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Series Results for 2018

Wild Bunch Series
(Best 5 of 6 to count)
145Phil JamesRampage37
278Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker33
38Mark Coulsell&Steve CassisiBallbreaker26
466Team Ratchet StrapCheap Thrills26
51Team B-StingB-Sting26
6316James AuldLittle Fauss25
793Peter HuckleThe Jagster24
83Pete & Rob BrownWrathchild23
92Jim TannerShindigger22
1025Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection22
1164Russ HeavenTight Fit17
1212Mark & Philippa TurtonLegion / Bitchcraft16
1330Mick HillierTexas Ranger14
1461Chris ManningThe Villain14
1577Andy StonesStoned13
1659Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered13
1776Steve Field Black Pig Too12
1898Robert WhiteHappy Daze12
1967Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction11
2055Alan LloydGonzo The Great11
2141Craig LarmanThe Ferret11
2268Mick GleadowJurassic Parts 28
2350Steve BinghamSneaky Blinder7
24115Paul BambrickAmerican Pie6
2522Bradley CooperBack From The Past6
26888Des TaylorThundergod6
2760Didier CanicaveFolie Douce6
2881Dave RowlandsDestiny's Angel6
2991Bob HawkinsTime Traveller II 5
3054Phil Sweeney California Dreamin'5
3194Dave GibbonsRough Diamond5
32101Steven EastEllie's In Trouble Now5
3369Alan LotenParanoia4
3453Gary ParkesPurple Daze4
35112Matt FullerOblivion3
3672Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool3
375Lee HartnellMetal Mistress2
3819Wayne ColliverLeviathan2
3983Graham RawlingsRawspeed2
40601Luca GovoniThe Earthquake2
4149Ian CoulsellAdventure Before Dementia1
4256Maurice TakoorSpirit1
4375Andy JacksonHammerman II1
44678Paul WatsonGrumpy's T1
451978Maxim Spaans1978 Altered1
Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge
(Best 7 of 8 to count)
145Phil JamesRampage46
278Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker33
325Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection26
-8Mark Coulsell&Steve CassisiBallbreaker26
-66Team Ratchet StrapCheap Thrills26
-1Team B-StingB-Sting26
7316James AuldLittle Fauss25
893Peter HuckleThe Jagster24
93Pete & Rob BrownWrathchild23
102Jim TannerShindigger22
1167Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction19
1212Mark & Philippa TurtonLegion / Bitchcraft18
-76Steve Field Black Pig Too18
-64Russ HeavenTight Fit18
1559Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered15
1630Mick HillierTexas Ranger14
-61Chris ManningThe Villain14
1877Andy StonesStoned13
1998Robert WhiteHappy Daze12
2055Alan LloydGonzo The Great11
-41Craig LarmanThe Ferret11
2268Mick GleadowJurassic Parts 28
2350Steve BinghamSneaky Blinder7
2491Bob HawkinsTime Traveller II 6
-115Paul BambrickAmerican Pie6
-22Bradley CooperBack From The Past6
-888Des TaylorThundergod6
-60Didier CanicaveFolie Douce6
-81Dave RowlandsDestiny's Angel6
3054Phil Sweeney California Dreamin'5
-94Dave GibbonsRough Diamond5
-101Steven EastEllie's In Trouble Now5
3369Alan LotenParanoia4
-53Gary ParkesPurple Daze4
35112Matt FullerOblivion3
-72Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool3
375Lee HartnellMetal Mistress2
-19Wayne ColliverLeviathan2
-83Graham RawlingsRawspeed2
-601Luca GovoniThe Earthquake2
4149Ian CoulsellAdventure Before Dementia1
-56Maurice TakoorSpirit1
-75Andy JacksonHammerman II1
-678Paul WatsonGrumpy's T1
-1978Maxim Spaans1978 Altered1
Roy Wilding Nostalgia Race Cars Series
145Phil JamesRampage25
28Mark Coulsell&Steve CassisiBallbreaker16
-25Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection16
-78Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker16
