Finals. He backed this ET up within 2%, running a 6.667 (on a 6.66 Dial!) at the same event. Many Congratulations on these achievements Bob!! A certificate was presented for this Wild Bunch class ET record.
Roy Wilding Best Newcomer Award
Philippa Turton 'Bitchcraft'
This driver made their Wild Bunch debut at the Spring Shootout. They raced at 6 events this season and, and thoroughly enjoyed their racing, spreading good cheer around the Bunch! They had a 4th place event finish. The driver ran a Personal Best of 12.997 @ 106 mph. Together with her husband Mark, and the girls, they are a great team who finished in 4th place in the Wild Bunch Series! Welcome Philippa!!
BEST VEHICLES - The 3 categories of Best Vehicle were chosen this year by scrutineer Tony Smith, who judged the winners on high standards of presentation, engineering, maintenance, appearance and performance.
Best Radical or Rear-engine Dragster
Sag Southworth and Team 'Daddy Cool'
This is a fantastic car, which has been a part of the Wild Bunch for about 20 years! The team competed at 5 events this season, with the driver earning his first ever Wild Bunch event win! The team work hard and have always tried to improve the car's performance. Their ultimate goal and dream was gloriously achieved in June, when Sag ran that amazing 150.26 mph pass!
Best Slingshot
Rob & Pete Brown 'Wrathchild'
This Slingshot is always well-turned out and the team known for their Showmanship. They seek to display and promote Nostalgia drag racing, and the Wild Bunch, wherever they can. They raced at 6 events this year, and won 4 Spot Prizes, including a Best Slingshot award, and had a 2nd place event win! The drivers both set PB's with the best being 10.772. The boys are really enthusiastic, well-liked and helpful & supportive to others. Well done Marras!!
Best Altered
Team B-Sting 'B-Sting'
This car is always immaculately turned out, and incredibly consistent. The team have run at 7 events this season. They won 9 Spot Prizes this year, including 2 Best Altered awards. The won a brilliant 4 events this season plus 2 other Top 4 finishes. They won the Spirit of Nostalgia & Wild Bunch Series!!
Roy Wilding Best Turned Out Award
Terry Clifford and Team 'Ratcatcher Resurrection'
This enthusiastic and well-liked team are regular members of the Wild Bunch and always field a very well-turned out and iconic car. They won 2 Spot Prizes including a Best Appearing Car award in the 7 events they raced at this year. The car and crew are always smart and well-presented and use a great tow vehicle! They put on a fantastic show too! A brilliant overall team package!
Perseverance Award
Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II'
What more can we say! This driver personifies Perseverance and is constantly seeking to improve the performance and push the limits of his car. Once again this year, he put in a lot of hard work and late nights to get engines and other parts rebuilt between rounds, including a chassis rebuild. On 1 event he even made 2 160-mile round trips home after damage and after repairs was rewarded with a fantastic 6-second pass on his 60th birthday! This dedicated driver persevered, rebuilt, tuned and succeeded. At the National Finals, he overcame further problems with the mag and bounced back to an awesome WB class record of 6.630 and WON the event and, for the first time, his very own Springbridge Series into the bargain! Just rewards! Well-deserved Bob!!
Best Achiever
Bob Morgan 'B-Sting'
This longstanding racer is part of a team with a very well-turned out car. He achieved great consistency this season in the 5 events he raced at, including several 'double o' off Dial-ins and 5 Spot Prizes in his own right. This driver earned 4 event wins, securing enough points to singlehandedly WIN the Wild Bunch Series and Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge! A fantastic season for this cheerful guy and great achievements!
Daddy Cool (Sags) Personal Achievement
Sag & Team 'Daddy Cool'
Again this year the award really needs no explanation. It goes to the most wonderful man and family who, despite dealing with the very toughest of circumstances, pulled together with determination, to battle illness, with their usual good humour and great spirit, to keep doing what they love, and to achieve a personal goal and fulfil a dream. It was their dearest dream to run 150 mph with their trusty dragster, and this Sag did in June with a fabulous 150.26mph pass! Huge Congratulations to them all! A huge tribute to Sag, and the whole team of family: wife Elaine, daughters Shana, Faye, Chloe and son Kyle, and their partners Jamie, Steven, Andy and Becky and lifelong friend Al, who achieved this dream. Quite rightly and fittingly, they receive the award that they gave the Wild Bunch 20 years ago!!
Chris & Claire Sportsperson Award
Hayley Fyfe 'Wrathchild' & more
This sunny young person is always helping others, and crews for several different teams. They are always supportive and encouraging everyone and cheering them on! They jumped in and helped the Wild Bunch even more this year, particularly when Claire was away. She is committed to her team and the sport, and the Wild Bunch especially, and is much-loved. Her other half Rob says: 'She helps so many people. She's always happy!' We love ya Hayley!!
The Scottie Durrant 'Above and Beyond' Award
Sag & Team 'Daddy Cool'
The Wild Bunch is one big family. We support each other and we support families, because without families coming racing there would be no future for Drag Racing. One of the many families in the Wild Bunch that always seems to stand out is the winners of the Scottie Durrant Above & Beyond Award this year. Their dedication to the sport has shone through enormously.... more so this year than any other. Their determination and self-belief has been outstanding and they have definitely gone WELL above and WAY beyond, in order to achieve their goals, and carry on together with the racing they all love so much. I think we can safely say that this is a team who astounded us all and just left us speechless with their courage and their spirit. It's one thing hitting your dream Speed or E.T., but to do this while receiving chemotherapy and keep going with their ever-present good humour, humbleness and support to each other and everyone else??......Amazing.....and totally awe-inspiring. It is with immense sadness that the team leader, the man, the driver, (but probably never the 'top boss' with the amount of girls in the team!) is no longer with us to take pride in and relish this moment, but I'm sure his family, his team, will gratefully share and accept this award in his honour and in loving memory of such a courageous and admirable man. Team Daddy Cool, you have gone simply Above and Beyond and have proved yourselves to be deserved winners of this award. It is with great pride that I present this to you....We all love you and salute you....
Crew of the Year Award
Dave Williams 'Time Traveller II'
Our winner this year is a very hardworking and loyal crew chief and a longstanding member of the Wild Bunch. He is always willing to help anyone who asks. He committedly supports his driver without fail....we let the driver take it from here.... 'He has spent many hours, sometimes late into the evening, working on our car so that we can make the next round. He's a seasoned Crew Chief and when he's on the line I just know everything is being taken care of and I can fully concentrate on my own job as driver. Nothing is ever too much trouble and Dave is a true ambassador for our amazing sport of Drag Racing. Plus a Top Bloke and bloody good friend!'
Crazy Chris Showmanship Award
Terry Clifford and Team 'Ratcatcher Resurrection'
This team have been great members of the Wild Bunch for many years and field a beautifully well turned out car. They always look smart in team uniforms and showcase Nostalgia drag racing, with fuel mask, a cool tow car, and lovely backup girls, who really know how to 'work the crowd'!! The period perfect car always entertains, with quick runs and good performances. The whole team always put on a great show!!
Derek & Brenda Annable trophy
The Tramm Family: Steve, Yvonne, Spencer and Kirstie
Last year's winners Jon & Donna Giles chose the 2017 winners because of 'their dedication to the sport of Drag Racing' 'The Gileses put them forward for this award for their never-ending help and support for all racers in all classes - for Kirstie for her dedication to Eurodragster, for Spencer for all the help and advice he gives as many racers that want to listen, for Steve who does a lot of stewarding and other things in the background, and, of course Yvonne, who is always present and does so much work behind the scenes for the sport of Drag Racing. Huge thanks to the whole family!!' Also, many thanks to the family, as they chose to donate the £25 winners' prize to the Bloodwise charity. A very noble gesture, gratefully received.
Don Garlits 'Spirit of Drag Racing' Shield 2017
Team Daddy Cool 'Daddy Cool'
The 2016 winners, Alan Loten and Steve Williams of the 'Paranoia' team, presented the Don Garlits 'Spirit of Drag Racing' Shield to the 2017 winner son the night.