-316James AuldLittle Fauss16
693Peter HuckleThe Jagster15
-1Team B-StingB-Sting15
-66Team Ratchet StrapCheap Thrills15
92Jim TannerShindigger13
103Pete & Rob BrownWrathchild11
-55Alan LloydGonzo The Great11
-64Russ HeavenTight Fit11
-41Craig LarmanThe Ferret11
1468Mick GleadowJurassic Parts 28
-77Andy StonesStoned8
1630Mick HillierTexas Ranger7
-67Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction7
-50Steve BinghamSneaky Blinder7
-61Chris ManningThe Villain7
2022Bradley CooperBack From The Past6
-60Didier CanicaveFolie Douce6
-76Steve Field Black Pig Too6
-98Robert WhiteHappy Daze6
2454Phil Sweeney California Dreamin'5
-94Dave GibbonsRough Diamond5
-101Steven EastEllie's In Trouble Now5
2712Mark & Philippa TurtonLegion / Bitchcraft4
-53Gary ParkesPurple Daze4
-888Des TaylorThundergod4
30112Matt FullerOblivion3
-115Paul BambrickAmerican Pie3
-72Sag SouthworthDaddy Cool3
-81Dave RowlandsDestiny's Angel3
3469Alan LotenParanoia2
-91Bob HawkinsTime Traveller II 2
-19Wayne ColliverLeviathan2
-83Graham RawlingsRawspeed2
-601Luca GovoniThe Earthquake2
395Lee HartnellMetal Mistress1
-49Ian CoulsellAdventure Before Dementia1
-56Maurice TakoorSpirit1
-75Andy JacksonHammerman II1
-1978Maxim Spaans1978 Altered1
Springbridge MSA Points Challenge
145Phil JamesRampage800
259Callum SwinchattPryzm Altered620
312Mark & Philippa TurtonLegion / Bitchcraft410
467Darryl HowellsChemical Reaction350
576Steve Field Black Pig Too260
625Terry CliffordRatcatcher Resurrection140
778Keith CramptonSoultown Shaker100
891Bob HawkinsTime Traveller II 20
964Russ HeavenTight Fit10
The Wild Bunch had another great evening at the 23rd Annual Prize Presentation Dinner Dance at Drayton Manor on Saturday, 24th November! Another fantastic event! Barry Bohannon was our fabulous compere for the evening, and we had some special surprises to go with all our Series & Merit award trophy winners.
Wild Bunch Ladies
Gifts were given to all ladies attending! Flowers were presented to Claire Meaddows, many thanks to Mark Coulsell for his very kind donation!
Lynne Coulsell
received a lovely wine glass and base for services as Wild Bunch Secretary & co-ordination.

Claire Meaddows
received a plaque and ornament for services as Wild Bunch Co-ordinator and Treasurer.

Extra Awards
We had a couple of special extra awards to present:
The Smiliest Team award
Was presented to Robert White & the 'Happy Daze' team - not only are they always smiling and enjoying their racing, their car is always happy, due to its 'smiley face' front wheels!!!
Junior Dragster achievement
We asked Mark & Lynne Coulsell to accept this on behalf of son Harley, for finishing in a fantastic 5th place in the National Junior Dragster Championship!! Congratulations!! ... Well done Marra Junior!!
Special Presentations
There were some presentations in special recognition of some outstanding achievements this year, to celebrate the following:
You're a Star Award
This special award is presented to a fantastic young man, who we all know and love! He has been around Drag Racing all his life, and even before that! He worked hard and had many roles at Shakey, from marshall to starter, track prep to site cleanup. He is now working hard at Santa Pod, again marshalling and starting, track prep (in more than one country!) and looking after all the racers, always with a cheerful smile, with nothing being too much trouble! He is now a huge asset to the team at Santa Pod, and we would all like to say... Thank you Chris Schreier ... You're a Star!!
Fantastic Achievements
These one-off awards are in recognition of the achievements this season of one of our most longstanding teams. Not only has the driver earned a Top 4 place in the Wild Bunch Series for the first time after over 20 years of racing, but also another 2 Top 4 Series placings. Also with the help of Super Tuner and crew chief, he has achieved a fantastic PB of 8.223!! (PB's & Points Marras!) With the support and organisation and crewing of their two most beautiful Backup girls, and cheering and pit crew support from the kids, (including their 5th place National Junior Dragster winner) they have had their most successful season ever!! Congratulations!!
Mark, Lynne & Harley & Josh Coulsell and Steve, Anna & Ada Cassisi of Team Limited Funz 'Ballbreaker'
Family Achievement
This is a special presentation in recognition of the incredible achievements made by this family team to bring out their iconic car in tribute to their much-loved and dearly missed head of their team. This year, they grouped together, worked together and together achieved a brilliant showing at this year's Dragstalgia event to theirs and absolutely everyone else's delight. Sag would indeed be so proud of them all! Well done 'Team Daddy Cool'!
Super Star Debut
This is another special presentation in recognition of the amazing driving debut made by this young lady, racing in honour of her dearly-loved Dad, at Dragstalgia. She took to it like an complete natural, including performing stunning burnouts, and it seemed like she'd been driving for years! Well, she did have a fantastic teacher! She ran PB after PB, resulting in a brilliant 9.065 @ 147mph!! Well done Dr Faye Hern 'Daddy Cool'
Big Bang Trophy
Steve & Lesley Field 'Black Pig Too'
This team had been running some superb performances with their fabulous slingshot including some fantastic PB's. However, after another low 8-second pass, they suffered more than their fair share of breakages, including some serious internal engine damage. They recouped and rebuilt, only to break again. Wishing them all the Best of luck for the future!
Fastest time by a British-engined dragster (the Martin Holgate award)
Pete Huckle 'The Jagster'
(This time needs to be backed up within 2% and the driver attend 2 or more events.) Pete ran a good 10.287 in his slingshot 'The Jagster' at the Nostalgia Nationals. He backed this ET up within the 2%, running 10.379 at the same event. Well done!
Fastest MPH (8th win in a row!) (Wild Bunch Class Speed Record!)
Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II'
(This speed needs to be backed up within 2% and the driver attend 4 or more events.) Bob switched to Nitro in his 'Time Traveller II' slingshot & had some amazing runs! He recorded a new Personal Best 211.01 mph at the Nostalgia Nationals. This was backed up within 2%, with a 210.90 mph at the Hot Rod Drags. A certificate was presented for this Wild Bunch class Speed record!
Quickest E.T. (8th win in a row!)
Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II'
(This time needs to be backed up within 2% and the driver attend 4 or more events.) Bob ran several 6-second passes during the season in his 'Time Traveller II' slingshot. He recorded a great 6.929 at the June Shootout. He backed this ET up within 2%, running a quicker and even more awesome 6.624 at the Hot Rod Drags!! Many Congratulations on these achievements Bob!!
The Roy Wilding 'Best Newcomer' Award
Pete Huckle 'The Jagster'
This driver made his Wild Bunch debut at the Nostalgia Nationals. He raced at 5 events this season and the whole team really enjoyed their racing! He began the season with a 4th place event finish and finished it with a 4th place! The driver ran a Personal Best of 10.287. They have a brilliant sense of humour and are a great team new team who fitted in straight away! They finished in 7th place in the Wild Bunch Series! Welcome Pete and Team!!
The 3 categories of Best Vehicle were chosen this year by commentator Colin Theobald, who judges the winners on high standards of presentation, appearance and performance.
Best Radical or Rear-engine Dragster
James Auld 'Little Fauss'
This is a great car, and relatively new to the Wild Bunch. The team competed at 5 events this season, with the driver earning his first ever Wild Bunch Top 4 event placing. The team have some great crew wear. They work hard and always try to improve the car's performance, and the driver ran a PB of 12.382. He has finished in 6th Place in the Wild Bunch in his first full season!