This year's winners are longstanding and well-loved members of the Wild Bunch. They always try their best and work to improve the car's performance, all the while enjoying their racing with their real close family team. They are a credit to themselves and to the Wild Bunch, and are great ambassadors for the sport. Their dedication and perseverance through mechanical problems is outstanding, and has recently been rewarded. Although they have simply deserved this award as an accumulation of their achievements and commitment to drag racing and the club over the years, this is the first time that the team has been eligible to receive this accolade, taking part in 5 events this year. They've always deserved it, right from the first time they joined the Bunch, with their fantastic good humour and sportsmanship and camaraderie, and willingness to offer help to other racers, doing so with friendship and support. The driver had his first ever event win this year and first Top 10 place, finishing 7th in the Wild Bunch Series, earning 3 Spot Prizes along the way, including two 'Driver's Choice', testament to his popularity and the high esteem we all hold him in. The team have carried on together in the toughest of circumstances, and supported each other and everyone else. They have not only won the Best Dragster, Quickest British engined car and Scottie's special Above & Beyond Award, but also, fittingly their very own Personal Achievement award! And, of course, they achieved that amazing goal of that very special 150mph pass. They are enthusiastic and committed members of the Wild Bunch and demonstrate the true spirit of this award and the family spirit our club!! We dearly wish that Sag could have been here today to enjoy this tremendous accolade which he and the team so richly deserve. We love you TEAM DADDY COOL

Big congratulations to the whole team on this very well-deserved award!

Many congratulations to all our winners! Well done on all your achievements! Best Wishes to you all for the off season! Good luck with all your winter rebuilds/builds/freshen ups! Looking forward to next season now, our 23rd year of The Wild Bunch!!!