Best Altered
Mick Hillier 'Texas Ranger'
This car is always immaculately turned out, and looks fantastic, with the crew having some standout team t-shirts. The team have run at 5 events this season. They won 2 Spot Prizes this year, including a Best Altered award. They are always seeking to improve performance and the driver recorded a PB of 9.254 this season, with more promising runs to come!
Best Slingshot
Paul Bambrick 'American Pie'
This Slingshot is a fantastic nostalgic car and looks outstanding! The team have made a welcome return to regular Wild Bunch racing, after some time off. They have really tried hard to improve performance throughout the 4 events they raced at this year, and the driver broke in to the magic 8's for the first time, recording a PB of 8.798. It is a great-looking eyecatching car!
The Roy Wilding 'Best Turned Out' Award
Chris Manning & Dragster Inc 'The Villain'
This enthusiastic and very well-liked team are regular members of the Wild Bunch and always display a very well turned out, stunning-looking car, period perfect in every way, which has run many PB's. They won 5 Spot Prizes including Best Appearing Car and Best Appearing Slingshot award in the 4 events they raced at this year. The car and crew are always well turned out, have a great tow vehicle and a brilliant theme! They put on a fantastic show!
Best Achiever
Phil James 'Rampage'
This racer is part of a hardworking professional team with a very well-turned out car. He achieved great consistency this season in the 6 events he raced at, earning 3 Spot Prizes for performance. He also earned 2 event wins, 2 x 2nd places and 2 x 3rds, and WON the Wild Bunch Series, the Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge, the Roy Wilding Series and the Springbridge MSA Challenge! A fantastic and successful season for him, and very well-deserved!!
Perseverance Award
Mark & Philippa Turton 'Bitchcraft'
What can we say! This team typifies everything about Perseverance with their never give up attitude!! The crew put in day after day of work to try to get the car working, and the driver did everything they could to get performance out of the car, and earned their MSA licence along the way! The dedication shown to rebuild, and get that gearbox in and out, rebuilt and in and out and in again, and still run at 7 events, was phenomenal!! A huge well done to them both for their positive attitude, which we hope is rewarded with great performance next season! All the best!
Derek & Brenda Annable Trophy
Mike Lacey & Karen Stevens
Last year's winners The Tramm Family chose the 2018 winners because Of their huge support for fellow drag racers ... They wrote to say:
'We have nominated Mike and Karen for this award as they go above and beyond in our sport. Not only do they maintain their cars and race in two classes, they also oversee a long list of sponsors for the Pro ET class to benefit their fellow competitors, and if that was not enough they organise a band night mid-season, not only for the Pro ET racers but all competitors that wish to join. We believe that they epitomise the values of this Award. Thank you for your massive support Mike & Karen, not only for the sport but for your fellow racers.' Congratulations from: Yvonne, Steve, Spencer and Kirstie Tramm and the Bunch!
C & C Sportsperson Award
Keith Crampton 'Soul Town Shaker'
This well-loved member of the Wild Bunch has a fantastic race car that is always immaculately turned out and very popular with the spectators. He is a very sportsmanlike guy & always willing to help others, very friendly and a great ambassador for the sport, being very popular with his cheery good-humoured nature.
Crew of the Year Shield
Mark Turton 'Bitchcraft'
Celebrating our crews and their hard work, achievements and dedication! You are all stars!! Thank you!!
Our winner this year is a very hardworking crew chief, who has had to work extra hard this year! Even so, he is also always willing to help anyone who asks. He constantly supports his driver to together achieve everything they can with their car. Many times he burnt the midnight oil to get the car rebuilt for the next meeting following repairs and staying positive throughout. Even with all these issues the team attended more WB events than any other team, showing tireless commitment and perseverance. Great work!
The Scottie Durrant 'Above and Beyond' Award
Bob Hawkins 'Time Traveller II'
This driver has taken on new challenges this year, and has once again shown outstanding perseverance to overcome numerous serious breakages throughout the season. His determination to carry on and to improve performance was incredible and he has definitely gone WELL above and WAY beyond, in order to achieve his goals, despite many setbacks. He always has a positive attitude and tries everything he can, and learns all he can to make his car the best it can possibly be. He has run some fantastic numbers again this year, including mid 6's and a new Wild Bunch Speed record of 211mph, all on Nitro! Many Congratulations and a huge Well done and Best of Luck!
Daddy Cool (Sags) Personal Achievement Shield
Team Limited Funz 'Ballbreaker'
This year the award goes to a wonderful family team who have been Wild Bunch members for a long time, and who have had fantastic achievements this year! We'll let the team speak for themselves on some great comments they have made about each other!! Crew says: The ladies have such passion for the sport and especially the Wild Bunch. They are always on hand to offer support. The driver had a fantastic year with good results during events, excellent driving and loads of PB's during the season, finishing the year with an amazing 8.223 and 157.39 mph. And not only that but securing the event win at the Hot Rod Drags resulting in 3rd place in Wild Bunch, 2nd place Roy Wilding and 4th place Spirit of Nostalgia, his highest ever championship position since joining Wild Bunch over 20 years ago!! He always works hard to support the Wild Bunch and always the first person to offer any team help and support, advice and guidance. Mark's passion for British drag racing and showmanship is second to none, always wanting to put on show for the club, his team, and the crowd. Driver says: crew chief is amazing for tuning Ballbreaker to run in the low 8's. He's completely self-taught & does massive amounts of research to sort out our issues and work out a tune for the car. He constantly helps other Wild Bunch members and racers from other classes asking for advice which only goes to show how respected what he does is within the racing community. Well done to the whole team on their achievements, a complete team effort.
Crazy Chris Showmanship Award
Chris Manning & Dragster Inc 'The Villain'
A tribute to Chris' entertainment and the great show he's always put on!
This team are valued members of the Wild Bunch and field a beautifully well turned out car, which is just show-stopping! They always look great in their themed team uniforms and put on a fantastic Nostalgia drag racing display, with fuel mask, open faced helmet, a cool tow truck, gorgeous backup girl, great burnouts, and brilliant crew! The period perfect car always entertains, with quick runs and good performances, with the driver running an amazing PB of 7.712 @ 176mph! The whole team always put on an amazing show!!
Don Garlits 'Spirit of Drag Racing' Shield 2018
Team Rampage
The 2017 winners, led by Elaine Southworth of the 'Daddy Cool' team, presented the Don Garlits 'Spirit of Drag Racing' Shield to the 2018 winners on the night.

This year's winners are relatively recent Wild Bunch members. The whole team constantly strive to do their best and work to improve the car's performance, and the driver is rarely far from Dial-in!! He earned 3 Spot Prizes along the way, for #1 Qualifier, Best Reaction and Closest to Dial-in, showing great driving skill! The team takes part in both MSA and RWYB events, and are a credit to themselves and to the Wild Bunch, and are a really close family team. They recently had new teamwear, and both the car and team are always well presented. They show great commitment to the Wild Bunch and took part in 6 events this year. Their fantastic teamwork and dedication to running well is outstanding, and has recently been rewarded by great success. They always demonstrate great sportsmanship and camaraderie, and are willing help to other racers, and show great support and fair play to others. The driver has won various Series in the past, but this is his first ever time winning the Wild Bunch Series! In fact he has performed a clean sweep, also winning the Spirit of Nostalgia Challenge, the Roy Wilding Series AND the Springbridge MSA Challenge! He has rightfully won the Best Achiever award too! The whole tight knit team are enthusiastic and valued members of the Wild Bunch and demonstrate the true spirit of this award and the family spirit our club!! .... TEAM RAMPAGE
Big congratulations to the whole team on this very well-deserved award!
Many congratulations to all our winners! Well done on all your achievements! Best Wishes to you all for the off season! Good luck with all your winter rebuilds/builds/freshen ups! Looking forward to next season now, our 24th year of The Wild Bunch!!!